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Taverns of Kelethin

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Kelethin: the city of wood elves, the city in the trees, the city of many taverns on platforms. There are more taverns scattered about Kelethin than there are inns in the Commonlands. Visit Heartwood Tavern to read about the flagship bar of the city, but here are the five additional bars all by the name of "Tavern." While their signage reads the same, each one has a uniquely decorated interior and are operated by real barkeeps with their own names and faces.

The numbers referenced here for each tavern correspond to the locations shown on the classic EQ Atlas map of Kelethin.


Tuviena's Tavern

Once you've run stock dry at Heartwood Tavern, you won't have to go far to find another watering hole. Travel just one platform to the west of there and you'll reach Barkeep Tuviena's tavern (#10). There are no tables here or even a counter, but still two barkeeps and plenty of sitting stools with excellent views of the city. The signage is deceptive here (and elsewhere below), with a pair of Ales being depicted out front. Yet inside you'll find no Ale; just the classic selection of elvish favorites including Elven Wine, White Wine, Red Wine, Gypsy Wine, Mead, and Honey Mead.

Myrisa's Tavern

Located just north of Tuviena's tavern lies Barkeep Myrisa's tavern (#7). The construction of this one is unique as it's one of the few buildings in the city placed directly on the main platform rather than floating off to the side. Some safety rails would of been especially nice here though as the placement of the entrance takes you dangerously close to the edge! Locals take no notice though, including the high elf drunkard known to wander past this tavern regularly.

Syntan's Tavern

Situated just off the northern city elevator is Barkeep Syntan's tavern (#4). The ambiance here takes a step up from most others in the city with the flickering flame of a pedestal lamp keeping the room cozy. The leather of the cushioned stools is also dyed purple for a little extra pizzazz which is quite unique to this location. Nothing new on the menu though if you've been to other Kelethin bars: still meads and wines.

Aanlawen's Tavern

Those truly adventurous and unafraid of heights, or perhaps motivated by the thought of something other than mead or wine, can make their way up to Barkeep Aanlawen's tavern (#5) to find what they're looking for. Catering to the apparently niche clientele market of the region, a few brews are imported from afar to appease even the most hearty liver. Look no further to get your fix of Ogre Swill all the way from Oggok, or throw back a few Dwarven Ales after a long day on the battlefield.

Sissya's Tavern

Barkeep Sissya's tavern (#24) definitely takes the cake as the swankiest pub in Kelethin, sporting red velvet chairs around both seating tables. By day there's a merchant selling Ranger spells, but by night comes a drunken Gnome who will let you know what's on his mind if only you hail him!