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100' of Waterproofed Rope to A Fae Drake
A Fae Drake Hatchling to A Mature Chromadrac
A Mature Wurm to A Sylvan Protector
A Tae Ew Defender to A deepwater caiman
A deepwater crocodile to A goblin depredator
A goblin dirt defender to A mature flame protector
A mature frost protector to A soul inveigling
A soul seductress to Ail the Elder
Aimie Moonspin to An elder shardwurm
An elder temple defender to Arbitor's Combine Greatsword
Arcane Maul of Celestial Destiny to Banded Bracer
Banded Cloak to Berinsan
Berinsans Shirt to Blessing of the Grove
Blessing of the Theurgist to Boots of the Storm
Boots of the Untamed to Broon
Brother Balatin to Captain Stonefist
Captain Surestout to Chipped Black Sapphire
Chipped Bloodstone to Clockwork XXVIIC
Clockwork XXVIIIB to Corrupted Panther Skin
Corrupted Seahorse to Crystal Fang
Crystal Fiber to Dark Scale Sleeves
Dark Shield of Ebon to Disciple
Disciple Okarote to Druid Guide by Geaus
Druid High-End guide by Gaviilan to Elder spearguard
Elderberry to Enchanted Teir`Dal Great Staff
Enchanted Velium Bar to Ezmirella
FBSS to Fire giant warrior
Fire giant wizard to Frebin Tinderhue
Freed Fimplefur to Gangrenous Scarab
Gangrenous scarab to Globe of Fear
Globe of Mist to Golem Metal Wand
Golem Sprocket to Guard
Guard's Keyring to Guardian Arms
Guardian Boots to Heartwood Master
Heartwood Tavern to Ice Blood
Ice Boned Skeleton to Imbued Elven Chain
Imbued Elven Chain Cape to Imp
Imp Blood to Jac MacGrove
Jacinth to Keeper Rott
Keeper Rott's Pages to Korff - Ogre
Korff - Troll to Large Ornate Chain Cloak
Large Ornate Chain Coif to Letter to Doldigun
Letter to Duriek to Lozani
LuSun to Marshall Lanena
Marta Claytoe to Midnight Drolvarg Cloak
Midnight Mallet to Mucktail Gnolls
Mud Covered Tunic to Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 415
Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 416 to Oowomp
Oozing flesh to Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 50
Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 63 to Platinum Full Plate Vambraces
Platinum Full Plate Visor to Prestidigitator's Boots
Prestidigitator's Gloves to Ralfson Gerositan
Ralgyn to Reinforced Mask
Reinforced Rhino Arm Guards to Rogue Kael Armor Quests
Rogue Plane of Sky Tests to Rune of The Helix
Rune of The Inverse to Saucy Salted Seadragon Steak
Saum's Guide to Quad Kiting Velious to Sentinel Mercutil
Sentinel Mjrell to Shark Meat (Quest)
Shark Meat Quest to Silver Full Plate Visor
Silver Full Splinted Cloak to Skinning Rock
Skipping Stone to Small Raw Hide Set
Small Raw Hide Shoulderpads to South Kaladim
South Karana to Staff of the Wheel
Staff of the earthcrafter to Supple Scale Armband
Supplier's Head to Te`Anara
Tea Leaves to The ROLS Hunting Guide for Progression Servers V0.3
The Rat King to Tolan's Darkwood Boots
Tolan's Darkwood Bracer to Trooper Shestar
Trooper Shield to Urazun Thranon
Urkath Greyface to Veteran Icecaller
Veteran Kltrem to Weakness
Weapon Procs to Woodsmans Staff
Woolie Spider Crunchies to Yaulp
Yaulp II to Zyrria I`Vanres