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I have my doubts that Lockpicks is possible to be crafted with blacksmithing. I removed Lockpicks from the article.

my reasoning is the only merchant i can find information on that is suppose to sell the lock pick molds is not in east freeport on p99.

Different Trivials

On another note.. i'm not sure the value of having the classic vs p99 trivials together on the smithing article. Might be confusing for some people as it doesn't pertain to the game and could be misleading if somebody was just scanning the article quickly.

Jado818 21:02, 15 February 2012 (UTC)

Once I finish more research I'll get to the bottom of the trivials with Nilbog. I assume they should changed to the classic values. When that happens (or not) I'll remove the column that is incorrect. --Ravhin 02:06, 20 February 2012 (UTC)

... 20150603 Based on the current Everquest progression servers (original everquest content and zones) the smithy trivials listed here are WAY off. Some of the recipes are incorrect too (e.g. sewing kit, those components create the SMALL sewing kit that is triv at 52 [vs "135"] and the Pot is triv @ 50 [vs your 'p99' and 'clasic' "122 value"]; bread tin 38 vs "38/135"). Bug (talk)

Suggested Order For Skilling up on Banded Armor

I would suggest making Banded Gorgets first

then moving on to Banded Bracers

then Banded Gauntlets until you hit 102 skill.

then Banded Helms until you hit 106.

My reason for suggesting this is these molds are significantly cheaper (around 3~6 gp each) than the other recipes. however once you hit 106 it wont matter after that for skill ups all the molds are 1 platinum or more.

Jado818 21:27, 15 February 2012 (UTC)

Non-Classic Items Related to Blacksmithing

These should be non-classic and should not be included.

  • Dairy Spoon
  • Fishbone Dart Tool
  • Embroidering Needle
  • Nonstick Frying Pan
  • Blessed Sickle Blade
  • Blessed Sickle Pommel
  • Blessed Sickle Hilt
  • Mistletoe Cutting Sickle
  • Spool
  • Worked Silver Chain
  • Condensed (Shadow/Flame/Ice) Arrowheads
  • Acrylia Bundled Arrow Shafts
  • Weapons: "Forged Deathsteel", "Forged Firebrand", "Firey Forged", "Combine Acrylia", "Black Acrylia"

--Ravhin 02:06, 20 February 2012 (UTC)

Cultural Smithing Research

Need timeline.

"Cultural (ie Enchanted Full Plate) was in before Deity Cultural (ie Imbued)"?

"On live cultural recipes were added patch by patch over the course of Kunark and Velious."

"I can say with utmost certainty that the first cultural items were added in September, 2000."

  • Cabilis Scale Mail
  • Enchanted Cabilis Scale Mail (imbued)
  • Dwarven Plate
  • Elven Chainmail
  • Enchanted Elven Chainmail
  • Field Plate
  • Full Plate
  • Enchanted Full Plate
  • Mithril Plate
  • Northman Kite Shield
  • Northman Ringmail
  • Ogre War Splintmail
  • Ogre War Plate
  • Seafarers Ring Mail
  • Tier'Dal Chainmail
  • Enchanted Tier'Dal Chainmail
  • Tier'Dal Adamantite (Plate)

These are the first types of cultural armor introduced into the game. The recipes and their components are simple by cultural smithing standards.

These are specifically mentioned in the September 2000 patch.


  • Northman Ring (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
  • Imbued Northman Ring (Non-Enchanted, Imbued Ivory- Tribunal)

Dark Elves:

  • Chain
    • Teir`Dal Chainmail (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Enchanted Teir'Dal Chainmail (Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Imbued Teir'Dal Chainmail (Enchanted, Imbued Sapphire - Innoruuk)
  • Plate
    • Teir`Dal Adamantite (Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Teir`Dal Adamantite (Enchanted, Imbued Sapphire - Innoruuk)


  • Chain
    • Dwarven Chain (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Imbued Dwarven Chain (Enchanted, Imbued Ruby - Brell Serilis)
    • Imbued Dwarven Chain (Enchanted, Imbued Peridot - Bristlebane)
  • Plate
    • Dwarven Plate (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Enchanted Dwarven Plate (Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Imbued Dwarven Plate (Non-Enchanted, Imbued Ruby - Brell Serilis)
    • Dwarven Plate (Enchanted, Imbued Ruby - Brell Serilis)

High Elves:

