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/list to A Druid
A Drunkard to A Lizard Crusader
A Lizard Fanatic to A Solusek goblin fighter
A Solusek goblin priest to A courier
A coyote to A glacier bear
A glacier mastodon to A large mosquito
A large piranha to A shadow beast guard
A shadow beast necromancer to Abram's Axe of the Stoic
Abrod to An Iksar Witch Doll
An Iksar abductor to Ancient Leather Sleeves
Ancient Leather Tunic to Avatar of War
Avatar of Water to Bat Fur Belt
Bat Fur Quest to Black Wolf Skins
Black Wolf Tooth to Blue Knight
Blue Magelo: Zilo to Breath of Ro (Item)
Breath of Solusek to Burynai Treasure Seeker
Burynai burrower to Cazic Thule (God)
Cazic Thule (Zone) to Circlet of the Falinkan
Circlet of the Invoker to Cold Iron
Cold Iron Armor to Cranial Cryofrost
Craslith to Cultural Tradeskills: Iksar
Cultural Tradeskills: Ogre to Death Scarab Gland
Death beetle to Djerr Darkpaw
Djinn to Dunedigger
Dunndrylla to Electrum Turquoise Engagement Ring
Elegant Darkwood Katana to Energy Sap
Energy Storm to Faceted Hyacinth Telesm
Faction to Fire goblin king
Fire goblin shaman to Frayk
Frebin Tinderhue to Gand Truelink
Gandari to Glen Garginburr
Glidara's Ring to Golden Leaf Vambraces
Golden Locket to Grizznot
Grizznot's Claws to Guard Topplo
Guard Treal to Haze Panther Gorget
Haze Panther Leggings to Howling Stones
Howling Werewolf Claws to Imbue Peridot
Imbue Plains Pebble to Imbued Steelsilk Cloak (Prexus)
Imbued Steelsilk Cloak (Quellious) to Iron Armplates
Iron Boots to Kagbkek
Kaggy Krup to Klok Wyga
Klom Jysun to Large Bronze Pauldron
Large Bronze Set to Leather Wristbands
Leather and Hide to Lodizal Shell Boots
Lodizal Shell Shield to Malevolent Greaves
Malevolent Runeblade to Melody of Ervaj
Melody of ervaj to Mithril Studded Belt
Mithril Studded Boots to Naxot Deepwater
Nayda Winterwind to Nyzil Bloodforge
O'Keils Flickering Flame to Ornate Velium Pendant
Ornately Runed Shell Necklace to Pet track
Pet tracking to Players:Velious Raiding Gear/Necromancer
Players:Velious Raiding Gear/Paladin to Puab Closk
Pub Kal to Ratop
Ratraz to Respecialization
Respin Yawg to Rough Ashwood Recurve Bow (Silk)
Rough Darkwood 1-Cam Bow to Runed Wind Amulet
Runed Writ to Scarab Armor Quests
Scarab Boots to Sentry Meighan
Sentry Pauldrons to Sheet of Velium
Shelae Wolfkin to Silver Tear
Silver Thread to Skyash Bile
Skydarkener to Small Reinforced Sleeves
Small Reinforced Tunic to Southern Ro
Souvenir Mugs to Staff of the Observers
Staff of the Serpent to Sunsa Jocub
Sunshard Dust to Tattered Scroll
Tattered Set to The Kromdul
The Legend of Full Plate to Tissin Greybloom
Titail Sinok to Troll Cookie Mold
Troll Head to Underfoot Triple Bock
Undertow to Vellyn Fe`Dhar
Velocity to Warlords Rage
Warm Pulsing Treant Heart to Wislen Mamluk
Wislen Mamluk's Catfish to Wristguard of Harmony
Writ of Di'zok to Zone North Freeport
Zone North Qeynos to Zyrria I`Vanres