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The Missing Velious Guide

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This page is a stub. See the forum post Who wants to write a Velious guide? for discussion of its creation.

Some ideas:

  • Popular exp camps
  • ToV
  • Skyshrine maze
  • Little-known tips
  • Common dangers
  • How classes are affected by new spells, abilities, re-balancing
  • The timeline for when things will be released (partial)
  • Needs more work on tradeskills

Once content starts getting created, remove this stub text.

Velious Release Era (added 2000-2001 March)

Map rav velious.jpg

Welcome, traveler!

Explorers have discovered a new icy continent in Norrath, Velious! Accessible by boat and spells, more experienced travelers will find a world of exotic beasts, snow dwarves, giants, dragons, and more!

Getting to Velious by boat

A barge arrives regularly at the dock in North Ro, near Freeport. It will ferry you to a desert island in Iceclad Ocean where you must transfer to The Icebreaker, a boat sturdy enough to navigate the icy waters surrounding the frozen continent. You will arrive at a dock on a snowy island. The dock is bindable for everyone.

Getting to Thurgadin from Iceclad Ocean

Once you arrive, you may want to head to the snow dwarves' city of Thurgadin. From Iceclad Ocean island-hop southwest until you get to a bridge with a large dragon skull at its base. This will take you to Eastern Wastes. From Eastern Wastes, run to The Great Divide. Watch out for wolves, giants, orcs, tunda kodiaks, ulthorks, and other dangerous monsters.

When you use /loc, the first number is your "norternness" and the second number is your "westernness" so when the first number is increasing you are heading north and when the second number is increasing you are heading west. You can get to The Great Divide zone line by running west while ensuring the first number of your /loc is close to -2000.

From The Great Divide, follow the right wall until you see a stream and a waterfall. The entrance to Thurgadin is hidden behind the waterfall. Here all races that have not ruined their faction can bank, buy, sell, and do other city-related things!

Getting to Velious by port

There are four zones to which you can port on Velious: Iceclad Ocean, Great Divide, Wakening Land, and Cobalt Scar. All but Iceclad Ocean require a special tooth for porting, both for the porter and the portees. Anyone can port to Iceclad without a tooth of any kind. To retrieve these teeth, you must travel to the zones the old-fashioned way and pick up the ground spawns at the center of the dragon portals. The teeth are soulbound, so if you die, they will travel with you if they were on your person when you died.

These are increasingly difficult to get the further into the continent you go, with the most difficult being the Tooth of the Cobalt Scar. This tooth, because it is the most difficult, will allow you to port to GD, WL and CS. Tooth of the Wakening Lands will allow you to port to GD and WL. Tooth of the Great Divide will only allow you to port to GD.

To get the Tooth of the Cobalt Scar, you must first get a Shrine Key to pass through Skyshrine into Cobalt Scar.

Take care both in porting in and retrieving the teeth. Wuoshi likes to hang out in the dragon portal in The Wakening Land.

Velious Druid and Wizard port spells

Druids may get Ring of Iceclad, Circle of Iceclad, Circle of Great Divide, Circle of Wakening Land, and Circle of Cobalt Scar from Phillip Aghllsews in Wakening Land. The other self-only spells do not exist at the moment. For druids, Bboboo from the forums has created a graphic showing where you must go to get the spells:

Wizards can get their port spells from shardwurms in Great Divide or mobs in high level zones like Velks. Iceclad self and group ports are now sold in the Gypsy camps in NK and Oasis. The other spells are available from a merchant in Skyshrine, Guardian Treklov. He is near the secret dropdown to the drake with two named golems.

Velious Zones

See the zone connection maps to understand how zones are connected. Zones are arranged in a mostly linear fashion and become increasingly dangerous as you venture deeper.




Things to do in Thurgadin

When coming from The Great Divide, once you get to the first main T-junction in Thurgadin, the bank will be just to your left. Spell-casting classes may want to follow the left hallway to the end to get to the Temple of Brell where they can buy a new Velious spell from Loremaster Dorinan.

If you'd like to catch up on any tradeskills, you can find a lot of materials easily accessible in Thurgadin. Many tradeskill vendors are located in the bank. Jewelery crafters can buy Velium bars here in Thurgadin to enchant and use for the next tier of jewelery.

Thurgadin is also a lower-level dungeon deeper down. Lower level players may find it worth their while to solo here. It isn't very common to find groups, however.

