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Sky Checklist

[ ] Sphinx Eye Amulet (Amulet of the Sphinx Eye)
(x) Ebon Tessera (1)
( ) Sphinx Eye Opal (2-PoS)
( ) Finely Crafted Amulet (3-Gorga)
[ ] Djinni Finger Ring (Crimson Ring of the Djinni)
(x) Copper Disc (2)
(x) Small Sapphire (3)
( ) Silvery Ring (4-KoS)
[ ] Pegasus-Hide Belt
(x) Diaphanous Globe (3)
(x) Dried Leather (4)
( ) Finely Woven Cloth Belt (5-SL)
[ ] Blood Sky Face Plate
(x) Griffon Statuette (4)
(x) Blood Sky Emerald (5)
( ) Rusted Pauldrons (6-BZ)
[ ] Obtenebrate Mithril Guard
(x) Dark Spiroc Feather (5)
(x) Obsidian Shard (6)
( ) Efreeti War Shield (named)
[ ] Pearlescent Pauldrons
(x) Jar of Honey (6)
(x) Sphinxian Ring (7-SotS)
( ) Fae Pauldrons (8-EoV)
( ) Large Sky Pearl (named)
[ ] Efreeti War Axe
(x) Dulcet Nectar (6)
(x) Bloodstained Hilt (7)
( ) Blood Sky Ruby (8-EoV)

VP Key Checklist

[ ] Medallion of the Jarsath Quest - Xiblin Fizzlebik (Timorous Deep)
(x) Middle Portion: In Firiona Vie, a Iksar monk skeleton wanders around called an ancient Jarsath. He's level 41 or 42. He drops the middle part of the medallion.
(x) Bottom Portion: This is located on a bloodgill marauder, who guards the entrance to Veksar at the bottom of the Lake of Ill Omen.
(x) Upper Portion: This is just laying around in the Swamp of No Hope at 52, 2935, -6. Stick close to the right wall from Cabilis or left from Fironia Vie and you should find it.
[ ] Medallion of the Obulus Quest - Slixin Klex (Burning Woods)
(x) Middle Portion: Drops off a rotting skeleton at approximately loc 2250, -5140 in the Dreadlands (6 minutes 40 seconds static spawn).
(x) Bottom Portion: Dropped by the Pained Soul in Trakanon's Teeth, Near the entrance to Old Sebilis at loc -1835, -4368 (6 minutes 40 seconds static spawn).
( ) Upper Portion: Quest: Burnished Wooden Staff Quest given by Ssolet Dnaas in the island in Warsliks Woods. You will need to have someone charm the turn-in NPC if you are not an Iksar.
[ ] Medallion of the Kylong Quest - Professor Akabao (Lake of Ill Omen)
(x) Middle Portion: Dropped by Verix Kyloxs Remains found in the basement of Karnor's Castle.
(x) Bottom Portion: Ground spawn in the Kaesora library, on the 2nd floor.
( ) Upper Portion: Quest: Niblek's Gems given by Niblek in Chardok. (bring Niblek a Black Sapphire and a Ruby)

Epic Checklist

[ ] The Letter to Duriek
( ) Hail Kurron Ni in Overthere Outpost
( ) Give Kurron Ni Darkforge Breastplate, Darkforge Greaves, Darkforge Helm and 900 Platinum. You can get the armor through the Darkforge Armor Quests.
( ) Kill Kurron Ni and Loot the Letter to Duriek
[ ] The Dusty Tome
( ) Give the letter to Duriek Bloodpool in Paineel
( ) Hail Smaka in Neriak Foreign Quarter
( ) Give Smaka 1000 Platinum for a Cough Elixir
( ) Give the Cough Elixir to Duriek
( ) Kill a ratman guard and loot a Dusty Tome
( ) Give the Dusty Tome to Duriek
[ ] The Corrupted Ghoulbane
(x) Kill the The froglok shin lord in Ruins of Upper Guk and loot The Ghoulbane
( ) Kill Cazic-Thule and Loot The Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood (NOTE: Post Fear Revamp this now drops off Fear Golems Fright, Dread, and Terror)
(x) Kill monsters in Plane of Sky for the Blade of Abrogation
( ) Hail Teydar in the Queynos Aqueduct System
( ) Kill Rharzar in Rathe Mountains for a Drake Spine
( ) Kill An ashenbone drakes in Plane of Hate for a Decrepit Hide
( ) Buy an Platinum Bar and find an enchanted for an Enchanted Platinum Bar
( ) Give the Drake Spine, Decrepit Hide and Enchanted Platinum Bar to Teydar for a Decrepit Sheath
( ) Give the Ghoulbane, the Soul Leech, the Blade of Abrogation and the Decrepit Sheath to Duriek for the Corrupted Ghoulbane.
[ ] The Dark Shroud
( ) Hail Lhranc in the City of Mist
( ) Hail Knarthenne Skurl in Toxxulia Forest and get a Soulcase
( ) Hail Marl Kastane in Kerra Isle and get a Seal of Kastane
( ) Hail Gerot Kastane in Paineel and get the Note to Marl
( ) Give the Note to Marl to Marl Kastane
( ) Hail Caradon in a jail cell in the Hole
( ) Gather a Cell Key from a mimic (looks like a chest) in the city area of the Hole
( ) Give the Cell Key to Caradon
( ) Kill Kyrenna and Caradon and Loot Blood of Kyrenna and Heart of Kyrenna
( ) Give the Blood of Kyrenna to Marl Kastane and receive the Dark Shroud
[ ] Lhranc's Coin
( ) Give the Dark Shroud to the Ghost of Glohnor in the Hole
( ) Kill Mummy of Glohnor and loot the Head of Glohnor and the Glohnor wrappings
( ) Give the Head of Ghlonor to Gerot Kastane and receive the Head of the Valiant
( ) Give the Glohnor wrappings to Marl Kastane and receive the Will of Innoruuk
( ) Combine the Heart of Kyrenna with the Soulcase to produce the Heart of the Innocent
( ) Give the Corrupted Ghoulbane, the Heart of the Innocent, the Head of the Valiant and the Will of Innoruuk to Lhranc - He will respawn with the sword... prepare for a fight. If you wipe in fight, Lhranc won't despawn. Bring at least 2 groups.
Quest End v1: Kill Lhranc and LOOT
Innoruuk's Curse
Innoruuk's Curse
Item 2873.png

