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Skill Sneak

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Sneak is the ability to move silently behind a mob. Unlike Hide, when a sneak is successful, it is immutable as long as the monster/NPC has their "back" turned to you.

Classes & Races

Brief Overview

Sneak is a skill that makes you unheard, it is not the same thing as invisible (see Hide). In some ways it is superior to invisible, in some ways inferior. When sneaking, your character will move at a very slow speed. Speed buffs do help the slow rate.

Sneak can fail and does often if you are not a rogue. If you are a rogue, the game client will tell you if your sneak fails or succeeds. If you are not a rogue, it will not.

When is succeeds, your character will slow in speed and the button will remain depressed until you turn it off or are hit by melee or magic, cast magic, or if you loot something. If you are a rogue, and it succeeds, you will be prompted "You are as quiet as a cat stalking it's prey". When it fails, the button will pop up 6 seconds later to let you try again. If you are a rogue, and it fails, you will be prompted "You are as quiet as a heard of stampeding elephants".

Monk - The reuse timer on Sneak for a monk is 10 seconds. Can't confirm if it's the same for other classes.

The effect in game is as follows:

270 degrees
  • If you are in the rear 270deg arc of a mob, you will con indifferent.
    • This mob cannot see you and will not attack as long as you stay behind it.
  • This is treated as if your faction with that mob is indifferent.
    • If your faction is too low for a quest and indifferent faction is sufficient, you can sneak behind the NPC and do turn-ins. Be aware that hailing and speaking to an NPC in /say may cause it to turn towards you.
    • Similarly, merchants will sell to you. They may turn to face you, but the window will remain open and merchants never attack players.
    • Bankers will work with anyone, regardless of faction, but Sneak is still useful for avoiding aggro on them.
  • Sneak will turn off when you are hit by a spell, hit by a melee attack, cast a spell, or if you loot a corpse. Attacking will not turn off sneak. If it isn't broken, Sneak has infinite duration.
  • It will not turn off if you open a trade window like invisible does. This means that from behind a dubious or lower mob; you can bank, shop, or do quest turn-ins and remain indifferent.
  • Some mobs (very rare) can see through sneak. You can recognize these mobs because when you are sneaking and con them, it will say 'You have a feeling that this creature can see you'. Beware of these mobs. Examples include: Royal Guard (Crushbone), A ghoul assassin (Lower Guk), A Chokidai Mangler - Note: While some examples are marked, many are not.
  • Sneaking does nothing to erase aggro you already have. Nor does hide or hide-sneak.
  • It is possible to swim with sneak on, albeit very slowly. Take care when diving underwater for any significant distance.
  • If you are in the forward 90deg arc of a mob's vision, and are KoS to that mob, it's aggro range will be decreased, similar to Lull or Harmony.
    • This means you can get closer to the mob than you would normally be allowed without it attacking. However, if you linger too long in front of the mob, it will eventually notice you.

Rogue Only

Hide-Sneak (Rogue invisible)

This info is for rogue only regarding their ability to use Hide and Sneak simultaneously to become invisible. If you are not a rogue, Hide and Sneak both act separately and this will not work for you.

It's not new information to most rogues that they can become invisible. If hide and sneak both work successfully, you will be able to move invisibly at sneak speed. However, here are some specifics about the ability.

Brief info on hide: Hide will only succeed if you are standing still, therefore you must stop completely to hide-sneak. Hide will break if you attack, are attacked, cast a spell, are hit by a spell, or move (without sneak on).

  • Sneak will let you get past see-invisible mobs as long as you stay behind them. (some suggest that See Invisible is not relevant to Hide, only See Hide - please confirm)
  • Undead can not see through hide-sneak, unlike basic invisible. Hide-sneak is treated as Invisible+IVU.
  • The re-use time of Sneak and Hide (6 seconds) will countdown even if they are depressed. Meaning if you activate hide-sneak and wait 6 seconds or more, you can turn it off and on near-instantly. Useful for looting something in hostile territory.
  • If you hide-sneak, you can turn off sneak as long as you have not moved.
  • If you hide-sneak, turning off sneak will also break hide as soon as you move.
  • If you hide-sneak and open a trade-window or merchant window, both will break.
  • If you turn off hide alone, your sneak will stay on. This is useful for banking or shopping in a KoS town, sneak-hide behind the NPC and turn off only hide.
  • If you have an invisible spell on, you can activate hide-sneak and get past undead or sneak behind see invisible mobs. However, as soon as invisible fades it will deactivate sneak (but the button will remain depressed). If you move after the spell has faded, hide will break. Be careful.
  • Using defensive disciplines (Focus Will, Resistance) will not break hide-sneak. Feel free to heal up perfectly invisible.
  • Sneak Attack will activate after being hidden approx. 3 seconds or more. Activating it will break hide but not sneak.
  • Bind wound will not break hide-sneak
  • Intimidation will break hide-sneak if it works, even if you're far away from the mob, otherwise it will not. Beware when practicing.
  • Sense Traps and Disarm Traps will not break hide-sneak (Are Traps in Velious?)
  • Pick Lock will not break hide-sneak
  • Using clicky items will break hide-sneak
  • Attacking will break hide but not sneak, you can fight an entire battle while sneaking, as long as you are not hit. If your weapon procs as you are fighting, sneak will break.
  • Pick Pockets will break hide-sneak. Turning off hide and leaving only sneak will let you pick pockets in safety.
  • Falling damage will not break hide-sneak, nor will drowning damage.
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