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Kunark Release Era (added 2000)
Map of East Cabilis
Map of West Cabilis

Cabilis, or New Sebilis, as it is often called, is the new heart of the Iksar Empire. The Iksar recaptured the city long ago and have since made it their new home. There is an ongoing effort to tame the surrounding areas to ensure the safety of the city.

City Races: Iksar
Guilds: Monk, Necromancer, Shaman, Shadow Knight, Warrior
Tradeskill Facilities: All
Related Quests:
Adjacent Zones: Field of Bone, Swamp of No Hope, Lake of Ill Omen, Warsliks Woods
Name in /who: cabwest (West), cabeast (East)

Map Location Key

East Cabilis

  • +620 -400 - Underwater tunnel to get to Vessel Drozlin, enchanter epic fight.
  • 1. Temple of Terror - Shaman and Shadow Knight Guild Hall
    • East Tower leads down to some catacombs to the east of the main city, filled with newbie creatures and very deadly pit traps (if you even survive the initial fall).
    • These eventually lead to underwater tunnel that comes out underneath the eastern boat dock at 600, -400.
  • 2. Tink n' Babble - Merchant selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside
  • 3. Merchants selling Alcohol and Brewing Supplies, Brew Barrel nearby
  • 4. The Block - Bank
  • 5. Merchant selling Gems of all types, Metals and Jewelry Kit
  • 6. Merchant selling Basic Smithing Molds
  • 7. Merchant selling Cooking Supplies, Pastries and Cook Books, Oven inside
  • 8. Court of Pain - Monk Guild, Merchants selling Monk Supplies, Iksar History Books and Bandages.
  • 9. The Haggle Baron - Merchant selling Bristle Silk Armor
  • 10. The Haggle Baron
  • 11. Merchant selling Food Items
  • 12. Merchant selling Pottery Supplies, Kiln and Pottery Wheel outside
  • 13. Merchants selling Blacksmithing Armor Molds and Sheet Metal, Pottery Molds, Sectional Molds, Forge nearby
  • 14. Merchant selling Ore, Sharpening Stones, Smithy Hammers, and Clay
  • 15. Merchant selling Sewing Patterns and Guides
  • 16. Merchant selling Medium Cloth Armor, Large and Small Sewing Kits, Sewing Patterns
  • 17. Merchant selling Food Items
  • 18. Merchants selling Fishing Supplies and all Fletching Supplies for Bows
  • 19. Merchant selling Bags and Boxes
  • 20. Merchant selling Rhino Hide Armor, Loom outside
  • 21. Merchant selling Wilderness Survival Gear
  • 22. Merchant selling Blunt Weapons, Weapon Molds, Forge nearby
  • 23. Merchants selling Combine Weapons, Weapon Blade Molds, and Weapon Part Molds
  • 24. Merchants selling Weapons and Shields (all sizes), Ore, Skyfire Metal, and Shield Molds, Cabilis Forge
  • 25. Merchant selling Lupine Scale Armor
  • 26. Fortress Talishan - Warrior Guild with various Trainers scattered throughout the compound
  • 27. Merchant selling Cooking and Lore Books

West Cabilis

  • 1. Tower of Death - Necromancer Guild Hall, Merchant selling Necromancer Equipment, Books, and some Gems
  • 2. Merchant selling Ivory Weapons
  • 3. Merchants selling Rhinohide Armor, Fletching Supplies (Arrows), and Alchemy Supplies (classic?)
  • 4. Merchant selling Food Items, water flasks and other Goods
  • 5. Merchant selling Medium Cloth Armor, Erudite Sewing Kit and Metal Thread
  • 6. Mortician selling Embalming Supplies and Coffins, Merchant selling high-level Necromancer spells
  • 7. Merchants selling Alchemy Supplies (all, classic?), Potions, Crystals, and Dufrenite
  • 8. Merchants selling Necromancer spells - Underneath these merchants is a tunnel leading to a section of catacombs to the east of the city, as well as a maze area.
    • Once in, your only way out is to make your way through the maze.
  • 9. The Gauntlet - PvP area
  • 10. an Iksar Hermit