While you are near Thurgadin, don't forget to grab your Tooth of the Great Divide from the dragon circle in Great Divide. It spawns on the ground in the center of the dragon circle.

Getting to Wakening Land

You will first need to get to Wakening Land by foot before you can port to it. The zone separating Eastern Wastes and Wakening Land is the frost giant city Kael Drakkal. Since you will probably be KOS here due to faction, you should try to make this journey with SoW and invisibility. Many giants do not see invis but many higher level ones do. All giants whose nametags begin with Adjutant and Lieutenant can see invis. Some of the hallways with guards posted around them can be passed through if you carefully walk exactly between the guards, avoiding their aggro radii.

Once you're in Wakening Land, head to the dragon circle and pick up its ground spawn so you can port back here anytime. This tooth will also allow you to port to Great Divide.

Getting to Cobalt Scar

Bboboo from the forums put together a video tutorial on how to get your Shrine Key.

As of the launch of the Velious, the Shrine Key that gives you access to Cobalt Scar will actually port the entire group there if they are close enough to the firepot that must be clicked with the key. The easiest way to get to Cobalt Scar is to have someone with that key click you into the zone so you can go grab the Tooth of the Cobalt Scar from the dragon circle and simply port back there in the future. This feature may be removed in the timeline!

The Key to Cobalt Scar quest involves interacting with NPCs in Skyshrine and Kael Drakkal that are indifferent to everyone but are accompanied by mobs which will probably want to kill you. You will also need to hand over 200pp to an NPC so make sure you are carrying that with you.

To start the quest, find Ziglark Whisperwing in Skyshrine near the Wakening Land zone line. It would be safest to get to him with invisibility. Drop your invis and quickly tell him "I am worthy". You will receive the Message to Wenglawks and attract the aggro from the gargoyle near Ziglark. Train the mobs out to Wakening Land or gate. Players 40+ or 45+ should be able to escape alive. Don't forget you'll have a door to open on the way out so be sure to drop the Message to Wenglawks in your inventory so you can click it.

Next you must get to Wenglawks Kkeak in Kael not too far from the Wakening Land zone line. Hand him the Message to Wenglawks and 200pp and you will receive the Message to Herald. He is accompanied by a level 55 wizard who will aggro you once you drop invisibility. Expect an ice comet. If you do not have someone to train him away, can't go invulnerable, can't gate, or can't otherwise disable him, you may just have to die after doing the turn-in and then get a rez. Take the Message to Herald back to Ziglark in Skyshrine and receive your Shrine Key.

The firepot you click to zone into Cobalt Scar is not far from the Wakening Land zone line. See the map to the right. Once you get to there, don't forget to grab the Tooth of the Cobalt Scar from the dragon circle so you can port back here in the future!

Update: Alternatively, you can kill Ziglark Whisperwing to get the key. He is a lvl 36 Paladin, but is a slight undercon. Often there are people farming Skyshrine who will kill him for you if you ask nicely or offer a tip.

Note: When Velious first launched back on live, it was not necessary to have a key to get to Cobalt Scar. On Project 1999, you still need to do the quest but you don't need to work on your faction with Skyshrine or Kael. Eventually faction will be required or you can kill Ziglark Whisperwing to get the Key to Cobalt Scar.

Getting to Western Wastes

If you're brave enough to venture deeper into Velious, you will want to get to Western Wastes where Dragon Necropolis and Temple of Veeshan are. This zone is very dangerous for even level 60 players so tread carefully!

You will need to go through Siren's Grotto from Cobalt Scar. Be careful when you zone into Siren's Grotto because there are some mobs very near the entrance who will aggro if you move a few feet into the zone. It is safest to hide behind the corner right at the zone line where they cannot see you. Don't linger here for long though because it is common for others to zone in and train the mobs onto you.

By far the easiest way to get through it is to have a 57+ Druid or Wizard succor you to the Western Wastes zone line from the Cobalt Scar zone line. After they succor you, ask them if they can zone out into WW to give you levitate, see invis, invis and SoW too if possible. Siren's Grotto is a no-levitate indoor zone so if you had it before it will be lost. Levitate and SoW will need to be cast in WW.

The other way to get through Siren's Grotto is to train past the see invis mobs that hit for 150+. They are seahorses however and will not follow you out of the water. Good luck!


From Iceclad Ocean to Western Wastes, here's a list of scenic views and exotic locales to check out and take screensho--I mean photos of!

