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The New Worker

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Undead Foreman
Start Zone: The Overthere
Quest Giver: an undead foreman
Minimum Level: 1?
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: None


  • Worker Sledgemallet
    Worker Sledgemallet
    Item 567.png

    Slot: PRIMARY
    Skill: 2H Blunt Atk Delay: 50
    DMG: 6
    Effect: Overthere (Combat, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 50
    WT: 3.2 Size: GIANT
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


An undead foreman may be found at +2385, +3305.

You say, 'Hail, an undead foreman'

an undead foreman turns to face you. You can see a faint green glow emanating from his vacant eye sockets. 'Are you a [new worker]? Huh? Speak or go!!'

You say, 'I am a new worker.'

an undead foreman says 'Hmmph!! Too much flesh!! If you want to work, you must first fill my eye sockets with my favorite gem. This shall be your payment for your Sledgehammer.'

His favorite gem is jade. Give him a Jade.

an undead foreman places the gem deep into his hollow eye socket. He pulls a giant sledgehammer from thin air and hands it to you. 'Here!! You shall be assigned to the lower decks of the Scaled Trident.'

You receive Worker Sledgemallet and no experience, faction hits, or coin.

Please note that if using a charm technique to obtain the mallet, the undead foremen has very high resist rates. (Four of Five Kintaz resisted and 2 of three Boltrans on 255 cha enchanter at level 55)

Raising Venril Sathir Faction

The turn-in requires amiable or higher faction standing with Venril Sathir. The quickest way to raise faction is to kill dragons in Veeshan's Peak. Alternatively, charm gives the charmer amiable faction, so Enchanters, Necromancers (undead charm spell), Bards, or anyone with Puppet Strings can perform the quest turn-in while charming the undead foreman. Enchanters/Bards can also use Dark Elf illusion and Benevolence/Cinda's Charismatic Carillon to raise their faction to amiable if you haven't reduced faction while leveling.

To raise faction the old-fashion way, complete the Protect the Shipyard quest.

  • Turning in four sarnak war braids appears to give you +4.5 to Venril Sathir.
  • Faction amounts per consider level, from this table.
    • Amiable: 51 to 450
    • Indifferent: -49 to 50
    • Apprehensive: -449 to -50
    • Dubious: -699 to -450
    • Threatening: -1049 to -700
    • Scowls: -2000 to -1050

If kill-on-sight (KOS) and able to Sneak, then a cast of Harmony on the marines will allow sneaking up behind Captain Rottgrime to complete the Protect the Shipyard quest. I'm told that this is possible without Harmony, but that is extremely delicate and risky. Turn ins can be Multi-Quested by having someone turn in 3 and allowing you to turn in 1 and gain the faction and experience.

The New Worker quest turn-in table is below. List each 4 Braid turn-in as one turn-in. Only list a number if its the complete range. e.g. You just turned in braids and moved from threatening to dubious then you keep track of how many it takes to go from dubious to apprehensive.

Turn-ins per Faction Level (NO PARTIAL faction level turn-in numbers)

Race Class Worships Max Scowls to > Threatening to > Dubious to > Apprehensive to > Indifferent to Amiable Average + Per Turn in
Ogre Shadow Knight Cazic-Thule - - - 88 20 4.5
Ogre Shadow Knight Rallos Zek - - - 11 20 4.5
Dark Elf Wizard Agnostic - - - 11 20 4.5
Iksar Monk Cazic-Thule 75 75 37 88 20 4.5
Iksar Monk Cazic-Thule - 59-72¹ 111 total 201 total 221 total 4.5
Human Shadow Knight Bertoxxulous - - - - 20 -
Troll Shaman Innoruuk - - - - 20 -
Wood Elf Ranger Tunare 191 70 42 88 20 (411²) -
- - - - - - - - -

¹ December 2018: Had 58 prior turn-ins (scowling), did 14 in rapid succession, was now dubious with total of 72 turn-ins. Became apprehensive after total of 111, and indifferent after total of 201, and amiable after 221 turn-ins. Jul 2019: Another examination of the logs shows that I had killed 2 A scorpikis at some point, which would skew the faction, so final total for Iksar monk might actually be closer to 198 rather than 211.

² Logging failed multiple times (due to character surfing and repeated logins and logouts) so can not be sure of exact numbers.

Starting Faction to next Faction Level Table

Race Class Worships Starting Faction Turn-ins til next Faction Level
Ogre Shaman Rallos Zek Apprehensive 11
Ogre Shadowknight Rallos Zek Apprehensive 11
Dark Elf Wizard Solusek Ro Apprehensive 11
Gnome Wizard Solusek Ro Apprehensive 9
Gnome Wizard Agnostic Apprehensive 11
Human Shadowknight Bertoxxulous Apprehensive 11
Troll Shaman Innoruuk Apprehensive 11
Troll Shadowknight Innoruuk Apprehensive 11
Iksar Monk Cazic Thule Threateningly 15
Wood Elf Ranger Tunare Scowling 191