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The Acolyte

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Velious Release Era (added 2000-2001 March)
Gapeers Johhanis
Start Zone: Rivervale
Quest Giver: Gapeers Johhanis
Minimum Level: 14
Classes: Cleric, Druid
Related Zones: Erud's Crossing, The Feerrott, West Freeport
Related NPCs: a drowned citizen, a zombie sailor, Greenblood zombie


  • Acolyte's Anklet
    Acolyte's Anklet
    Item 1124.png

    Slot: FEET
    AC: 3
    CHA: +3 WIS: +2 AGI: +2
    WT: 1.2 Size: SMALL
    Class: CLR DRU
    Race: DWF HFL GNM


Gapeers Johhanis is located at -240, -412 in the cleric guild in Rivervale.

You say, 'Hail, Gapeers Johhanis'

Gapeers Johhanis jumps at your voice, he's obviously very focused on a set of beakers on the table. They seem to be holding samples of rotted flesh. Gapeers says, 'Oh my heart! You could have stopped it! Please be careful when entering these chambers. It would be unfortunate if I had dropped and broken these [specimens].'

You say, 'What specimens?'

Gapeers Johhanis turns to explain the specimens when he accidentally knocks over the beakers. He sucks in a short breath as the beakers crash to the ground, ruining the samples. As Gapeers's skin loses color he says, 'OH NO!! No, not my specimens!! Now what am I to do?! I needed those badly! You did this! You [owe] me now!'

You say, 'Owe What?'

Gapeers Johhanis says 'You bet you do! You big clumsy Half Elf! These were the remains of unfortunates who were drowned. Not only were they drowned but their bodies clung to life and refused to settle. Products of the horrendous curse of unlife. I'll need you to find three [special samples] of drowned and cursed flesh.'

You say, 'What special samples?'

Gapeers Johhanis's eyes widen as he realizes you actually might intend to help him. His voice becomes raspy with desperation as he says, 'Oh! Wonderful....uuhhmmm.... well ....You'll need to find undead creatures found in the waters of three different climates. One from a tropical ocean. One from the muddy and slow moving river of a jungle. And one from the stagnate and polluted water of a city's sewer, Freeport would be ideal. Will you really [do this for me]?'

You say, 'I will do this for you.'

Gapeers Johhanis says 'Oh thank goodness! Thank you so much, ______! Those old specimens were much to ancient anyway, fresh ones will help in my mission to heal those who were unfortunate enough to drown and become cursed. If you bring back the three samples I have a little something you might like. Although it will only fit and be of use to one who heals as a profession and is small of stature like myself. Good luck!'

In Erud's Crossing, kill a zombie sailor. They are around the sunken ship offshore.

--You have looted a Algae Covered Flesh.--

In Feerrott water, kill either a drowned caravan guard or a Greenblood Zombie.

--You have looted a Swollen Flesh.--

In West Freeport sewers (via secret wall south of Freeport West yard), kill a drowned citizen.

The 3 drowned citizens aggro'ed on a 23 cleric that jumped down into their pool after entering from the WFP entrance. You have better luck pulling from the opposite entrance.

--You have looted a Waterlogged Flesh.--

Hand Gapeers Johhanis the 3 Fleshes.

Gapeers Johhanis cheers as you hand him the samples of zombie flesh. He says, 'You have them! Excellent! Thank you very much, ______! Now I have much work to do so shoo before you break something else. Oh and here is your reward. It's an anklet that all our acolytes wear. Not only is it functional, but we can show off our beautiful foot hairs at the same time. Us halflings are pretty smart really.'

You gain experience!!
(20% Experience at level 1)