Iceclad Ocean

  • Tower of Frozen Shadow (the outside)
  • Graitspaign (the dragonbone bridge to Eastern Wastes)
  • The slightly inept Gnomish pirates on the northern island are fun to talk to
  • Icebreaker

Tower of Frozen Shadow

  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall.
  • Fight your way to the 5th floor wedding, what a sight!

Eastern Wastes

  • Sunset and sunrise on the snowy plains
  • Snow bunnies!
  • Walruses

Kael Drakkal

  • Everything. It's all super-sized! But take care, you start out KOS to the giants.

Wakening Land

  • Tower with the portal to the Plane of Growth, especially for druids. It comes with fauns and wood nymphs, who love druids and other Tunare-worshippers.
  • The plants - probably the most interesting-looking jungle on Norrath
  • Mindboggling amount of things to forage here
  • Wuoshi the dragon - try not to get too close until you're in good with Claws of Veeshan!
  • The dragon portal (same place as Wuoshi) - grab your tooth!


Cobalt Scar

  • OTHMIR. What else? They're talking otters!
  • Bungre Crawcrusher. An othmir, but one with a truly ridiculous fez hat.

Western Wastes

  • Ice burrowers
  • Dragons, dragons, & more dragons!
  • The entrance to the Temple of Veeshan is a sight to behold, but beware of its guardian, Sontalak

Temple of Veeshan

Dragon Necropolis

Siren's Grotto

Great Divide

  • The shardwurm caves (with invis - no faction hits and they hate everyone)
  • The waterfall that hides Thurgadin from the giants
  • The dragon portal - grab your tooth!


  • Remembrance Park (1 on the wiki map). Turn your sound on for some nice music.
  • The Velium Keg. Laugh and poke at the drunken dwarf out front and/or go inside for bouncy bar music and booze in transparent ice kegs.
  • There's a dwarf who goes into a certain bar to discuss his most recent vision with his fellow dwarves. I'll leave it at that.
  • Each bar seems to have a slightly different specialty drink. Browse through and collect them all! And is Kromrif Spit Vodka really made of Kromrif spit? You decide!
  • There is a small cave full of wolf puppies. Find them!

Icewell Keep

Velketor's Labyrinth

Crystal Caverns

  • There is a Coldain enclave buried deep within the caverns.


Velious brings many worthwhile and challenging quests. The rewards for some of the quests are truly some of the best items in the game.

Players aligned with Thurgadin, Skyshrine or Kael Drakkel will be able to do their class-specific armor quests. The class-specific armor quests involve killing enemies of that faction and getting rare, random drops.

There are also the Coldain Prayer Shawl Quests and the Coldain Ring Quests which heavily involve tradeskills.

If you can get to Plane of Mischief there are many silly and amusing quests to be done there.

Miscellaneous Velious quests

Scattered about Velious are other miscellaneous quests that are usually quite fruitful:

Iceclad Ocean: Ergrez Shortpaw
Minimum level - 30

Iceclad Ocean: Balix Misteyes
Minimum level - 35 (group), 40+ (solo)

Iceclad Ocean: Ritap (mini-quest)
Minimum level - 35

Iceclad Ocean: Keref Spiritspear
Minimum level - 35

TODO: Add more quests!


Velious Tailoring

The Jewelcrafting page is still in need of updating for Velium items.

TODO: Others


Factions in Velious can seem a little confusing at first. Primarily there are the snow dwarves the Coldain, the frost and storm giants Kromrif and Kromzek, and the Claws of Veeshan dragons. Each of the groups have a separate faction specific to their leaders as well: Dain Frostreaver IV, King Tormax, and Yelinak respectively.

Most raiding guilds officially do not want to align with any one faction. They will fight whatever is convenient and then help their members fix their faction for turn-ins. A single raid can have a big impact on swinging your faction toward the opponents of that faction even from max-scowl.

Killing giants will improve both your faction with Claws of Veeshan and the Coldain. The Coldain and the dragons are neutral toward each other.

Post-Launch Velious Timeline

Hybrids will have their exp penalty removed 1-2 months after launch.

Root and snare will stack.

Seaworthy Planking will no longer be ground-spawned in Iceclad Ocean. (This has been gone for quite some time on P99 due to wild exploitation.)

New spells will be introduced such as Chloroblast, sold in EC.

New tradeskill recipes will be added, such as the tailoring recipes for Wu's Fighting Armor

TODO: More info! Where can this timeline be found?

Raid content

Temple of Veeshan


Sleeper's Tomb


Kael bosses


Dain Frostreaver IV


Plane of Mischief