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Unbrewable Drinks

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Unbrewable Drink List

Item Tavern City
Blackburrow Cask (a container) Dropped by: a gnoll brewer, Master Brewer Blackburrow
Black Burrow Stout Various Various
Capt. Orlin's Spiced Ale Various Various
Clockwork Oil Stout CWG Model CX (in Gabbie's room) Solusek's Eye (a.k.a. Sol A)
Crows Special Brew Crow’s Pub & Casino North Qeynos
Crow's Special Brew (not a duplicate) Crow’s Pub & Casino North Qeynos
Drom's Champagne Seafarer's Roost East Freeport
Dwarven Ale Various Various
Ernele's Champagne Seafarer's Roost East Freeport
Erud's Tonic Blue Hawk's Erudin
Feir'Dal Champagne Various Various
Flaming Clurg Meet and Drink tew Bie Oggok
Flaming Pungla Bull's Pit Neriak
Freeport Stout Grub n Grog Tavern East Freeport
Frozen Toe Rum McDaniel's Smokes & Spirits Halas
Frothy Goblin Tonic "Bar Room" Solusek's Eye (a.k.a. Sol A)
Gator Gulp Ale Tunnel East Freeport
Green Death Rum Tink n' Babble East Cabilis
Innoruuk's Kiss of Death Blue Hawk's Erudin
Lendel's Grand Lager Fools Gold Rivervale
Lumberjack Pale Ale The Lumberyard Highpass Hold
Neriak Nectar Maiden's Fancy Neriak 3rd Gate
Ship in a Bottle Meet and Drink tew Bie Oggok
Tagglefoot Tingle Drink Town Hall (quest) Rivervale
Tunare's Finest Tovanik's Venom North Felwithe
Underfoot Triple Bock Tumpy Irontoe South Kaladim
Vastly Deep Ale Blue Hawk's Erudin