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100' of Waterproofed Rope to A Farsight Crystal
A Faun to A Moss Snake
A Mountain Brownie to A Timber Griffon
A Tizmak Augur to A drolvarg rager
A drolvarg savage to A goblin scout
A goblin scryer to A plaguebone thief
A plains cat to A tottering gorilla
A training kobold to Amulet of the Dreadgazer
Amulet of the Fae to An isle goblin chieftan
An isle goblin headhunter to Assassin's Armor
Assassin's Boots to Barstall Methinon
Bartender to Black Pantherskin Mask
Black Pantherskin Set to Bloodstained Tunic
Bloodstar Pendant to Breastplate of Superiority
Breastplate of Twilight to Butcher Knife
Butcherblock to Celestial Cleansing
Celestial Elixir to Clawed Griffin Sword
Clawed Guardian Bracer to Collar of Neshika
Collar of Undead Protection to Crown of Distraction
Crown of Elemental Mastery to Cyclops eye
Cyclops skull to Demise of Blizzent
Demon Fangs to Dragoon J'Len
Dragoon J`Len to Earring of Disease Reflection
Earring of Displacement to Enchanted Chain Jointing
Enchanted Clay to Evensong
EverQuest Timeline to Filth Covered Boots
Find Lucie Elron to Force Snap
Force Spiral of Al'Kabor to Full Plate Gauntlet Mold
Full Plate Gorget Mold to Gift of Insight
Gift of Magic to Gold Lined Heretic Cloak
Gold Malachite Bracelet to Griffon Eggs
Griffon Eye to Guard Stald
Guard Stanard to Haze Panther Sleeves
Haze Panther Tunic to Human Decapitated Head
Human Flesh to Imbued Dwarven Chain Cloak (Bristlebane)
Imbued Dwarven Chain Coif (Brell Serilis) to Imbued Teir`Dal Chainmail Skirt
Imbued Teir`Dal Dragoon Shield to Ivan McMannus' Remains
Ivandyr's Hoop to Kaxon's Beauty Tips
Kaxon Frennor to Kobold Ulna
Kobold champion to Large Leather Sleeves
Large Leather Tunic to Lesser Icebone Skeleton
Lesser Robe of Abjuration to Lower Element
Lower Guk to Marshal Ghobber
Marshal Lanena to Midnight Mallet
Midnight Sea Mail Coat to Mudman Enforcer
Mudwater Rune to Nimren Stonecutter
Ninja's Guide to Looting to Oracle Remalek
Oracle Vauris to Patchwork Armor
Patchwork Armor Set to Players:Gear/Warrior
Players:Gear/Wizard to Primal Velium Weapons
Prime Healer Potion to Rat Ear Pie
Rat Ear Pie Quest to Residents of Jaggedpine
Residents of Karanas to Rotwood Club
Rough Animal Pelt to Runescale Cloak
Runescale Cloak Quest to Scent of Darkness
Scent of Dusk to Sergeant Tellsren
Sergeant Yggrellnik to Shield of the Clawed Guardian
Shield of the Dawn to Singing Short Sword
Singing Steel to Slizik the Mighty
Slowstone Amber to Small Tattered Gorget
Small Tattered Mask to Spell: Talisman of Jasinth
Spell: Thrall of Bones to Stinging Nettle
Stinging Swarm to System Shock IV
System Shock V to Tempered Velium Battle Axe
Tempered Velium Claidhmore to Tholius Quey
Thomas to Totem of the warrior spirit
Totemic Armor to Twilight Bloom
Twippie Diggs to Velishoul's Tome Pg.68
Velishoul's Tome Pg.75 to WW
Wage War Upon The Coldain to Wild Lord's Crown
Wild Lord's Gauntlets to Woven Cape
Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl to Zone: Nektulos Forest
Zone: Northern Plains of Karana to Zyrria I`Vanres