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Sky Checklist

[ ] Sphinx Eye Amulet (Amulet of the Sphinx Eye)
(x) Ebon Tessera (1)
( ) Sphinx Eye Opal (2-PoS)
( ) Finely Crafted Amulet (3-Gorga)
[ ] Djinni Finger Ring (Crimson Ring of the Djinni)
(x) Copper Disc (2)
(x) Small Sapphire (3)
( ) Silvery Ring (4-KoS)
[ ] Pegasus-Hide Belt
(x) Diaphanous Globe (3)
(x) Dried Leather (4)
( ) Finely Woven Cloth Belt (5-SL)
[ ] Blood Sky Face Plate
(x) Griffon Statuette (4)
(x) Blood Sky Emerald (5)
( ) Rusted Pauldrons (6-BZ)
[ ] Obtenebrate Mithril Guard
(x) Dark Spiroc Feather (5)
(x) Obsidian Shard (6)
( ) Efreeti War Shield (named)
[ ] Pearlescent Pauldrons
(x) Jar of Honey (6)
(x) Sphinxian Ring (7-SotS)
( ) Fae Pauldrons (8-EoV)
( ) Large Sky Pearl (named)
[ ] Efreeti War Axe
(x) Dulcet Nectar (6)
(x) Bloodstained Hilt (7)
( ) Blood Sky Ruby (8-EoV)

VP Key Checklist

[ ] Medallion of the Jarsath Quest - Xiblin Fizzlebik (Timorous Deep)
(x) Middle Portion: In Firiona Vie, a Iksar monk skeleton wanders around called an ancient Jarsath. He's level 41 or 42. He drops the middle part of the medallion.
(x) Bottom Portion: This is located on a bloodgill marauder, who guards the entrance to Veksar at the bottom of the Lake of Ill Omen.
(x) Upper Portion: This is just laying around in the Swamp of No Hope at 52, 2935, -6. Stick close to the right wall from Cabilis or left from Fironia Vie and you should find it.
[ ] Medallion of the Obulus Quest - Slixin Klex (Burning Woods)
(x) Middle Portion: Drops off a rotting skeleton at approximately loc 2250, -5140 in the Dreadlands (6 minutes 40 seconds static spawn).
(x) Bottom Portion: Dropped by the Pained Soul in Trakanon's Teeth, Near the entrance to Old Sebilis at loc -1835, -4368 (6 minutes 40 seconds static spawn).
( ) Upper Portion: Quest: Burnished Wooden Staff Quest given by Ssolet Dnaas in the island in Warsliks Woods. You will need to have someone charm the turn-in NPC if you are not an Iksar.
[ ] Medallion of the Kylong Quest - Professor Akabao (Lake of Ill Omen)
(x) Middle Portion: Dropped by Verix Kyloxs Remains found in the basement of Karnor's Castle.
(x) Bottom Portion: Ground spawn in the Kaesora library, on the 2nd floor.
( ) Upper Portion: Quest: Niblek's Gems given by Niblek in Chardok. (bring Niblek a Black Sapphire and a Ruby)

