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not sure what your problem is, but there are MANY MANY items in the game where server and P99 firsts are mentioned, so unless you're going to eradicate all mention of them, you're wrong and upset for no reason whatsoever.

and regarding some vendetta, what are you referring to? you seem like a very mad troll, take your trolling elsewhere as this is a public wiki.

thank you kindly

My problem is you're including cursing and personal callouts against individuals in your edits. As soon as your stop being crude and childish, I will stop purging the wiki of your name. For example, " BOKKE, THE BLUEST BITCHBOY THAT GOT GRIEFED OFF THE SERVER. BAD." is what you keep adding back to the Woven Grass Chestguard page. This wiki isn't a venue to pursue your personal grudge against some guy. Super simple. And try signing, like you actually know how a wiki works. --Trane (talk) 19:46, 5 June 2016 (UTC)

signed it, you happy? but you didn't answer the question either. you're literally so upset that someone in my household F'd with one of my wiki adds (see Bokke thing) that you've scoured the wiki to remove my server firsts. I haven't added any personal attacks against anyone in months so the fact that you're still raging makes you the crude child.

are you done? like you said, as soon as I stop you'll stop. I stopped months ago and I didn't even contribute that part myself lol.

you're done.

I'm going to continuously revert your edits until you stop using this as a platform to post your personal screeds. Someone in your household? You can't even take responsbility yourself for the edits you added that were insulting? Do you actually have that little backbone? All you have to do is say "Hey, I added those insults, it was a mistake, and I'm not going to be using the Wiki like that anymore" and I will gladly stop purging your name from this wiki. Gladly. --Trane (talk) 21:09, 24 June 2016 (UTC)