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Hi, thanks for your many recent contributions! Most look great, some though have minor issues. Are you using this tool to generate the pages? It will make sure they conform to all the formatting and rules of the wiki, then you can change them from there if needed.

You made a few duplicate pages, e.g. Ikatiar's Stinger and Ikatiar`s Stinger. Or Cekenar's Claw but spelled "Cekener". In general, it's important to just have one of each item or mob, with the correct spelling (as it appears in the game).

Finally, for adding pictures of mobs, it's good to name them like "npc_dagarn_the_destroyer.png" (all lowercase, full mob name, prefixed with "npc_") so that the wiki can find these pictures for other reasons.

Carry on! --Ravhin 01:15, 5 August 2013 (UTC)

Hey, is this how I respond to your messages?

Thanks for the information. I'll got back and fix all those errors. Also, thanks for the Tool, I've been doing everything manually so this help alot.

Thanks pal!

Hi, all looks good, only problems were with the backtick (`) instead of apostrophe ('). Either works as long as the links all connect. I generally stick to apostrophes, as most of the items on Allakhazam go that way. --Ravhin 23:32, 7 August 2013 (UTC)

Hey Rahvin,

Thanks for the tool. The issue with the backtick (`) and the apostrophe (') is that your tool makes all the apostrophe's into backticks.

For example, use your tool to create a page for Vulak'Aerr. All the items it creates uses ` instead of '. This created alot of issues with me so I just went with what your tool made and used ` instead of '. I can go back and change'em all if you want, just let me know.