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/pet to A Fog Golem
A Forest Giant to A Nok Ghoul Wizard
A Pack Leader to A Visiting Priestess
A Voracious Brute to A farmer
A fat alligator to A greater ice bones
A greater kobold shaman to A rock snake
A rock spider to A wounded storm giant
A wraith to An Ice Giant Priest
An Ice Goblin to Ancient Leather Leggings
Ancient Leather Sleeves to Axe of the Slayers
Ayen Rundlor to Beastchoker
Beastlord to Blade core-5th fold
Blade of Abrogation to Bones
Boneset to Bronze Bracers
Bronze Brazier to Captain Bipnubble
Captain Bosec to Chief RokGus
Chief Rokgus to Clockwork XXE
Clockwork XXIA to Corrupted Shaman
Corrupted Unicorns Skin to Crystalline Cave Fish
Crystalline Claw Dagger to Darkwood Aegis
Darkwood Bow Staff to Dizzy I
Dizzy II to Dusty Burlap Cape
Dusty Burlap Collar to Elven Chainmail Cape
Elven Chainmail Gloves to Errin Pinewhisper
Errkak Icepaw to Felhammer
Felia Goldenwing to Flowing Black Robe
Flowing Black Silk Sash to Frost Turnip
Frostbite to Giant Scalemail Armor
Giant Scalemail Belt to Goblins of Cleaving Tooth
Goblins of Fire Peak to Gretamog
Greth Truksorn to Guard Sunweaver
Guard Suuna to Head of Stanos
Head of a Halfling Spy to Hytloc
IFS to Imbued Elven Chain Mantle
Imbued Elven Chain Neckguard to Imp protector
Impaler Tzilug to Jade Ring
Jade Shard to Kelynn
Kennel Master Al'ele to Krytn Redstepp
Kszan Punok to Large Rawhide Armor
Large Rawhide Armor Set to Lightstone
Lignark to Maddening Sap
Maelstrom to Mechanical Net
Mechanical Net Delivery to Mischievous Dazzler Sleeves
Misla McMannus to Narex T`Vem
Nargon's Staff to Nyrien Lyrdarniel
Nyzil Bloodforge to Othmir Short Beer
Otterhide Bracers to Piece of Totem
Piece of a medallion to Popular Quests by Level
Popular Quests by Reward to Quest Crushbone Belts
Quester Dunden to Recurved Velium Bow
Red99 Server Firsts to Robe of Inspiration
Robe of Invocation to Rune of Arrest
Rune of Association to Sarnak Ceremonial Dagger
Sarnak Ceremonial Sword to Sentinel Aegeo
Sentinel Anderin to Shard of Darkness
Shard of Golem Stone to Silver Dragon Tattoo
Silver Earring to Skin of the Garou
Skin of the Shadow to Small Raw Hide Set
Small Raw Hide Shoulderpads to Southern Felwithe
Southern Karana to Stan Cloven
Standard Bow Cam to Svlia C`Luzz
Svlis C`Luzz to Teir`Dal Adamantite Cloak (Enchanted)
Teir`Dal Adamantite Cloak (Imbued) to The Visceral Dagger
The Visiting Priestess to Torm Wenrar
Tormax to Tunarean Tasks
Tunareberry to Vegetable Pie
Vegetable Roughy to Vyemm's Left Eye
Vyemm's Right Eye to Whore's Bane
Whysia Flock to Woven Cape
Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl to Zone Dagnor's Cauldron
Zone East Commonlands to Zyrria I`Vanres