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Gear Editing

The pre-planar list is comprised of the items that players can buy. An item is not added in if it is more expensive, and less useful, than another item. For example, Silversilk Leggings are more expensive than Feathered Leggings and have less necessary stats (less HP), and so it is not included.

The links to Planar and Kunark gear are not functioning. The list would have been correctly modified on the linked table location on the wiki, but that page is seemingly locked from editing. Therefore, I put the hard list on this page itself, rather than a link to it. It does no good to have two lists that are overlapping, while one of them offers a more extensive view of gearing. Should the linked page be fixed, this list will be moved over to that, but in lieu of that scenario, it is written directly on the page. Additionally, I included a blue text link to the Pre-Planar Wiki page list.

Uteunayr Edit Comment 11/25/2013

I adjusted a bit of the wording given by Loramin.

  • 1) I clarified that my use of the term "Lich" is in reference to the spell line "Lich", as I refer to it in the first section, and therefore removed the wording of "From level 49 and on", as Necromancers have a Lich spell starting at level 8.
  • 2) Additionally, I removed the 20% experience penalty wording from the discussion on Picking the Right Race. The reason why I did this is that although Iksar as a race has a 20% experience penalty, Necromancers come with a 10% class experience penalty, and these are multiplicative. Therefore, you either have a 10% experience penalty (Non-Iksar), or a 32% experience penalty (Iksar).

Uteunayr Edit Comment 11/27/2013

Great tables! I love it. I am working on finishing up 55+ now. It was my fault, graduate school hit and I have had less time to put on finishing that task, but now that it is break, why not? I love the auto sorting tables. Wonderful addition!

Also, I went through and reorganized the default arrangement of a few of the spells to follow the following Spell Type hierarchy, in order from top to bottom: Summon, Lifetap, DoT (Snare), DoT (Fire), DoT (Drain), DoT (Magical), DoT (Poison), DoT (Disease), DoT (Muscle Disease), DoT (AoE), DD (Target), DD (Undead), DD (AoE), Buff (Target), Buff (Self), Buff (Pet), Heal (Target), Debuff (Target), Debuff (AoE), Utility, Utility (Target), Utility (Self). This is close to the hierarchy in which they were originally organized, I am just cleaning it up so they are all like this by default.

Uteunayr Edit Comment 7/7/2014

I edited the wiki information on Arch Lich from the Live 36 hp loss for 35 mana gain to the current Project 1999 Beta value of 20 hp lost for 20 mana gain, which does appear to be classic. This was reverted. I just reverted it back. Arch Lich on live at the time of Velious does appear to be a 20 hp to 20 mana ratio.

Osyruz Comment

I would like to add that Iksars gain +2 HPs a tick while sitting if they're using Call of Bones 51-55 instead of Lich, the amount of HPs lost per tick while standing is 6 HPs a tick for those who don't like having their HPs being eaten away if you're camping something easy and don't use alot of mana.

August 23 2017

The level 20 pet Animate Dead does not dual wield regardless of summoned pet level or equipped weapons. I can't find out how to edit the pet information chart. If someone knows how to do so, please remove the Animate Dead dual wield notation.

July 25 2018

The level 49 pet hits for 56 and bashes for 25 if you have the Encyclopedia Necrotheurgia. I'm not sure how to edit the special pet area.