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/pet to A Fire Goblin Warrior
A Fire Goblin Wizard to A Necrosis Scarab
A Negotiator to A Tundra Yeti
A Twisted Stalk to A fading heretic apparition
A fading shadow guard to A goblin witchdoctor
A goblin wizard to A racnar (Temple of Veeshan)
A raging gorilla to A wandering spirit
A wandering wurm to An Elder Wyvern
An Elemental Crusader to An undead bishop
An undead blacksmith to Aura of Cold
Aura of Green Petals to Bat Fur and Beetle Legs
Bat Wing to Blackened Alloy Armplates
Blackened Alloy Bastard Sword to Bog Juice
Bogen Chazel to Brimgald Brightsteel
Brimstone to Call of Flame
Call of Flame Quest to Chant of Battle
Chaos Breath to Clockwork Merchant (LG-10)
Clockwork Merchant (LG-12) to Container Base Mold
Container Lid Mold to Crushed Nephrite
Crushed Onyx Sapphire to Dark Deathsinger
Dark Elf to Dimensional Pocket
Dimlore Stormhammer to Druid
Druid/Spells to Eldriaks Fe'Dhar
Eldriaks Fe`Dhar to Enchanter Thurgadin Armor Quests
Enchanter plane of sky tests to Fae Amulet
Fae Pauldrons to Fishmaster Jajoshi
Fishmonger Issa to Froglok Jin Wizard
Froglok Kor Shaman to Gd
Gearheart to Gnoll Scalp Collecting
Gnoll Slayer to Grathin Nilm
Grave Clothes Armor Set to Guard Gord
Guard Grabadin to Half of a Spell
Halfling to Highpass Hold
Highpass Keep to Iksar Picaroon
Iksar Prisoner Quest to Imbued Northman Mace
Imbued Northman Ring to Innoruuk's Pre-Revamp Known Loot
Innoruuk's Word to Journeyman's Walking Stick
JourneymanBoots to Klok Gnask
Klok Gogon to Large Brick of Mithril
Large Brick of Ore to Leather Cloak
Leather Cord to Long Fanged Glaive
Long Iron Rod to Mana
Mana Battery - Class Five to Merchant Tegdian
Merchant Tenra to Monkey Hide Breastplate
Monkey Hide Greaves to Net of the Deep Sea
Netted Armor to Ogre War Plate Boots
Ogre War Plate Bracers to Panic Animal
Panic the Dead to Platinum Bar
Platinum Bloodstone Earring to Preservationists Box
Preserved Chokidai Vocal Cords to Ralgyn's Promise
Rallia Hapera to Reinforced Skullcap
Reinforced Sleeves to Rolled Cutlassfish
Rolling Stone Moss to Runed Elder Staff
Runed Etched Wedding Band to Scaled Mystic Armor Quests
Scaled Mystic Boots to Sentry Gauntlets
Sentry Girdle to Shezlie Furscale
Shield Of Falsehood to Silvered Throwing Knife
Silvered Warhammer to Sleeves Sectional Mold
Sleeves of Conjuration to Small Steel Vambraces
Small Stone Key to Spectral protector
Spectral revenant to Steelsilk Pauldron
Steelsilk Vambraces to Symbol of Veeshan
Symbol of naltron to Telescope Lenses
Telescopic Eyepatch to Thin Banded Belt
Thin Blade Mold to Totemic Breastplate
Totemic Cloak to Twisted Nature Bracer
Twisted Nature Chestguard to Velishoul's Tome Pg. 9
Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods to Walrus Tooth
Walrusbone Shield to Win Karnam
Wind Dragon Crystal to Woven Tunic
Woven Vine Wristband to Zone Nektulos Forest
Zone Neriak Commons to Zyrria I`Vanres