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/pet to A Frenzied Velium Stalker
A Frightfinger to A Pickclaw Raider
A Pickclaw Slayspell to A Zombie
A Zombie Sailor to A froglok idealist
A froglok necromancer to A krag elder
A krom zek spy to A skycinder drake
A skyfire drake to Alec McMarrin
Aleena Lightleaf to An ice giant youth
An ice goblin to Ashenbone Abbasi
Ashenbone Axe to Bartle Barnick
Basalt Carapace to Blackburrow
Blackburrow Battle Plans to Bogen Chazel
Boil Blood to Bristleweb spider
Brittle Bone to Cannibalize II (Good)
Cannibalize IV to Chilled Scythe
Chilled Tundra Root to Cloth Cape
Cloth Choker to Counteract Disease
Counteract Poison to Crystallized Shadow Tunic
Crystallized Shadow Warhammer to Decayed Right Gauntlet
Decayed Right Legplate to Dragon Claw Main Gauche
Dragon Claw Sliver to EQLizer Ranger Guide
EQLizer Wizard Guide to Enchanted Elven Chain Neckguard
Enchanted Elven Chain Tunic to Expert Rune (Complete)
Explorer Survival Knife to Fire Goblin Runner
Fire Goblin Skin to Friend of the Tunarean Court
Fright to Gauntlets of Stability
Gauntlets of Twilight to Gnome Shaped Cookie Cutter
Gnome Skin Armor to Great Staff
Greater Cat Tooth to Guard Ledshin
Guard Lehlufa to Harmshield
Harness of Control to Huge Mushroom Head
Hukex Mucktail to Imbued Dwarven Plate Visor
Imbued Dwarven Splinted Cloak to Incapacitate
Incardine to Jaled Dar`s shade
Jaleel Hoglomp to Key to Sleeper's Tomb
Key to howling stones to Lake Pebble
Lake Rathe to Large Tassel Bookmark
Large Tattered Armor to Loam Encrusted Armor
Loam Encrusted Armor Set to Malt
Malted Milk to Merchant Silvenspin
Merchant Silverkale to Monsoon, Sword of the Swiftwind
Monster Races to Netted Shirt
Netted Sleeves to One Hundred Blows
Onerind Fe`Dhar to Pauldrons of Power
Pauldrons of the Blue Sky to Players:Planar Gear/Shaman
Players:Planar Gear/Warrior to Prowler of the Jungle
Prowling Leopard Leggings to Raw-hide Cloak
Raw-hide Gloves to Ring of Pureblood
Ring of Relkententinar to Ruined Sword Hilt
Ruined Teir`Dal Great Staff to Sanctified bone dust
Sanctum Guardian's Earring to Sense Animals
Sense Heading to Shardwing Arrow
Shardwing Courier to Silver Gift Box
Silver Girdle of Stability to Skullhelm of Krenlek
Skullhelm of krenlek to Small Reinforced Leggings
Small Reinforced Mask to Spectral Duke
Spectral Guardian to Steelsilk Cloak
Steelsilk Collar to Symphonic Harmony
Symphonic Saber to Tentus Brackmar
Tepid Deeds to Thurgadin Bard Armor Quest
Thurgadin Gate to TravelerBoots
Travelers Pack to Undead Froglok Tongue
Undead Frogloks of Guk to Verlekarnorm's Horn of Disaster
Vermiculated to Webclaw Murkwave
Wedar's Guide to The Hole to Words of Awareness
Words of Bidding to Young Puma Skin
Young Ronin to Zyrria I`Vanres