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/pet to A Forest Giant Evergreen
A Forest Giant Greenwood to A Patrolling Gnoll
A Pendant to A Woodland Lioness
A Wooly Mammoth to A frenzied ape
A frenzied bull shark to A kejekan `amir
A kejekan amir to A shadowy scribe
A shadowy scrivener to Aegis of the Wind
Aegolism to An elder shard wyvern
An elder shardwurm to Arctic Wyvern Cloak
Arctic Wyvern Gloves to Barbed Leather Whip
Barbed Legplates to Bixie Stinger
Bixie Stinger (Bixie God's Stinger) to Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe
Blood Spirit to Brain Bite (Evil)
Brain Bite (Good) to Burynai grand cenobyte
Burynai squad leader to Cerulean Vambraces
Cessation of Cor to Clickies
Clicky to Companion Spirit
Compass to Crusader Swype
Crusader Wonku to Dapper Blackhammer
Dar Ghoul Knight to Dinus
Dionin Needlespin to Drusella Sathir (Faction)
Druushk to Elegant Darkwood Katana
Element of Earth to Entalon
Entalon's Quest to Faydwer Porter
Faydwer Schnapps to Flayed Skin Tunic
Flayed Turmoilskin Belt to Frost Giant Scout Beard
Frost Giant Steak to Giant Scalebound Tome
Giant Scalemail Armor to Going Solo Guide
Gold Bar to Greyweasel's Shaman Guide
Grgaraxx to Guard Vitar
Guard Vydel to Heavy Dragonskin Mask
Heavy Dragonskull Helm to Ice Silk Veil
Ice Spear of Solist to Imbued Field Plate Collar (Innoruuk)
Imbued Field Plate Collar (Karana) to Indicolite Helm
Indicolite Vambraces to Jarlok
Jarra to Kif
Kilam Oresinger to Lambent Armor Quests
Lambent Boots to Large Tattered Gorget
Large Tattered Mask to Loaf of bread
Loam Encrusted Amice to Malise
Malka Rale to Merchant Kweili
Merchant Kwein to Monk
Monk Epic Quest to Net of the Deep Sea
Netted Armor to Ogre War Plate Helm
Ogre War Plate Pauldron to Parchment of Flayed Skin
Pardas Nalue to Platinum Thread
Platinum Tiara to Primal Velium Brawl Stick
Primal Velium Claidhmore to Rat Fur Cap Quest
Rat Head to Resplendent Slippers
Resplendent Trousers to Royal Guardsman Horix
Royal Guardsman Nial to Ry`Gorr Chain Bracer
Ry`Gorr Chain Coif to Sea Dragon Scales
Sea Dragonscale Bracer to Shadow Rager
Shadow Sight to Shoulderpad Pattern
Shovel to Skill Abjuration
Skill Alchemy to Small Leather Gorget
Small Leather Leggings to Solusek Mining Co
Solusek Mining Company Invoice to Squeea
Squire's Khukri to Summoned: Hammer of Striking
Summoned: Hammer of Wrath to Tattered Set
Tattered Shoulderpads to The Second Arcane Test
The Seer to Ton Po's Bo Stick of Understanding
Ton Po's Eye Patch to Tubal Weaver
Tuballi Stellari to Varsoon the Undying Quest
Varsoon the undying to Vuli Greenwhisper
Vun Winstone to Wibble Bramblebush
Wick Ashfield to Woven Gloves
Woven Grass Amulet to Zone Kelethin
Zone Kerra Island to Zyrria I`Vanres