Cabilis is still in a state of growth. It is a large walled community located near the center of Kunark. Last of the Iksar cities, only the lost capital of Sebilis rivals its size. The Iksar constantly work to build this city to reflect their lost glory. Because of the boggy nature of the land it is being built on, some sections of the city require more work than others, as the ground is treacherous and foundations become weakened by settling. The building materials are clay, stone and wood. Some adobe work exists, but much of the city stands on a complex balance of stonework and carpentry. Some parts of the city still show elements of the town it was built upon. Because they are still building, there are still Iksar who live in tents. The city has four great entrances, opening on four distinct regions: The Lake of Ill Omen, Warslik's Woods, The Swamp of No Hope, and The Field of Bone. The pathways in Cabilis can be mazy and difficult to navigate, and the canal system that runs throughout Cabilis means that one must cross many bridges, most makeshift, to get anywhere.



Cabilis was once simply a town of little regard in the Iksar Empire. The reason it is now the center of Iksar civilization is directly related to the fall of their empire. When Emperor Ganak and Jaled-Dar clashed above the Field of Bone, it left both dead. This ended the war between the Iksar and the Ring of Scale. Unfortunately, the Dragons had one last act of violence to unleash. They destroyed the imperial palace and all of Ganak's hatchlings, leaving the Iksar without an heir to the throne.

In the absence of an emperor, the Emerald Circle was formed. Five nobles set together to rebuild what had been lost in the war. However, their ambitions divided the empire, each noble leading a separate faction. The Iksar Empire was divided by tribe for the first time since Emperor Venril Sathir united them. Soon after, the tribes began to fight amongst themselves again. The Ring of Scale had a hand in this, working covertly to increase tensions between the Iksar tribes.

Finally, weakened by infighting, the Iksar Empire fell asunder. Slave revolts, attacks by goblins and giants, and finally an asssault by Trakanon himself and his allies reduced the Iksar cities to ash and rubble. Free of Iksar rule, the other races of Kunark began to struggle for dominance.

Since the fall of the empire, the Iksar have been building the city of Cabilis from the town it once was into the capital it is today. Other cities have either been overrun by powerful enemies, or are too far gone to rebuild. The Iksar have worked hard, under their new emperor, and are quickly working to repair what past mistakes have torn apart.

In fact, many Iksar have taken to calling Cabilis "New Sebilis", though either name is acceptable and understood.

Surrounding Areas

The Iksar have, for centuries now, focused internally on rebuilding their culture and society, to be stronger and to be able to face the outside world again. That time has come, and the Iksar are now pushing back into the lands where they once ruled supreme. There are four areas immediately surrounding the city that are of intense interest to the Iksar. First is the Field of Bone, a barren area that contains the ancient remains of Kurn's Tower and Kaesora. The Iksar are focusing many of their broodlings in this area in order to tame it. The Swamp of No Hope is an area that the Iksar currently are letting run wild, despite maintaining a small outpost to protect their walls. Warsliks Wood is similar, as the Iksar have met much resistance from both the goblins and the forest giants within during their attempts to control the area. There is also a strong outcast presense there. The Lake of Ill Omen, however, is another area that the Iksar are very focused on regaining control over. A new enemy, the sarnak, have established a fortress within this region and are expanding their range slowly, coming into conflict with the residents of Cabilis and also the goblins of the region.

To the south of the city lies Firiona Vie, the forest that held the elven outpost named after their queen. This is an area of intense interest, as there are rumors filtering into Cabilis that the elves have returned, and have brought with them many other softflesh beings that had never been seen before...

Traveling To and From Cabilis

Cabilis can be reached from four separate directions. To the northeast lies the Field of Bone. South of that lies the Swamp of No Hope. East Cabilis holds the gates to these regions.

To the northwest lies Warsliks Woods. South of that is the Lake of Ill Omen. The entrances to these areas lie within West Cabilis under jurisdiction of the infamous Tower of Death.

