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Skill Dual Wield

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Dual Wield is the skill which enables you to wield two one-handed weapons simultaneously.


Brief Description

Dual wield affects the chance for an equipped offhand weapon to swing. Whenever the delay requirement for the offhand weapon is met, a check is made versus your dual wield skill to see if the offhand weapon will successfully swing.

Higher skill levels will mean more consistent offhand swings.

The best way to skill up dual wield is by putting a low-delay weapon in the secondary weapon slot.

Each weapon's attack speed / delay is considered independently when dual wielding, which means it is possible to have multiple swings on an offhand weapon before the main-hand weapon swings.

Damage bonus only affects your primary weapon, and as a result, for maximum DPS (damage per second) you will want to put the best ratio weapon in the secondary weapon slot regardless of delay, while you will want to put a weapon with low delay in your main hand to take advantage of damage bonus (your primary weapon should be your top priority since it will swing more often and have a damage bonus).

Dual wield checks will not process without a weapon equipped in the primary equipment slot unless you are a monk. (No punching with main hand and weapon in offhand.)

However it is possible to dual wield with a weapon equipped in the primary equipment slot and no weapon equipped in the secondary equipment slot.

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