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Skill Begging

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Beg an NPC for some money!

  • You can beg from any monster or NPC and still receive coin.
  • A failed attempt at begging may result in the NPC or monster attacking you.
  • It is possible to beg platinum pieces no matter your skill level.
  • A great way to skill begging is to beg from a monster you are going to kill anyways then attack.
  • The "hit rate" is absurdly low. Plan on 1 successful 'beg' (in that you actually get coin) per about every 10 skillups. Which is also slow.
  • You need to be QUITE CLOSE to your mark to attempt. If you are not close enough, you don't beg, and the cooldown timer still activates.

A critical begging failure will result in the monster or NPC saying one of the following dialogues and attacking you:

"You have the audacity to beg from me??!"
"I despise beggars, they are not fit to live."


  • All (Max 215+)
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