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/list to A Dune Tarantula
A Dusty Broken Shield to A Lizard justicar
A Lizardman Mystic to A Special Fire Emerald
A Spectral Ancille to A crystal crawler
A crystal destroyer to A glyphed forbidder
A glyphed ghoul to A lava dancer
A lava walker to A shady halfling
A shady mercenary to Adding a Loc Map
Aderius Rhenar to An Orc Priest
An Orc Scout to Ancient Wurm Hide Robe
Ancient Wyvern Hide Boots to Azibelle Spavin
Azraxs' Legacy to Bear-hide Jerkin
Bear Braised Rat to Blackened Iron Eye Totem
Blackened Iron Gloves to Boil Blood
Boiling Blood to Brigand's Vambraces
Brigandine Tunic to Cabilis East
Cabilis Pale Ale to Chainmail Boot Pattern
Chainmail Bracelet to Cleric Skyshrine Armor Quests
Cleric Spells (Evil) to Combine Long Sword
Combine Morning Star to Crown of Rile
Crown of Stability to Cyria Lorewhisper
Cyrla Shadowstepper to Delgin's Sceptre
Delila to Dragon Horn Ykesha
Dragon Meat to Dwarven Two-Handed Axe
Dwarven Wire to Emhu Mucktail
Emil Parsini to Esorpa of the Ring
Espri to Feeble Mind II
Feeble Mind III to Flawless Steel Mask
Flawless Tae Ew Hide to Froglok reet knight
Froglok reet shaman to Geozite Tool
Geozite Tool Quest to Gnomish Bolts
Gnomish Compass to Grazhak the Berserker
Grazhak the Berzerker to Guard Fredrick
Guard Frostfallen to H.K. 401
H. K. 102 to Hibbs Rootenpaw
Hickory Bow Staff to Icon of the High Scale
Icon of the Penitent to Imbued Field Plate Pauldron (Rallos Zek)
Imbued Field Plate Pauldron (Rodcet Nife) to Inglourious Basterds
Ingot of Sacrament to Jarsath Battle Sword
Jarsath Scale Armor to Ketchata Koro Mis
Kevan McPherson to Kundalini's Item Choices for the Beginning Player
Kunzar to Large Rawhide Armor
Large Rawhide Armor Set to Light Velium Claidhmore
Light Velium Spear to Lydl Mastat
Lydl the Great to Massive Dragonclaw Shard
Massive Heartwood Thorn to Miners Guild 628
Miners Pick to Murtog MacYee
Muscle Lock to Niz L'Crit
Niz L`Crit to Options Window
Oracle to Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 50
Part of Yaeth's Compendium Pg. 63 to Platinum Full Plate Boots
Platinum Full Plate Bracer to Prayer cloth of tunare
Prayer to Brell to Raider Watchman
Raider watchman to Regal Band of Bathezid Quest
Regalis Poison to Rocksmasher
Rocksoul to Rune of Coalition
Rune of Complexity to Sarnak
Sarnak-Hide Mask to Senior Guard Redbones
Senior Guard Skendeldorn to Shamanistic Shenannigan Greaves
Shamanistic Shenannigan Helm to Significant Factions
Signus Boran to Skill Flying Kick
Skill Forage to Small Ornate Chain Gorget
Small Ornate Chain Leggings to Solusek Goblin King
Solusek Kobold to Splitpaw Lair
Splitpaw assassin to Sullied Animal Pelt
Sullied Silk to Tarikh Korula
Tarker Blazetoss to The Code of Combat
The Court Chronicler to Tijoely's Dancing Rapier
Tijoely's Earring to Trantor Everhot
Travala to Umbra
Umbral Platemail to Velium Mastodon Fur Cloak
Velium Maul of Superiority to Wandering Mind Recourse
War Baron Eator to Wind Etched Gauntlets of Ro
Wind Etched Helm of Ro to Woven Shadow Bracer
Woven Shadow Chestplate to Zone Blackburrow
Zone Butcherblock Mountains to Zyrria I`Vanres