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Talk:Estrella of Gloomwater

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Aside from pacify, I have no idea how you are supposed to break her spawn, feign death pulling will result in 6 mermaids plus Estrella on you. Feigning through 7 mobs all casting is just not possible. You won't be able to outswim them to create enough distance to interrupt their casting (tried with 200 swimming and SoW). Be aware there are 2 more mermaids tucked in the ceiling on top of the 2 behind each pillar and the 2 on the floor. I had our cleric come pacify the 2 on the floor and 2 behind the pillar (can cast on them from the ceiling if you strafe to get a good angle) and then tagged Estrella to pull her plus 2 mermaids through the ceiling back to the 2nd floor.

I have killed her around 15 times and never seen a diamond or blue diamond drop.