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The goal of this page is to compile answers to questions asked in the technical forum, so that they are easier for others to find in the future. The structure is designed to make it easy for even the least technical users to follow. If you can't find the answer to your problem here, please try the Technical Discussion Forum


Insstallation Problems

If you are experiencing problems installing the EverQuest software see the Tech Support: Installation Problems page.

Login and Character Select Screen Problems

Problem: Project 1999 Servers Missing From the Server Select Screen

First check Project 1999's front page. On the right-hand side you should see a server status box. If it says that the Project 1999 servers are down then most likely some soft of update or fix is being applied, and you simply need to wait.

If the status shows that the servers are up, the EverQuest software is probably mistaken (this can happen occasionally). Quitting the program and restarting it should fix the problem. If it does not please ask in the Technical Discussion Forum

Problem: Error on login: "The instruction at 0x029110ce referenced memory at 0xfffffffc. The memory could not be read"

Go to your EQ folder. Open the file eqclient.ini. Find (CTRL + f) "windowedwidth". You should see something like this:


change it to this:


This example uses 800 x 600 resolution, but if 800 x 600 isn't working, try using your monitors native resolution, or another resolution, instead. Eventually you will get a combination that works, just keep trying.

Problem: Can't Login to a Specific Character

Things to try:

  • In the "log" folder (in your EverQuest folder) delete or move the log file associated with the character.
  • In the "userdata" folder (in your EverQuest delete or move any configuration settings files for the character.
  • Delete or move the charactername_project1999.ini and UI_charactername_project1999.ini files for the character

If You Can Login to the Game

Frame Rate, Movement and other Visual Problems

Please refer to the Tech Support: Graphics Problems page.

Gameplay Problems

Problem: Being Stuck

If you're stuck somewhere try ducking and jumping, and if that doesn't help try the /rewind command. Keep in mind that the rewind command can sometime take several minutes to work, but if you're still stuck after awhile you can always "/petition Please help I'm stuck" to ask a GM for help.

Coming soon (see the Technical Discussion Forum).

Chat Problems

Problem: How do I Use Chat Windows?

See this forum thread on Setting up Chat Windows.

Problem: Font Size in Chat Window

See the forum thread "Used /chatfontsize now chat to small.".

Sound Problems

Problem: Specific Sounds Are Annoying and/or Too Loud

This thread explains how to edit a file to chante Annoying & loud sounds.

Logging Problems

Main article: Logfiles

Missing UI Problems

The Titanium client used by Project 1999 maps keybindings for the various keys, plus "ALT", to show/hide parts of the UI. While this is convenient if you want to (say) hide your group window when you're not in a group, it also makes it easy to accidentally hide part of your UI.

When this happens there are two ways to solve it. First, the direct way:

  1. Open the "Options" UI window by pressing ALT + "O"
    • This could require a different key combination, if for some reason you changed the key-binding (which is very unlikely)
  2. Pick the "UI" tab
  3. Every window and the keybinding to show/hide it will be listed; find the binding for the window you hid on accident
  4. Press those keys to restore the window

Alternatively, you could also take a different approach. This approach might take slightly longer, but is easier to remember and, if you do it a few times, will help you learn which keybinding maps to which UI window:

  1. Press ALT + "q"
  2. See if any windows appeared or disappeared (besides the missing one); if so hit ALT + "q" again to hide or show them
  3. Repeat for ALT + "w", ALT + "e", etc. going through the whole keyboard.
  4. Eventually your window will appear, and you'll be done ... but along the way you'll have learned a bunch of key bindings, so that the next time a window disappears you'll remember what key is associated with it

If for some reason the above doesn't work, it's possible that the window got moved behind another window. Try moving your other windows out of the way or contracting them (by clicking the "-" symbol at the top), and then try showing/hiding your missing window again.

If you still can't see your window, it's possible that a bug has moved it. Open your UI configuration file in your EverQuest folder (e.g. UI_PlayerName_project1999.ini) and find the [GroupWindow] section. If the values for XPos and YPos are particularly large, try changing them back to a much smaller number, or even to zero, and then restart Everquest.