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Surefall Glade

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Surefall Glade is the haven for the Rangers and Druids of the western coast of Antonica. Nestled in a beautiful waterfell-fed vale filled with the rare large trees of jaggedpine, these lovers of nature, along with the residents of the nearby Qeynos, are at constant battle with destroyers of nature, the worst of which are the nearby Blackburrow Clan of Gnolls.

City Races: Human, Half Elf
Guilds: Druid, Ranger
Tradeskill Facilities: None
Related Quests: Blackburrow Brewers, Gnasher's Head, Jagged Pine Crook Staff, Merona's Brother
Level of Monsters: ?
Types of Monsters: a fish, a piranha, a bear cub, a brown bear, a grizzly bear, a poacher, Poacher, Mammoth
Adjacent Zones: Qeynos Hills
Name in /who: qrg



Surefall Glade

  • 1. The Caves filled with Bears and Mammoth
  • 2. Ranger Trainer
  • 3. Archery Range with Ranger Trainer and Merchant who sells Arrow-making Supplies
  • 4. Ranger Hall with Ranger Guildmaster and Bard
  • 5. Shop with Ranger Trainer and Merchants who sell Bow-making Supplies, Bows, Throwing Weapons, Spells, Sharp Weapons, Food and Other Goods
  • 6. Merchant selling Basic Smithing Molds
  • 7. Jaggedpine Treefolk with Druid Trainer and Merchants who sell Arrow-making Supplies, Druid Weapons, Spells, Food and Other Goods
  • 8. Druid Guildmaster and Surefall Druid Teleport destination

Surrounding Areas

Qeynos Hills lies through a narrow tunnel that connects to the Glade. This area of grassy hills to the north of Qeynos is the main battleground between the humans and half-elves and the gnolls of Blackburrow. The druids and rangers maintain, along with the guards of Qeynos, patrols around the region, although they haven't been enough to curb the tide of gnolls. This area is also teeming with animals that the rangers and druids love, and part of the job of the patrols is to protect those from gnolls and human alike.

This area has also seen recent problems with undead. Several powerful necromancers have been known to appear in the hills on occasion, bringing with them the undead. Again, these have been fought off at great cost, but the war still continues.

Traveling To and From Surefall Glade

Surefall Glade is reachable through a narrow tunnel that enters the impassable hills that mark the northern edge of Qeynos Hills. Qeynos has posted guards at that entrance, while the rangers and druids extend their patrols into the hills themselves. Travelling due north from Qeynos will bring one to the entrance to Surefall Glade.


During the reign of Antonius Bayle the Third (father to Qeynos's current Monarch), Surefall Glade was founded in a small glade set into a mountain valley in the southern-most tip of the Jaggedpine Forest. At first, the Glade provided a sort of base camp for explorers into the Jaggedpine. The Glade prospered, training all who wished to learn the craft of the Ranger or Druid, and with time the population of Karana worshippers saw their share of Tunare followers arrive. To date, the Glade has maintained a majority in favor of Karana.

Local Color


Surefall Glade is considered one of the wonders of Norrath, with the huge trees that fill the Glade, maintained by the druids, and the huge waterfall that feeds them. As a whole, the entire area is very peaceful and well-kept. The tunnels that lie behind the waterfall are the residence of a community of bears that thrive under the same protection the rangers and druids give to their trees.


The only powerful rangers and druids on the entire west coast of Antonica are found in Surefall Glade, creating a haven for nature and for young trainees in their ways. All rangers and druids in this part of the world eventually seek out the Glade for their advice and instruction.

The mighty bear Mammoth is also occasionally seen in the caves behind the falls. Many still believe this massive bear is simply a legend, but he is all too real, and in constant danger from the other significant player in Surefall Glade.

There is a very real and serious problem with poachers in the Glade and the nearby areas. The rangers and druids are on constant patrol for them, and one druid can regularly be seen making rounds through the tunnels looking for them. Mammoth is, sadly, considered to be a great prize for the poacher who finally fells him, and his life is in constant danger.

What's in this zone?

Quests - Found 9 quests that start in Surefall Glade:

Quest NameRewardQuest GiverMinimum LevelClassesRelated ZonesRelated NPCs
Blackburrow Brewers  ?
Gnasher's Head  ?
Gnoll Paws  ?
Jagged Pine Crook Staff  ?
Merona's Brother  ?
Nesiff's Statue  ?
Poacher's Head Quest (Surefall Glade)  ?
Talym Shoontar's Head  ?
The Nitrates and the Assassin  ?

NPCs - Found 37 NPCs that spawn in Surefall Glade:

NPC NameRaceClassLevelLocationKnown LootDescription
A Bear Cub "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
A Brown Bear "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
A Grizzly Bear "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
A Poacher "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
A piranha "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Arrivae Valleren "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Bren Treeclimber "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Bukem Breewood "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Corun Finisc "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Durvinna Barkkis "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Errin Pinewhisper "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Frannie "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Frenway Marthank "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Gerael Woodone "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Gillarian Naelev "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Gnoll Poacher "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Grathin Nilm "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Hager Sureshot "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Jarse Kedison "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Krystal Aspen "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Larsk Juton "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Livam T`Lant "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Mammoth "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Merona Castekin "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Niera Farbreeze "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Poacher "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Qomber Roblen "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Raken "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Ran Walker "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Sallah "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Salmekia Treherth "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Sequea Erthinon "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Sivina Lutewhisper "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Talym Shoontar "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Te`Anara "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Tonsia "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:
Vesteri Nomanoi "zoneTopTable" ! City Races:

Items - Found 4 items that drop in Surefall Glade:

Item NameDrops FromSlotStats
Bayle List II
Bayle List II
Item 866.png

WT: 0.0 Size: TINY

None? (None)
Gnoll Head
Gnoll Head
Item 744.png

WT: 1.5 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Mammoth's Hide
Mammoth's Hide
Item 554.png

WT: 4.0 Size: LARGE
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Poacher's Head
Poacher's Head
Item 982.png

WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)