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I play as Sarif, Xalo, Xalon, and Prysm on the 1999 server. Started playing EverQuest at launch through the Luclin expansion, always felt Luclin ruined the game and that the Original+Kunark+Velious was the ultimate version of EverQuest. I can usually be found in the EC tunnel selling my wares.

To do:

Items with no auction entries:


  • Crested Spaulders
  • Crested Helm
  • Blackened Iron Crown

Somewhat Rare:

  • Most all Kunark Class BPs and Greaves (Cobalt, Tolan's, etc)
  • Sarnak Parrying Blade (is this in game?)
  • Thorny Blackjack (is this in game?)
  • Sarnak Backstabber (is this in game?)
  • Bloodstained Leggings (is this in game?)

Items with no item page:

  • Helm of Brute Strength (sp?) doesn't have an item page at all.

Velious: Barbed Ringmail Leggings Bled