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Thanks for all your recent contributions - they look good! --Ravhin 17:58, 25 November 2012 (UTC)

Thanks. I like to contribute when I can.

Note on common mob drops

It has been my "unofficial" policy not to include (a) common vendor trash (Jade Earring etc) or (b) research components (runes, words, etc) on mob drop listings. As I clean out some of the older additions to the wiki I have generally been deleting these things. For two main reasons: one, when they are added to the drop list by my scraper I have little faith that such drops are correct on p99. In particular, for spell research components, these are haphazardly assigned to various mobs in the EQEmu database (which the scraper uses), but that whole system was revamped by the p99 devs to make such drops globally random from the right kinds/levels of mobs. This is why I change the long drop lists on these items to "Random drop" like Words of the Suffering.

I generally hold the same philosophy for Kunark spell drops - as almost all of them are random from the right level of mob. I would however include all "unique" items from that mob or type of mob, i.e. fire beetle eye from a fire beetle, or bone chips from a skeleton, even those are very "common" and not special items.

I won't stop you if you want to keep adding such things to mob drop lists (I assume you are finding these ingame), but you should know the drop listings for these types of items will never be complete on the wiki due to the above. --Ravhin 15:25, 28 November 2012 (UTC)

Mob picture filenames

One more comment (and thanks for all your help!) - it would be best if you stick to the naming convention for pictures of mobs. If they are used on other pages this is how they will be found. The convention is "npc_name_here.png" with all lowercase, no symbols, spaces replaced by underscores. For example, "Gizan T`ryxx" would be "npc_gizan_tryxx.png". --Ravhin 15:34, 28 November 2012 (UTC)

Duplicate Mobs

"What is the correcy way to add "an orc scout" from Dagnors? Add a zone to existing "an orc scout" or create a new page from scratch and add that somehow? The tool grabs the wrong one (highpass orcs)."

Hi, unfortunately like you find the scraper will only find one of the mobs if there are many with the same name.

Right now the wiki has no rule/consistent way of handling this. In general, if it is exactly the same kind of mob (same level, same drops) then just use one page for all of its zones. If they are super common like a skeleton then I didn't even try to track down all the zones. If there are only a couple, like a hill giant, I sometimes listed them in the description. If there are only two I sometimes just put both zones in the "stats box" on the right.

"One question - In Dalnir, for some reason, alla felt the need to separate the coerced dwarves into male and female - the tool doesn't seem to like it (they use parenthesis) - any comment?"

This is essentially the same problem. You can see I made a coerced dwarf (male) and a coerced dwarf (female) point to the same page a coerced dwarf, since they seem to have no important differences.

Other times I make two separate pages like Cralk - Ogre and Cralk - Troll since they are different, and have Cralk a "disambiguation page" (in the language of wikis). Usually here I would prefer to use a parenthesis convention, e.g. "Cralk (Ogre)" and "Cralk (Troll)", I just used the dash here since there were many pre-existing links using this format. For example,

Are four items which have the same name ingame, but are different, so we did it like that. Ideally Enchanted Full Breastplate would be another "disambiguation page" but one that, apparently, I never made.

In essence, you can take whichever of these approaches you thinks make the most sense. If you would like to make a "template" that would uniformly handle the case of multiple mobs of the same name that would be great - the idea was started at Test_page_sandbox but never implemented.

I respond here just in case other people run across these same questions. --Ravhin 16:11, 28 November 2012 (UTC)

My concern is that many common mobs don't make the dynamic list on the zone pages. Any easy way to make that happen?

They are added to the dynamic list based on the categories at the bottom of the page, e.g. a hill giant. Definitely we should add those whenever we see them since the generator right now only adds one (at most). --Ravhin 00:05, 3 January 2013 (UTC)

Changing Username

I don't think there is any way to change your username, however you can add information about your character(s) on your userpage User:Noudess (like User:Twincannon). --Ravhin 15:15, 3 December 2012 (UTC)

AuctionTracker Format

Hi, I looked briefly. The problem is just that your auctions are too wierdly written - if you make them like everyone else things will work fine. For instance,

[Sun Jan 06 11:32:13 2013] Yoozdgear auctions, 'WTS:  LQ cat pelt'
[Sun Jan 06 11:32:14 2013] Yoozdgear auctions, 'WTS: a few pieces of Bronze armor - small, medium, large - 1pp per ac'
[Sun Jan 06 11:33:40 2013] Yoozdgear auctions, 'WTS:  Small/Med  banded BPs : 15pp'
[Sun Jan 06 11:33:41 2013] Yoozdgear auctions, 'WTS: 2  pieces of Small ornate chain, 3 pieces of large ornate.  Same AC as bronze.  Plate/Chain usable.  Much times lighter than bronze.  3pp per ac.'

The wiki can't understand any of that, it is way too complex English to convert into prices of individual items. Here:

[Sun Jan 06 11:33:12 2013] Yoozdgear auctions, 'WTS: Werewolf Skin Cloak(300) - Marr's Promise - Turtleshell Helm(30) - Ivy Etched Helm(300) - Obsidian Ring of Quintessence(80) - Giant Snakespine Belt(25) - Minotaur Horn(25)'

The wiki doesn't look for prices inside parenthesis, is the main problem. I will see if I can fix this. --Ravhin 16:22, 11 January 2013 (UTC)

Aye, first stuff I knew - most of my stuff is the latter.