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/pet to A Faun
A Female Rat to A Mountain Giant Brae
A Mountain Giant Craig to A Tizmak Warrior
A Torch to A drolvarg warlord
A drowned citizen to A goblin slinker
A goblin soothsayer to A priest of Tallon Zek
A priest of najena to A vampire noble
A vampire oracle to An Ancient Jarsath
An Ancient Sky Drake to An orc fanatic
An orc footman to Atheling Plague
Athropic Sap to Basher Scintok
Basher Sklama to Black Wolf Bracers
Black Wolf Cape to Blue Squire
Blue Throne to Brena Donyld
Brendaine to Cabilis East
Cabilis Pale Ale to Chainmail Coif Pattern
Chainmail Glove Pattern to Cloak of Confusion
Cloak of Crystalline Waters to Commons Residents
Commune Protectorate to Crude Wooden Flute
Crumpy irontoe to Dalshim Fe`Dhar
Damaged Annals to Derasinal
Derasinel's Talisman to Dreadful Cap
Dreadguard Inner to Edge of Cabilis
Edge of the Nightwalker to Enchanted Full Plate Helm (electrum)
Enchanted Full Plate Helm (gold) to Exterminator VII
Extinguish Fatigue to Fire Emerald
Fire Emerald Electrum Bracelet to Forpar Fizfla
Forsaken Pariah Mask to Galwyn Geldin
Gambel Quick to Glob of Tar
Glob of gooey goo to Gollee
Golra Skin to Guard Bergur
Guard Beris to Guardian of Tunare
Guardian of Xalgoz to Heavy Dragonwing Mantle
Heavy Locked Chest to Ice Silk Armor
Ice Silk Bracelet to Imbued Field Plate Boots (Innoruuk)
Imbued Field Plate Boots (Karana) to Incarnadine Greaves
Incarnadine Helm to Jaggedpine Forest
Jaggedpine Treefolk to Kerdelb
Keref Spiritspear to Krup Guppy
Krup Warrior Guard to Large Raw Hide Cloak
Large Raw Hide Gloves to Light Velium Warsword
Light Velium Weapons to Lyssa`s Darkwood Piccolo
Lystyn Wyspin to Matted Greater Cat Pelt
Matted Halfling Hide to Minotaur slaver
Minstrel to Mystical Claws of Jojo
Mystical Gyrating Necklace to Nortlav the Scalekeeper
Nosja to Order of Three
Order of Thunder to Petrified Bark Leggings
Petrified Bloodgill Eye to Poacher Leader
Poacher Shelli to Purified Spirit Helm
Purified Spirit Leggings to Raw Hide Wristbands
Raw Indigo Nihilite to Ring of Pine
Ring of Pureblood to Ruined Animal Pelt
Ruined Backpack to Sabertooth Tiger Mane
Sabertooth tiger to Seahorse Scale Cloak
Seahorse Scales to Shadowbone Earring
Shadowbone Spear to Shock of the Tainted
Shondo Billin to Skeletal harbinger
Skeletal hierophant to Small Fine Plate Bracer
Small Fine Plate Collar to Softly glowing stone
Soil of Underfoot to Spiroc Peace Totem
Spiroc Sky Totem to Stun
Stun Breath to Tares Lichen
Tarew's Aquatic Ayre to The Dead
The Donations to Tin Merchant XI
Tin Ore to Tribunal
Tribunal Initiate to Undertow
Undine spirit to Ventani the Warder
Verant to Water Flask
Water Reed to Wolfmaster Finnur
Wolfskin Gloves to Yaka Razorhoof
Yakatizma's Shield of Crafting to Zyrria I`Vanres