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/pet to A Fog Golem
A Forest Giant to A Nisch Mas Gnoll
A Nok Ghoul Wizard to A Vicious Raptor
A Vis Ghoul Knight to A fallen iksar
A fallen noble to A gravelord of hate
A gravid drake to A revultant rat
A ring leader to A wooly mammoth
A wooly mammoth calf to An Executioner's Axe
An Executioners Axe to Ancient Fishing Pole
Ancient Gnarled Hammer to Axe Head Mold
Axe of Destruction to Bear Fanged Glove
Bear Hide Armor to Blackrock Lichen
Blacksmithing to Bone Mask of the Jarsath
Bone Melt to Broken disk
Brokenskull Club to Canteen of Slush Water
Canyoneer Pike to Cheslin's Illusion Cards
Chestplate of Fiery Might to Clockwork XIIIB
Clockwork XIVE to Corroded Plate Vambraces
Corrosive Solvent to Crystal Fang
Crystal Fiber to Darkforge
Darkforge Armor to Divine Aura
Divine Barrier to Durgan Bottlenip
Duriek Bloodpool to Elial Brook
Elisi Nasin to Eriel Skelytia
Ernax the Scholar to Feeble Mind
Feeble Mind I to Flayed Turmoilskin Belt
Flayer Hopkins to Froon
Frost to Giant Blood Sac
Giant Briar Snake Skin to Goblin Spirit Caller
Goblin Spirit Catcher to Greenmist (Spell)
Greenmist Armor to Guard Rianna
Guard Rolkin to Haze Panther Leggings
Haze Panther Mask to Humerus Handled Mace
Humongous Fetid Bass to Imbued Dwarven Chain Sleeves (Brell Serilis)
Imbued Dwarven Chain Sleeves (Bristlebane) to Imbued Vale Reinforced Sleeves
Imbued Vale Reinforced Tunic to Ivy Etched Tunic
Ixiblat Fer to Kejekan Palm Fruit
Kejekan Smithy Hammer to Krile Arrowsmith
Krivn S'Tai to Large Raw-Hide Gorget
Large Raw-Hide Leggings to Life's Guard
Life Leech to Lyran's Mystical Lute
Lyris Moonbane to Matchless Dragonleg Breeches
Matchless Dragonskin Mask to Minotaur Horns
Minotaur Lord to Mystical Back Straps
Mystical Claws of Jojo to Note for Rebby
Note from Corbin to Ornate Chain Boots
Ornate Chain Bracelet to Phenocryst
Phenocryst's Focus to Poison Sales
Poison Soaked Tunic to Pyrocruor
Pyrox to Rawhide Shoulderpads
Rawhide Sleeves to Ringmail Pants
Ringmail Set to Ruined Walrus Hide
Ruined Weapons to Salty Whitefish
Salty Whitefish Fillets to Selia Wetstone
Selien Nartoise to Shaman Spells (Good)
Shaman Spells (Quest) to Signus Boran
Sigra to Skill Kick
Skill Lay Hands to Small Piece of Velium
Small Plate Belt Mold to Soonog
Soot Hemlock to Stability
Stace to Summoned: Staff of Tracing
Summoned: Staff of Warding to Tattered Silk Gloves
Tattered Silk Pantaloons to The Power of the Gatecallers
The Prime Healer's Bulwark to Tome Insert Page 2
Tome Insert Page 3 to Truesilver Mail Sleeves
Truespirit to Valla Strongbranch
Valley Spiritling Stone to Visions of Grandeur
Visions of Sebilite to Whirling Lapis Lazuli
Whirling Malachite to Words of Spirit
Words of Stimulation to Zip Fendil
Ziska Ironforge to Zyrria I`Vanres