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Tovaniks' Venom

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Tovaniks' Venom, Felwithe
Tovaniks' Venom, bar
Tovaniks' Venom, back bar

High Elves are a diverse race with many skills and interests, but apparently drinking beer is not among that list. There's only one tavern in town and they don't sell beer! Tovaniks' Venom specializes instead solely in wines and meads, and they certainly do excel at it. They're the exclusive distributor of Tunare's Finest and charge less than a single gold piece per bottle. The rest of their stock is also one of the most curated of any tavern in Norrath, offering only Elven Wine, Gypsy Wine, Red Wine, White Wine, Honey Mead, and just plain old Mead.

The aesthetic of the bar suits their beverage selection, having quite the rustic wine cellar feel to it with it's hide draped ceiling and heavy stone walls. There are no windows in this bunker, and there's even a basement complete with not only a brew barrel but also a private living quarters. The shape of the bar counter is certainly unique as well, snaking around the entire circumference of the L-shaped room. It may even be one of the longest in Norrath, rivaled only by Fool's Gold.

City: Felwithe
NPCs: Wela Muselender, Tyle Songwhisper
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: Rogue Redemption, Feskr's Supplies
Notable Drinks: Tunare's Finest

Tovaniks' Venom, brew barrel
Tovaniks' Venom, living quarters