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I don't know much about pets, but it would be nice to have something about how to determine pet level, other than con, if there is a way to do it. The only way I know is to check its damage, but is there a way to make it do max damage?


Sabin76: Magician Pet guide needs major revision:

  • I'm working on collecting data for pet level ranges, though my mage is only 18.
  • Be sure to collect pet HP info from damage taken and not the regens listed as they are wrong. Use /pet health to collect percentage data as it's more precise than the UI.
  • Levels at which pets gain magical attacks and kick are likely wrong (should be by pet level, not player level). Don't know about the rest. Will double check. I have seen the water pet bash at an early level, but did not see the fire pet bash once all night tonight (at level 17!) All pets DO NOT have all of these skills. I can't remember, but I think skills are handed out thusly: Earth = warrior skills, Water = monk skills, Air = Rogue skills, Fire = Wizard skills

Pet Damage Changed by Weapons

  • As per Oct 23rd patch, weapon damage now affects pet damage. (ADDED)

I've added this in the general section at the top. You can keep it as well in the Magician section if you want. --Ravhin 18:19, 23 October 2011 (UTC)

Cleaned up the discussion with what is now needed. --Sabin76 15:05, 24 October 2011

Pet Abilities

I'd like to see confirmation of the pet abilities happening at certain levels. Perhaps it's because I was using my fire pet, but I didn't notice any double attacks at the level that other pet classes claim to get them.


10/28/2011 Sabin76 -- Made some updates in the tables. Found regen anomalies and bugged them in the forums.