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Tishan's Kilt Quest

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Start Zone: Temple of Solusek Ro
Quest Giver: Vilissia
Minimum Level: 32
Classes: Wizard
Related Zones: Everfrost Peaks, Upper Guk
Related NPCs: Martar Icebear, a froglok shinta warrior, a shadowed man


  • Tishan's Kilt
    Tishan's Kilt
    Item 843.png

    Slot: LEGS
    AC: 5
    STR: +4 STA: +4 HP: +20
    WT: 0.8 Size: SMALL
    Class: DRU WIZ


You say, 'Hail, Vilissia'

Vilissia says 'I am Vilissia, chosen of Solusek Ro. I am a practitioner in the wizardly arts, and keeper of lore for the [runescale cloak], [Tishan's kilt] and the [acumen mask].'

You say, 'What Tishan's kilt?'

Vilissia says 'Tishan was once counted among the mightiest of wizards, and his items are items of power. If you are interested in acquiring Tishan's kilt, you must take a shadowed ball from our mortal enemies, the shadowed men, and bring it to Trankia in the Everfrost Mountains.'

You must take a Shadowed Ball from Shadowed Men and bring it to Trankia in the Everfrost Mountains.

Trankia says 'You must be another one from Vilissia. I will tell you what I tell all the others - you must help be [avenge] my [brother] before I will help you attain Tishan's Kilt.'

You gain experience!!

(You receive a Tattered Note - Reads: Reminder for a Shadowed Ball - Identifies: This item appears to be written in Barbarian)

You say, 'I will avenge your brother.'

Trankia says 'My brother was part of a raiding party that adventured into the Caverns of Guk. Somewhere inside, he was betrayed and left for dead by the dastardly brother of Karg IceBear, Martar. I want you to find me what remains of my brother's body and bring it back to me. I am told that he died in a mine shaft.'

After you hand in the Shadowed Ball you must then head to Guk and kill the shinta warrior.

This will get you the Barbarian Head, which you must then take back to Trankia. Giving Trankia the Barbarian Head...

Trankia says 'Oh, Wulfthan, look what has become of you! I told you that you should not have trusted Martar. <<name>>, as a final service, I want you to kill Martar IceBear for me. He is known to roam these parts. Bring me the warthread kilt he wears and my two reminder notes, and I will give you Markar's kilt.'

You gain experience!!

(You receive a Tattered Note - Reads: Reminder for a good deed done. - Identifies: This item appears to be written in Barbarian)

She will ask you then to kill Martar Icebear and hand in the Warthread Kilt you find on him along with the two notes (one for the shadow ball one for the barb head).

Giving Trankia the two Tattered Notes and the Warthread Kilt...

Trankia says 'Ah, Wulfthan, you are at last avenged. Thank you, <<name>>- please take this kilt as a reward for services well done.'

You gain experience!!

She will then reward you with the Kilt.