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This template was a failed attempt at removing #lsth: includes on class pages. The idea was to try to streamline the page getting all the classes' gear in one hit rather than calling off to 5 tier'd pages. But we ran up against the same problem; the class pages are too big and not everything can fit on it. The 2nd problem was that the Tier pages which were meant to use the ShowTier = Pre_Planar_Gear for each class to maintain the existing functionality failed to save.

This template displays on the Players:Gear/<Class> page per tier breakdown of suggested gear. Template usage:

{{ClassGear | Class = <ClassName>
| ShowTier = {{{ShowTier|All}}}
| HideTitle = {{{HideTitle|0}}}
| ShowNavBox = {{{ShowNavBox|1}}}
| Pre_Planar_Gear = Pre_Planar_Gear Gear List
| Planar_Gear = Planar_Gear Gear List
| Kunark_Gear = Kunark_Gear Gear List
| Velious_Pre_Raid_Gear = Velious_Pre_Raid_Gear Gear List
| Velious_Raiding_Gear = Velious_Raiding_Gear Gear List

The page can also be included on the <Class> page by using

{{:Players:Gear/<Class> | HideTitle = 1 | ShowNavBox = 0 }}

The data for a single specified Class/Tier can be achieved by using the same include, with ShowTier parameter, this will only display the item content and will exclude any headers, text or navigation.

{{:Players:Gear/<Class> | ShowTier = Pre_Planar_Gear }}
{{:Players:Gear/<Class> | ShowTier = Planar_Gear }}
{{:Players:Gear/<Class> | ShowTier = Kunark_Gear }}
{{:Players:Gear/<Class> | ShowTier = Velious_Pre_Raid_Gear }}
{{:Players:Gear/<Class> | ShowTier = Velious_Raiding_Gear }}
Casters EnchanterMagicianNecromancerWizard
Priests ClericDruidShaman
Melee BardMonkRangerRogue
Tanks PaladinShadow KnightWarrior
Tier Pre-PlanarPlanarKunark
Velious Pre-RaidVelious Raiding