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Skill Tracking

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This skill enables you to locate nearby targets. When you click the "Tracking" button a tacking window opens, listing all of the mobs within your character's tracking range. After selecting any of those mobs the game will inform you, every few seconds, which direction that mob is in.

The higher your skill, the farther away you can detect your prey. Your class also matters: rangers track better than druids, who track better than bards. Rangers especially excel at tracking and are able not only to track by spawn order (the default sort order for the tracking list), but also by mob level, via the "track sort" drop-down box.

Players on P99 also often informally refer to the activity of waiting for or searching for an NPC as tracking, even if the proper skill is not used or available. Face tracking specifically refers to waiting for an NPC to spawn on a known location without the tracking skill. Pet tracking refers to using the /pet attack command to check if an NPC is up (pets will echo a response if the NPC is up within the zone, regardless of distance).

Project 1999-Specific Notes:

  • Tracking players is known to have bugs (possibly related to Project 1999's anti-cheating protection). While tracking will work accurately some of the time (usually if your target is are close), it can also lead you in the wrong direction.


  • Ranger (Max: 200): Distance = (Tracking Skill) x 12
  • Druid (Max: 125): Distance = (Tracking Skill) x 10
  • Bard (Max: 100): Distance = (Tracking Skill) x 7
    • Bard tracking is less distance than you can see with your clipping plane set to max distance, and so is mainly useful in zones where there is dense cover blocking line of sight (eg. Trakanon's Teeth or Warsliks Woods).

For example, a Ranger with skill 75 would have a tracking distance of = 12 x 75 = 900 range.

(Testing was performed on tracking distance in Western Karana.)

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