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Shondo and the Tonic

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Shondo Billin
Start Zone: Erudin Palace
Quest Giver: Shondo Billin
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: None



Your Location is 600.04, 809.14, -31.12

You say, 'Hail, Shondo Billin'

Shondo Billin says 'Oh, Brell!! Help me get out of here. I did nothing wrong!! I did not know you could not take that [tonic] out of the city.'

You say, 'What tonic?'

Shondo Billin says 'Oh, why did I have to try and help that Erudite in Qeynos? He was sick and vomiting and needed something called Erud's Tonic!! Now just because I wanted to help, I am going to be vomiting up my insides!! Oh, Brell!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!'

He's looking for some Vasty Deep Ale. Give him one.

Shondo Billin says 'Gulp.. Gulp.. Aaahhh!!! That hits the spot. All I can tell you is that the heretic's name was E'lial B'rook. He mumbled something about a rendezvous and he would be floating down a river, smooth sailing back to something called Paineel. That's all I know.'

You gain experience!!