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The stats are all wrong on this item! I need full stats, but it looks like 24/35, 25AC, 10STR/10STA, +SvALL:

"Note the Weight.." By Ralistah [1]

  Why are you all complaining? Granted, the weapon's ratio isn't as high as a rod of mourning (29/36), but 24/35 is still excellent. 
  More to the point, this weapon weighs NOTHING. No more sitting down during a fight because you're out of stamina. Add 25 AC, 10 strength, 
  10 stamina (and the resulting 100 hitpoints), plus some nice resist buffs and you have an excellent tanking weapon. Trakanon, your hide 
  is mine! :-)

Updated Item Stats

Updated 10/8/2001, per the patch history [2]:

  • Two-Handed Weapons have been given an increased damage bonus for characters over level 50. Also, certain post-epic quality two-handers have been improved.