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/pet to A Fire Sprite
A Fish to A Neriad Maiden
A Neriad Mistress to A Vampire Noble
A Vampire Oracle to A faerie
A faerie courtier to A goblin worker (Clan RunnyEye)
A golden haired mermaid to A ratman guard
A ratman inhabitant to A water snake
A werebat to An Enraged Goblin
An Enthralled Bulthar to An undead reaver
An undead rook to Aviak Charm
Aviak Chick Talon to Battle Staff
Battle Worn Halberd to Blackened Iron Bastard Sword
Blackened Iron Boots to Bone Amulet of Blade Turning
Bone Armplates to Brittle Haste I
Brittle Haste II to Can o` Whoop Ass
Canarie to Charmed Pet Gear
Charred Black Staff to Clockwork Merchant (NG-6)
Clockwork Merchant (NG-7) to Cornucopia
Corporal D'Abth to Cryosilk Webshield
Crypt Caretaker to Dark Root Ink
Dark Runed Armor to Disciple Symbol of Quellious
Disciple Symbol of Tunare to Dull Bone Chips
Dull Bone Key to Element of Fire
Element of Water to Enslave Death
Ensnare to Faril Elvebryn
Farios Elianos to Flare
Flare Stone to Froglok ilis knight
Froglok ilis shaman to Gerb Jinklebelly
Germe Threadspinner to Goblin Brain
Goblin Caster Necklace to Greater Vocaration: Earth
Greater Vocaration: Fire to Guard Leif
Guard Leopold to Hansl Bigroon
Happ Dremblenod to Honey Mead
Honey Mead for Trumpy to Imbrued Platemail Armor
Imbrued Platemail Boots to Imbued Skyiron Shan`Tok
Imbued Skyiron Sheer Blade to Iron Boots
Iron Bound Tome to Kanthu M`Rekkor
Kanthuk Ogrebane to Koalindl
Koalindl (Rodcet Nife) to Large Gauntlet Mold
Large Gorget Mold to Lendiniara's Talisman
Lendiniara the Keeper to Low Quality Cat Skin
Low Quality Cougarskin to Marr Minnows for Palon
Marsa Folor to Midnight
Midnight Drolvarg Cloak to Muffin Tin
Muffin Tin Mold to Niz L'Crit
Niz L`Crit to Orb of Slime
Orb of Tishan to Peachy D'Vicci
Peachy D`Vicci to Players:Pre Planar Gear/Cleric
Players:Pre Planar Gear/Druid to Project 1999 wiki map
Project Lightning to Ravenscale Boots
Ravenscale Bracer to Rhino Hide Chest Guard
Rhino Hide Collar to Royal Qeynos Forge
Royal Sarnak Herbalist to Ry`Gorr Battle Mail
Ry`Gorr Chain Armor to Scrounge
Scrounge's Claw to Shadow Armor
Shadow Boots to Shissar Elementalist's Staff
Shissar Elementalist`s Cane to Size 6 Gizmo
Size 6 Sprocket to Small Cloth Cap
Small Cloth Cape to Snowfang icehunter
Snowfang spearguard to Spirit of the Howler
Spirit of the Wolf to Studded Coin Purse
Studded Gloves to Tanned Split Paw Skin (lore)
Tanned Splitpaw Skin to The Crude Bone Altar
The Crusade of 1312 A.G. to Tin Merchant VII
Tin Merchant VIII to Trilani Parlone
Trisco Qental to Unfired Cake Round
Unfired Ceramic Lining to Verlekarnorm's Horn of Disaster
Vermiculated to Wax Candle
Wax Flower to Woodsmans Staff
Woolie Spider Crunchies to Yegek's Test, Part 1
Yegek's Test, Part 2 to Zyrria I`Vanres