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Commentary not appropriate for this wiki and appropriate stuff I'd love to put up, but I dislike getting my changes reverted.


Classic Era

  • If you don't know who 'Soandso' is then your life is a pale shadow.


Freeport Faction Balancing

Per three Deathfist Slashed Belts turned in (two to Cain Darkmoore and one to Captain Hazran), total faction adjustments are:

Kazon Stormhammer

Quests that improve Kazon Stormhammer faction with no downside: Aviak Chicks, Bone Chips Kaladim, Brell Serilis Symbol Quests, and Skunk Hunting.

Qeynos Faction Balancing

Easiest way to get good faction in Qeynos is to do the Faren's Tacklebox quest, followed by the first part of Hurrieta's Tunic Quest. According to Zam, the cumulative faction changes are:

For example, worried about the apprehensive looks Corrupt Qeynos Guards were giving me, I did the cycle 60 times (+1140 Corrupt Qeynos Guards) to get to warmly.

Unpopular Factions

A list of factions you probably never need to worry about on P99:

Mobs & NPCs

Chief Goonda

An interesting conversation:

You say, 'Hail, Chief Goonda'
Chief Goonda says, 'Greetings to you, Soandso. What business do you have with us? We are quite busy with the [enchantment of the stone].'
You say, 'What enchantment of the stone are you talking about, pray tell?'
Chief Goonda says, 'That is none of your concern! I do believe that you should be on your way.'

I didn't kill him for his impudence because I need Clurg faction. I left him in the care of Guard McCluskey. Problem solved.

Coloth Meadowgreen

Coloth Meadowgreen spawns in a corpse of trees near the centaur village and wanders to the river, where he spends many an hour wondering about hoof polish and the lack of female centaurs. A Centaur Charger is his place holder and exhibits the same behavior.

  • Undercon
  • Magic resistant
  • Ranged attacks appear to be more powerful than melee attacks!
  • Runs at SoW speed, so if the Snare fails to land you are not going to have a good time.

Escaped Splitpaw Gnoll

  • Has nothing to do with that mob you are trying to spawn.

Groi Gutblade

Groi Gutblade's lot in life is not very promising due to the fact he decided to follow Bertoxxulous instead of the more popular Cazic-Thule or Innoruuk.

Krak Windchaser

Lashun Novashine

  • On Live, handing Lashun Novashine 2 gold would get you a cure disease and some good faction. On P99, all you have to do is give him 1 copper.

Recfek Shralok

  • His spawn point in Kithicor Woods (-874, 213) is south of the lake and nowhere near High Pass.
  • Kill him or the giant spider that spawns there every 6 minutes, 40 seconds in the daytime.
  • If P99 stays true to the Live timeline, his packs will never be made LORE.


Bandit Sashes

Bone Chips

Bug Collection

Cleric Supplies

  • You should find ample Black Wolf Skins and Ruined Wolf Pelts on merchants in Rivervale and Misty Thicket.
  • If you can't forage berries you can find them on the ground in Misty Thicket at 824, -1551 and 919, -1511 and 850, -1435.

Deathfist Slashed Belts

Deathfist Slashed Belts for the Deathfist Slashed Belts amd Orc Belts quests drop off of Orcs in the Southern Desert of Ro, but not the Oasis of Marr.

Exotic Drinks

I've done this quest over 250 times on Live and P99 combined!

  • Always try giving Kizzie Mintopp 30 gold first for the Honey Jum. Many players turn in 3 honeycombs and fail to come through with the gold.
  • If you are in wolf form when you walk into the Seafarer's Roost, you may get smacked around by Lenka Stoutheart and Bronto Thudfoot.
  • Turning in 10 Bandit Sashes will undo faction hits from killing A Koalindl except for Antonius Bayle faction. To fix Antonius Bayle, hand Lashun Novashine 30 copper in 1 copper increments per fish killed. (See the Lashun Novashine note above!)
  • To avoid being ganked by a fishy Rodcet Nife, cast a DoT powerful enough to kill the intended victim in one tick and exit the water as the first tick lands.
  • Wolf form in Oggok will take care of most all faction issues but avoid the Shaman's and Shadowknight's guild areas.

Monk Headband Quests, Monk Sash Quests, and the Robe of the Lost Circle

  • Tired of mind-numbing faction farming, Freeport rectal exams, Qeynos gnoll grinding, and raspy handjobs by inept, but well-meaning, Iksar Monk groupies? Kill Thena Lonnes for the Red Sash of Order.
  • Gnoll Pups are a pain to find! They spawn too slowly in Blackburrow, too far apart in Everfrost, and freaking rare in Qeynos Hills. It's is probably best just to go to the newbie hunting area of North Qeynos and kill the two that spawn there (1255, 923 and 1180, -260) every 6 minutes, 40 seconds.
  • Only the Putrid Skeletons found in Qeynos Hills are the ones you want. Look at 3346, 549 and 2089, -853 and occasionally at the ruins every 6 minutes, 40 seconds.

