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Pexar Spiritweaver on P99


Practice Runes

Apprentice Rune (Azia) 18 July 2013 12:58 AM

Use for Thick Grizzly Bear Skins , Pottery and vials up to 188 but not classic atm . 7/3/2014

Velious NPC'S Agar , Thermin Wandereye 3/19/2016

Random NPC's A kerra spider 3/20/2016

Hate NPC's A Champion of Innoruuk, Agent of Innoruuk, Coercer T`vala, A frightful chest, Grandmaster H`Qilm

MORE Hate NPC's 3/20/2016 10+ will list in a bit

Random NPC's and broken pages Laken Boorheez 4/4/2016


Corrected who sells Hematite for , Apprentice Rune (Azia)

Corrected Froglok Eye for , Apprentice Rune (Azia)

Corrected Bixie Wing for , Apprentice Rune (Azia)

Updated stacking for Alchemy stat potions stacking , with endgame shaman buffs and Clicky Enchanter haste and Vog. 7/2/2014 11:55pm

Updated Ralgyn's Promise quest , Fishing , Kael Giants , random Velious stuff and spells !!! 3/14/2016

Updated Some Velious NPC's , Mobs , Tradeskills and cities . 3/16/2016

Updated some Hate loot , NPC's and random stuff . 3/20/2016

Updated Gnoll , Orc quest exp rates in High Hold 4/3/2016