  • Chain
    • Elven Chain (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Enchanted Elven Chain (Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Imbued Elven Chain (Enchanted, Imbued Emerald - Tunare)
  • Plate
    • Koada'Dal Mithril (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Mystic Koada'Dal Mithril (Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Imbued Koada'Dal Mithril (Enchanted, Imbued Emerald - Tunare)


  • Freeport Plate
    • Field Plate (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Imbued Field Plate (Non-Enchanted, Imbued for Bertox, Rodcet, Rallos, Inny, Marr Twins and Karana)
  • Qeynos Plate:
    • Silver/Electrum/Gold/Platinum Full Plate (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Enchanted Silver/Electrum/Gold/Platinum Full Plate (Enchanted, Non-Imbued)


  • "Chain"
    • Ogre Splintmail (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Ogre Imbued Splintmail (Non-Enchanted, Imbued Jade - Rallos Zek)
    • Ogre Imbued Splintmail (Non-Enchanted, Imbued Amber- Cazic Thule)
  • Plate
    • Ogre War Plate (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
    • Imbued Ogre War (Enchanted, Imbued Jade - Rallos Zek)
    • Imbued Ogre War (Enchanted, Imbued Amber- Cazic Thule)


  • Cabilis Scale (Non-Enchanted, Non-Imbued)
  • Imbued Cabilis Scale (Non-Enchanted, Imbued Amber) *** This should be Cazic only but doesn't list a deity restriction ???

This leaves off Trolls (their cultural stuff is weird). Gnomes (tinkering) and tailoring races are discussed on their respective pages.

TODO --Ravhin 02:06, 20 February 2012 (UTC)

External References

This page is undergoing a revamp. Should include the p99 specific info here:

Internet archive links:

Ornate Chain Armor

I've been meaning to test this out and will in a few days.. just been working on getting my jewelry making up a bit.

I've heard from others in game that the order of skilling up for blacksmithing is something like banded > ornate chain > fine plate > culture armor

I will test out to see if you can make ornate chain armor soon. (it would help a lot if that was available as its a big jump from banded to fine plate.)

Jado818 02:24, 20 February 2012 (UTC)

Attempted to make this today.

All the components are in game. even the patterns.

however the High Quality Metal Rings combine will not complete.

I created a bug thread here for discussion as there isn't a tradeskill section on the forums.

Jado818 22:12, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

I made some ornate chain the other day and noticed the trivials noted on the wiki were not at all correct. Every Ornate chain piece aside from the mail and the cloak were trivial at 175 skill level.

Veldan 17:21, 29 December 2014 (UTC)

Imbued Gems List

Adding as I work through and make sure these are classic (some likely not).

Deity Gem Known uses

  • Bertoxxulous Black sapphire jewelry, idols, human armor
  • Brell Serilis Ruby jewelry, idols, dwarven armor
  • Bristlebane Peridot jewelry, idols
  • Cazic Thule Amber jewelry, idols, ogre armor, iksar armor
  • Erollisi Marr Rose quartz jewelry, idols, human armor
  • Innoruuk Sapphire jewelry, idols, dark elf armor, human armor
  • Karana Plains pebble jewelry, idols, halfling (tailored) armor, human armor
  • Mithaniel Marr Diamond jewelry, idols, human armor
  • Prexus Black pearl jewelry, idols
  • Quellious Topaz jewelry, idols, erudite (tailored) armor
  • Rallos Zek Jade jewelry, idols, ogre armor, human armor
  • Rodcet Nife Opal jewelry, idols, human armor
  • Solusek Ro Fire opal jewelry, idols
  • The Tribunal Ivory jewelry, idols, barbarian armor
  • Tunare Emerald jewelry, idols, wood elf (tailored) armor, high elf armor
  • Veeshan **none** **none**

Dwarven Cultural Armor.

I've confirmed as much as i can of the dwarven cultural armor today.

I can't do much more until ornate chain armor is added with next patch so i can skill up.. or they add the Dwarven Smithy Hammer to P99.. with out the hammer you can't make any of the armors.

I did create a bug thread for the hammer.. its on the dwarven smithy hammer talk page.

Jado818 22:37, 22 February 2012 (UTC)

Does strength affect smithing success rate?

I was positive that strength affected either the success rate in smithing, but I can't find a reference to it anywhere on the wiki. Is it true on P99?