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Hi, thanks for your recent contributions. You've obviously gotten a good handle on the various conventions and wiki stuff. Just curious, are you conquering Special:WantedPages or just wandering randomly? Either is great! --Ravhin 19:36, 3 February 2013 (UTC)

Hello, I use the project 1999 Wiki constantly, so as I come across things I am doing in the game and there is no page or missing info I add it. I've also been using the wanted pages and just adding the missing things that way. This is the first time I've actually edited a wiki so I hope I am doing things correctly. It's like a giant puzzle and I enjoy adding in all the missing things.

One of the things I want to fix is all of the various "Clockwork Merchant (xx-x)" pages as they don't currently exist and there is a lot of other pages that link to them. I'm assuming they should be "Clockwork merchant (location)" instead as all of these merchants in game have identical names with no numbers. Then I would tie all of the spells and items being sold to these new pages.

--Zomunk 19:53, 4 February 2013 (UTC)

I manually moved everything that was in "Category:Gorge of King Xorbb" to "Category:Beholder's Maze" and deleted the former. This is the way to go.

You cannot change the title of a page, but for missing "a" or capitalization problems, etc it is best to change those into redirects to the appropriate page. For instance [1]. If you "Move" a page (you should be able to do this?) then the old page automatically becomes a redirect to the new page. You should try this for Monogrammed cloth.

Also I made a gnoll shaman a "disambiguation" page that points to several.

Finally the "Clockwork Merchant (xx-x)" has been on my todo list forever, but haven't gotten to it. You could do it manually, using "What links here" to find out what each one sells. Or, you can try to find the alla and emu IDs for each and then use the ID section of the scraper.

--Ravhin 17:26, 7 February 2013 (UTC)

Clockwork Merchants

Hi, looks great. Were you checking these at all ingame or just adding via the scraper? If the later I will cleanup their lists some more based on what should be classic. Also, I switch all the screenshots too a single one, I don't think anything is gained having a screenshot of every one of these guys. --Ravhin 16:47, 10 February 2013 (UTC)

Misc Comments

Just a few things I noticed, otherwise all your additions look great:

  • Don't put a black line between the "Velious Era" tag and the start of the page.
  • Delete any spells or research components from drop lists (no way they are right anyways).
  • If there are lots of locs you can replace with "Various" or "Wanders"
  • I deleted "a sand giant (Oasis of Marr)" and made a sand giant include both. Let's do: if the mobs have the same stats, drops, and factions then one page can represent that mob in different zones (just include each zone category and zone link).

--Ravhin 16:47, 10 February 2013 (UTC)