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I came up with an idea. This is a spell database taken from project 1999 server:

Check out what I did for Shadow Knight spells at level 9. I think I may finish out SK spells that way, the png files I use are barely 10-15kb so it shouldn't be much of an issue unless the website owner doesn't allow use, but i'm pretty sure he/they won't mind since he/they made the database to help the community anyways too.

It seems much more clean and consistent, and its not too much more work than copy/paste/editing text, you just take a SS, crop it, upload it and link to it. I found taking SS's of all the lvl 9s then cropping them all then uploading them all then linking them all was the fastest way. Don't do one at a time or it'll get ridiculous.

Lemme know what ya think. Also, I changed the spells and skills main page to something usable. Girth 01:12, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

I love your work on the deities and the races. I hope you finish them the same way. =D You said all that info is out of the manual? Awesome if so. Also, can you think of a surname for my character Bootleg? Nobody has given me any suggestions i've liked. Girth