Nillipuss the Brownie

Shakey's Stuffing

  • It is easier to obtain hay by killing scarecrows than following Cleet Miller around.
  • All you need to know to obtain the Blessed Oil Flask is to say, "I will deliver a flask" to Nomsoe Jusagta.
  • Roror is a pain in the ass to catch and never stays still long after you hail him (Hail spamming does not work.). Make sure 66 gold is all you have in your gold slot to make giving it to him quicker.

Tomer's Rescue

  • After Tomer Instogle gives you his backpack, you must place it in the top level of your inventory before saying "I will lead you back to Master Seta." Not inside another container. Not on your cursor.
  • Tomer despawns after the quest and reappears in the newbie area (839, 1062) after 6 minutes, 40 seconds.
  • Doing this quest gives considerable faction with Silent Fist Clan.

Wall Squad Ring


Merchant Mining

Merchants can display a maximum of 40 items.


Alcohol Tolerance

As a Druid, I have noticed Alcohol Tolerance skill-ups are less likely the lower my WIS becomes. Therefore, drinking to excess is counterproductive.


  • BS @ -182, 1788 and 1270, 2197.


  • Aggro prevents skill-ups or success, so 'stop attack - beg - start attack' macros are bunk. Sorry.
  • Find a targetable boat for worry free practice.
  • Capped at 252, not 200.


  • My favorite place to fish is in Toxxulia Forest. Stand next to Aglthin Dasmore and kill him every time your fishing pole breaks. Too bad he doesn't carry bait!


  • Foraging Result Messages
    • You can't try to forage when attacking. (does not reset the timer)
    • You must be standing to forage. (does not reset the timer)
    • Ability recovery time not yet met. (does not reset the timer)
    • You fail to locate any food nearby.
    • You have scrounged up some food.
    • You have scrounged up some water.
    • You have scrounged up some fishing grubs.
    • You have scrounged up some drink.
    • You have scrounged up something that doesn't look edible.
    • Forage Error: Cursor not empty.
    • Duplicate Lore Items are not allowed. (supplementary message)
  • Some sample forage data.
    • GFay Distribution: Base Forage Item 90%, Not Edible 10%.
    • Base Forage Items are evenly distributed: 1/6 Berries, 1/6 Fishing Grubs, 1/6 Fruit, 1/6 Pod of Water, 1/6 Roots, and 1/6 Vegetables.
    • Forage Success = Forage_Level/2.
    • At about a Forage skill of 75 (the level 14 cap) you should forage water as quickly as you drink it.
    • The forage skill can be used every 100 seconds.
  • This statement on the Skill Forage page is not true:
    • "...druids and rangers with a forage skill of over 100 or anyone with a racial foraging abilities can often find that various zones will produce a few extra surprises..."


  • Racial Hide ability is the bomb. Create a macro: 1) /con, 2) /doability YourHideAbilityNumber, 3) /con. Select any mob that is not indifferent to you and can't see invis/hide. Spam button until last /con reads indifferent. Viola! You are hidden. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge options readily present themselves.)
  • You can press the Hide button every 10 seconds.

Sense Heading

  • Originally, on Live, it was capped at 5 + 5 per level. Not so on P99. You can max it out to 200 at level 1.
  • You must train 1 point in Sense Heading for it to skill up with use!


  • Tracks invisible players and mobs even if you can't see invisible.
  • Does not 'Auto Update' on P99. You have to push the button every 10 seconds or have someone do it for you. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
  • The display of the Tracking skill level in the Skills window is bugged on P99 for Druids. Druids' Tracking skill level is correctly displayed in the Training window.


  • You can't spend skill points on a tradeskill if it's above 21.


AoE Radius in Druid Spells

Lvl Name Rang Radi Lvl Name Rang Radi Lvl Name Rang Radi Lvl Name Rang Radi
Harmony 200 40 Invoke Lightning 200 10 Cascade of Hail 150 20 Pogonip 150 20
Sunbeam 200 20 Tremor 0 30 Earthquake 0 30 Lightning Strike 200 10
Avalanche 150 20 Fire 200 10 Lightning Blast 200 10 Upheaval 0 35
Blizzard 150 20 Bonds of Tunare 200 30 Fist of Karana 200 10 Entrapping Roots 200 30


  • Trying to gather a large number of low level hostile mobs so you can PBAoE them? Just sit down. Sitting aggro range is greater than any PBAoE spell radius.

Minor Illusion and Treeform

  • These spells will fail if there is not an appropriate object in your field of view. For example, a druid needs to have at least one tree in their field of view to be able to turn into a tree.