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The Tangrin

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the tangrin
the tangrin
Race: Gorilla
Class: Warrior
Level: 54
Zone: Field of Bone
Location: 20% @ (3454, 2920)
AC: 370
HP: 30000 (9)
Damage per hit: 126 - 249
Attacks per round: 2 (84%)
Special: Summon, Monkey Stun


Has a 20 second stun with a 12 second recast time, and an aggro radius the size of the island he roams. Approach with care. Respawn 48hrs.

The Tangrin can be soloed. Once he is slowed with Forlorn Deeds, Trooper Taer with VOG and Boon of the Garou will dominate the fight finishing the fight with more than 50% HP. However, if charm breaks and The Tangrin summons you and lands his 20 second stun it will prevent you from recharming and it could mean instant death, so it is recommended to bring friends if possible.

--- We could not charm Trooper Taer today. Tashed by a level 60 enchanter, he would resist everything but Rapture. He conned blue to a 53 bard, so he's not too high for Boltran's Agacerie (see Discussion[1]).

--- Above note does not seem true, at least not anymore. Was able to land Glamour of Kintaz and Boltran's Agacerie on Trooper Taer just fine after tash at 60 while The Tangrin was up (8/26/19).

Known Loot


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Opposing Factions

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