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Cultural Tinkering Research Notes



  • I don't know anything about tinkering but if these items are in game it shouldn't be a far stretch to think the Tinkered armors were "classic cultural era"
  • Cogs, Gnomish Bolts, Grease, Holgresh Fur, Mana Battery - Class Five, Metal Fastening, Metal Rod, Metal Twine, Sprockets

The above stuff came out in the zone of Plane of Innovation. PoP expansion.

  • Clockwork Watchmen armor (tinkered cultural) was velious based, as the items required for some of the components are velious era
  • Sifaye Dust, Holgresh Wing, Block of Living Granite, Glob of Tar, and Faun Hoof all drop in Wakening Land

Tinkering skill

Tinkering skill will not improve until level 16. The wiki page states level 15, that is incorrect.