Epic Checklist

[ ] The Letter to Duriek
( ) Hail Kurron Ni in Overthere Outpost
( ) Give Kurron Ni Darkforge Breastplate, Darkforge Greaves, Darkforge Helm and 900 Platinum. You can get the armor through the Darkforge Armor Quests.
( ) Kill Kurron Ni and Loot the Letter to Duriek
[ ] The Dusty Tome
( ) Give the letter to Duriek Bloodpool in Paineel
( ) Hail Smaka in Neriak Foreign Quarter
( ) Give Smaka 1000 Platinum for a Cough Elixir
( ) Give the Cough Elixir to Duriek
( ) Kill a ratman guard and loot a Dusty Tome
( ) Give the Dusty Tome to Duriek
[ ] The Corrupted Ghoulbane
(x) Kill the The froglok shin lord in Ruins of Upper Guk and loot The Ghoulbane
( ) Kill Cazic-Thule and Loot The Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood (NOTE: Post Fear Revamp this now drops off Fear Golems Fright, Dread, and Terror)
(x) Kill monsters in Plane of Sky for the Blade of Abrogation
( ) Hail Teydar in the Queynos Aqueduct System
( ) Kill Rharzar in Rathe Mountains for a Drake Spine
( ) Kill An ashenbone drakes in Plane of Hate for a Decrepit Hide
( ) Buy an Platinum Bar and find an enchanted for an Enchanted Platinum Bar
( ) Give the Drake Spine, Decrepit Hide and Enchanted Platinum Bar to Teydar for a Decrepit Sheath
( ) Give the Ghoulbane, the Soul Leech, the Blade of Abrogation and the Decrepit Sheath to Duriek for the Corrupted Ghoulbane.
[ ] The Dark Shroud
( ) Hail Lhranc in the City of Mist
( ) Hail Knarthenne Skurl in Toxxulia Forest and get a Soulcase
( ) Hail Marl Kastane in Kerra Isle and get a Seal of Kastane
( ) Hail Gerot Kastane in Paineel and get the Note to Marl
( ) Give the Note to Marl to Marl Kastane
( ) Hail Caradon in a jail cell in the Hole
( ) Gather a Cell Key from a mimic (looks like a chest) in the city area of the Hole
( ) Give the Cell Key to Caradon
( ) Kill Kyrenna and Caradon and Loot Blood of Kyrenna and Heart of Kyrenna
( ) Give the Blood of Kyrenna to Marl Kastane and receive the Dark Shroud
[ ] Lhranc's Coin
( ) Give the Dark Shroud to the Ghost of Glohnor in the Hole
( ) Kill Mummy of Glohnor and loot the Head of Glohnor and the Glohnor wrappings
( ) Give the Head of Ghlonor to Gerot Kastane and receive the Head of the Valiant
( ) Give the Glohnor wrappings to Marl Kastane and receive the Will of Innoruuk
( ) Combine the Heart of Kyrenna with the Soulcase to produce the Heart of the Innocent
( ) Give the Corrupted Ghoulbane, the Heart of the Innocent, the Head of the Valiant and the Will of Innoruuk to Lhranc - He will respawn with the sword... prepare for a fight. If you wipe in fight, Lhranc won't despawn. Bring at least 2 groups.
Quest End v1: Kill Lhranc and LOOT
Innoruuk's Curse
Innoruuk's Curse
Item 2873.png

Skill: 2H Slashing Atk Delay: 45
DMG: 40
STR: +20 DEX: +15 INT: +15 HP: +60 MANA: +40
Effect: Soul Consumption (Combat, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 50
WT: 5.0 Size: SMALL
Class: SHD

! Gratz!

Quest End v2: Lhranc's Coin (not currently on p99)

( ) Kill Lhranc, Marl Kastane Spawns
[ ] Innoruuk's Curse
( ) Give Lhranc's Coin to Marl Kastane and receive Innoruuk's Curse

Velious Gear Checklist

Headings are the zone in which the quest turn-in mob is located.


Requires Tarnished armor pieces that drop in WToV.

[ ] Malevolent Crown (head; primary)
[ ] Malevolent Breastplate (chest; secondary)
[ ] Malevolent Vambraces (arms; secondary)
[x] Malevolent Bracer (wrist; primary)
[ ] Malevolent Bracer (wrist; primary)
[ ] Malevolent Boots (feet, secondary)
[ ] Malevolent Gauntlets (hands; secondary)
[ ] Malevolent Greaves (legs; secondary)


Everything else is better in every slot.


Requires Unadorned armor pieces that drop in EToV (HoT).

[ ] Blood Lord's Crown (head; secondary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Breastplate (chest; primary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Vambraces (arms; primary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Bracer (wrist; secondary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Boots (feet; primary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Gauntlets (hands; primary)
[ ] Blood Lord's Greaves (legs; primary)


Plane of Sky

Key Information

  • Island 1 -> Island 1.5: Miniature Sword (Key of Swords)
  • Island 1 -> Island 2: Lost Rabbit's Foot (Key of the Misplaced)
  • Island 2 -> Island 3: Broken Mirror (Key of Misfortune)
  • Island 3 -> Island 4: Animal Figurine (Key of Beasts)
  • Island 4 -> Island 5: Bird Whistle (Avian Key)
  • Island 5 -> Island 6: Noise Maker (Key of the Swarm)
  • Island 6 -> Island 7: Dull Dragon Scale (Key of Scale)
  • Island 7 -> Island 8: Replica of the Wyrm Queen (Veeshan's Key)