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The Supply Run - Eastern Wastes

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Svekk Fangbinder
Start Zone: Kael Drakkel
Quest Giver: Svekk Fangbinder
Minimum Level: 50
Classes:  ?
Related Zones: Eastern Wastes
Related NPCs: Fjloarin Icebane



Svekk Fangbinder is a Merchant who can be found in the hall with lesser nobles, diagonally opposite the bank.

You say, 'hail Svekk Fangbinder'

Svekk Fangbinder says 'Greetings, Kabal . I am Svekk, a humble servant of Wenglawks. It is my job to keep track of the supplies here. I also sell mundane wares.

You say, 'what supplies'

Svekk Fangbinder says 'We have all kinds of supplies! Normally we deliver them to the giants who live outside Kael.

You say, 'what giants'

Svekk Fangbinder says 'There are several encampments in the eastern wastes that barter for supplies with us monthly. The great divide also has a small outpost of Kromrif who strive to beat the Coldain back into their city of Thurgadin and of course the outposts in the wakening lands. Our last batch of deliveries did not reach their intended targets. The runners have not been heard from since they were dispatched either.

You say, 'what eastern wastes'

Svekk Fangbinder says 'The Kromrif of the Eastern wastes are more savage then those who dwell within Kael Drakkel. Normally they can fend for themselves but recently Fjloaren of the Icebane clan has requested we help them with a shipment of supplies. We have yet to receive payment for the supplies but you are more then welcome to purchase supplies for them and deliver them. It has been a most unforgiving season upon the wastes I believe.

Give 500gp to Svekk and you will receive a Giant Sack of Supplies.

Fjloaren (at the Giant Fort loc: -1500, 3000ish) will give you a Velium Torc to return to Svekk, who will rewards you with approximately 100gp and faction for completing the mission.

  • Your faction standing with Kromzek got better.
  • Your faction standing with Kromrif got better.
  • Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan got worse.
  • Your faction standing with Coldain got worse.

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