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/list to A Drolvarg Bodyguard
A Drolvarg Captain to A Large Whiskered Bat
A Lava Basilisk to A Skulking Brute
A Skulking Brutling to A coerced dwarf (female)
A coerced dwarf (male) to A giant diseased rat
A giant fire beetle to A kobold prisoner
A kobold protector to A scaled wolf cub
A scaled wolf elder to A young coyote
A young ebon drake to An Emerald
An Emerald Defender to An onyx sky drake
An orc acolyte to Asnod Marnoc
Asp Poison to Barlek Stonefist
Barley to Black Chitin Leggings
Black Cod Card to Blood Temper
Blood Thorn Extract to Bracelet of the Spirits
Bracelet of the Twisted Mind to Bukem Breewood
Bukton to Carved Ashwood Recurve Bow (Silk)
Carved Darkwood 1-Cam Bow to Chokidai Hide Spaulders
Chokidai Jerky to Cloth Gloves
Cloth Pants to Corrupted Gargoyle Stone
Corrupted Ghoulbane to Crystal Chitin Gauntlets
Crystal Chitin Leggings to Dark Muslin Tunic
Dark Muslin Veil to Dilapidating Ash
Dilche Orlezcha to Dried Leather
Drifting Death to Echinacea
Echinacea Infusion to Enchanted Full Plate (platinum)
Enchanted Full Plate (silver) to Evergreen Leaf
Evergreen Salmon to Fieldsurgeon Trom
Fier`dal Forge to Folded Sheet of Mithril
Folded Skyiron Sheet to Frozen Efreeti Boots
Frozen Elixir to Giant Rat Pelt
Giant Rat Tail to Goblin Raider Headband
Goblin Raiders to Greaves of Ro
Greaves of Stability to Guard Kindor
Guard Kiston to Halfling Raider Helms
Halfling Ribcage to High Quality Metal Rings
High Quality Raiment to Idol of the Tribunal
Idol of the Underking to Imbued Idols
Imbued Ivory to Injected Poison I
Injected Poison II to Jayna D`Bious
Jboots to Keyboard Commands
Keys to Kyenka
Kyla Frostbeard to Large Reinforced Boots
Large Reinforced Cloak to Lightning Rod
Lightning Shock to Lynada the Exiled
Lynada the exiled to Mask of the Tundra Walker
Mask of the dragon slayer to Minda
Miner's Cap to Mummy Wrappings
Mummy of Glohnor to Nillipus' March of the Wee
Nillipus the Brownie to Onytir Seavin
Onyx to Parry
Parrying Dagger to Plate Gauntlets
Plate Girdle to Powdered Bone
Powdered Dufrenite to Racial: Infravision
Racial: Ultravision to Red Headband (Kunark)
Red Hellebore to Robe Of The Elements Quest
Robe Pattern to Runaway Clockwork
Runaway Clockwork Gearbox to Salil's Writ Pg. 60
Salil's Writ Pg. 64 to Sebilite Scale Cap
Sebilite Scale Cape to Shadowed Long Sword
Shadowed Mace to Short Ale
Short Beer to Skeletal captain
Skeletal champion to Small Cloth Shawl
Small Cloth Shirt to Snowbeast
Snowcap Amanita to Spirit Sight
Spirit Strength to Stormwood Battle Staff
Stormy to Tainted Avalanche Ale
Tainted Battleworn Morning Star to Temple of veeshan
Temporal Rot to Thistlecoat
Tholia Fastbond to Torn Parchment
Torn Sash to Tundra Kodiak Meat
Tundra Kodiak Paw to Vampire Teeth
Vampiric Curse to Vision
Vision of Sebilite to Wenglawks Kkeak
Wenglawks Manly Purse to Words of Burnishing
Words of Capacity to Yelinak's Talisman
Yellow Dye to Zyrria I`Vanres