Skill: 2H Slashing Atk Delay: 45
DMG: 40
STR: +20 DEX: +15 INT: +15 HP: +60 MANA: +40
Effect: Soul Consumption (Combat, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 50
WT: 5.0 Size: SMALL
Class: SHD

! Gratz!

Quest End v2: Lhranc's Coin (not currently on p99)

( ) Kill Lhranc, Marl Kastane Spawns
[ ] Innoruuk's Curse
( ) Give Lhranc's Coin to Marl Kastane and receive Innoruuk's Curse

Velious Gear Checklist

Headings are the zone in which the quest turn-in mob is located.


Requires Tarnished armor pieces that drop in WToV.

[ ] Malevolent Crown (head; primary)
[ ] Malevolent Breastplate (chest; secondary)
[ ] Malevolent Vambraces (arms; secondary)
[x] Malevolent Bracer (wrist; primary)
[ ] Malevolent Bracer (wrist; primary)
[ ] Malevolent Boots (feet, secondary)
[ ] Malevolent Gauntlets (hands; secondary)
[ ] Malevolent Greaves (legs; secondary)


Everything else is better in every slot.


Requires Unadorned armor pieces that drop in EToV (HoT).

[ ] Blood Lord's Crown (head; secondary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Breastplate (chest; primary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Vambraces (arms; primary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Bracer (wrist; secondary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Boots (feet; primary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Gauntlets (hands; primary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Greaves (legs; primary)


Plane of Sky

Key Information

  • Island 1 -> Island 1.5: Miniature Sword (Key of Swords)
  • Island 1 -> Island 2: Lost Rabbit's Foot (Key of the Misplaced)
  • Island 2 -> Island 3: Broken Mirror (Key of Misfortune)
  • Island 3 -> Island 4: Animal Figurine (Key of Beasts)
  • Island 4 -> Island 5: Bird Whistle (Avian Key)
  • Island 5 -> Island 6: Noise Maker (Key of the Swarm)
  • Island 6 -> Island 7: Dull Dragon Scale (Key of Scale)
  • Island 7 -> Island 8: Replica of the Wyrm Queen (Veeshan's Key)


Guard Camping Tips

Spawn Times

NameAreaDuration (HH:MM:SS)
Guard HetorzuzBank00:25:00
Guard LidozarnnBank00:25:00
Guard BuldoralBank00:25:00
Guard PolzdurnBank00:25:00
Guard YerlashBank00:05:00
Guard PendleirSK00:05:00
Guard AbbilashSK00:10:30
Guard KellolonrenSK00:10:30
Guard RirebolnSK00:10:30
Guard LeltonSK00:10:30
Guard KorlackEntrance00:25:00
Guard LecknarEntrance00:25:00
Guard TynarinEntrance00:25:00
Guard ExclorptLibrary00:10:30
Guard NextloxtlLibrary00:10:30
Guard EzrotheLibrary00:10:30
Guard NotzxatlLibrary00:10:30
Guard AbreblaLibrary00:25:00
Guard Captain LatorlLibrary

Area Information


There are four low-level guards and one mid-level guard.

The best strategy I've found is to wait for all guards to spawn, kill Guard Lelton first, then go counter-clockwise around the quad, killing Guard Kellolonren last. This allows you to pull the other guards into the corner on the other side of the wall from Guard Kellolonren and they won't try to run away. Kill Guard Kellolonren last, then wait for them all to spawn again. You can kill Guard Pendleir a few times in between cycles if you're able.


There are five mid-level guards.

Due to differing timers and pathing mobs, this camp can be a little tricky.

The best strategy I've found is to kill Guard Buldoral first when he stops at the far end of the hallway past the portal (near the necro area archway). Guard Buldoral spawns in front of the necro guild master so you can't attack him there (she will aggro); he paths to the archway about a minute after spawning.

Next up is Guard Polzdurn, who spawns in the back corner of Superior Supplies. You can attack him at his spawn point, but don't, to preserve consistent timing. After about a minute he paths around the corner between the bank and False Idols--kill him there.

You can kill Guard Yerlash here if you have the resources.

Next up is the two guards in front of the necromancer guild. This part is a little tricky because there is an NPC, Medoris Flalzm, that will aggro you if you are either attacking a guard within view or at low health (even through the archway wall). After less than a minute he paths away though, so lull one guard and pull the other through the archway into the corner and kill it. Then do the same for the other guard (you may need to wait for Medoris to path away again).

Now go kill Guard Yerlash a couple times and repeat the cycle.


There is one very high level guard (Guard Captain ?) and four (?) mid-level guards.

Guard Captain Latorl's path:

12:49 Leaves Fortune's Fancy towards NW library 12:33 Enters the NW library 10:59 Exits the NW library 10:49 Stops at the archway to NW area (27s) 10:06 Goes back into the library 09:56 Enters the NW library 08:12 Exits the NW library 07:55 Stops at Fortune's Fancy --- 07:22 Leaves Fortune's Fancy towards NW library 07:06 Enters the NW library

Toryn Roltaire doesn't aggro when fighting in front of him (at level 37 at least). Same for Elia Athrex.


There are four low level guards and four high level guards.