Local Color


Cabilis is divided into two segments. East Cabilis is the cultural center of the town. Within East Cabilis lie the guild halls for all but the necromancers. It is also where the military leaders of the Iksar reside. The Haggle Baron also works out of this region, in control of all the merchants in this area.

West Cabilis is an entirely different world. The most prominent feature of West Cabilis is the Tower of Death, the stronghold of the necromancers of the Iksar people. All other Iksar fear the necromancers and leave them alone, an arrangement that the necromancers are very happy with. Within their tower they perform experiments and strengthen their Art and, through that, all Iksar. Merchants in this area owe fealty to the Tower and not to the Haggle Baron, so it is possible to find items here that the Haggle Baron doesn't believe in.

In each of the surrounding areas, there are small outposts. These exist in the ruins of ancient bazaars of the Iksar, now all but destroyed. These areas are patrolled by the Crusaders and Troopers of the city, and provide some degree of safety and law in these wild lands.


The Iksar, although united in a common cause, show their history in their leaders. All of the leaders of the various guilds are powerful personalities, and constantly struggle between themselves for dominance in the city. The Warlord of the Warrior Guild provides Troopers for the city guard, and has developed a loose and uncertain alliance with the leaders of the Tower of Death, whose silent presence provides him with more power. The Lords of Pain and their Crusaders of Greenmist provide the other arm to the defense of the city, and are allied to the Scaled Mystics through their religion.

In the center of all this, Grand Master Glox sits, quietly, looking within. His silence unnerves the other leaders, but they all realize that, when he awakens, him and his Swifttails will likely lead their kind to retake their ancient empire.

What's in this zone?

Quests - Found 22 quests that start in East Cabilis:

Quest NameRewardQuest GiverMinimum LevelClassesRelated ZonesRelated NPCs
Blood Ink  ?
Cabilis Pale Ale (Cabilis)  ?
Crusader's Tests  ?
Curscale Armor Quest  ?
Curscale Shield  ?
Cursed Wafers Quest  ?
Dreadscale Armor  ?
Geozite Tool Quest  ?
Granite Pebbles  ?
Illweed Parchment Quest  ?
Marauder Armor  ?
Monk Quests  ?
Monk Shackle Quests  ?
Scaled Mystic Armor Quests  ?
Shaman Skull Quests  ?
Shestar's Scaled Coif Quest  ?
Sparring Armor  ?
The Penance  ?
The Restraining Order  ?
The Whistling Fists  ?
Visceral Dagger  ?
Warrior Pike Quests  ?

NPCs - Found 84 NPCs that spawn in East Cabilis:

NPC NameRaceClassLevelLocationKnown LootDescription
A froglok slave
A pygmy barracuda
An iksar outcast
Arch Duke Xog
Brewer Prixal
Bugrin the Gatherer
Clerk Doval
Crusader Cotat
Crusader Daehod
Crusader Golia
Crusader Hitol
Crusader Olos
Crusader Reidak
Crusader Wonku
Crusader Zixo
Drill Master Dal
Drill Master Kyg
Drill Master Vygan
Gaxl the Scribe
Grand Master Glox
Grazik Plaguebringer
Half Elf Maiden
Hierophant Oxyn
Hierophant Zand
Himart Kichith
Klok Dytar
Klok Ephmir
Klok Foxmyr
Klok Gogon
Klok Gritchit
Klok Grots
Klok Hoga
Klok Ixmid
Klok Mugruk
Klok Nalgoz
Klok Oxmod
Klok Poklon
Klok Sass
Klok Scaznar
Klok Stitch
Klok Sweetzie
Klok Tempar
Klok Toren
Klok Unlar
Klok Vednir
Klok Wartol
Klok Wyga
Lord Gikzic
Lord Qyzar
Lord Vizaroth
Master Bain
Master Raska
Prime Hierophant Vek
Sarth Scarscale
Shezlie Furscale
Sirtha Scarscale
Smithy Bashdyn
Smithy Krikt
Smithy Qag
Smithy Vyx
Smithy Ygen
Smithy Zern
Squire Gristle
Squire Rygle
The Toilmaster
Trooper Fryp
Trooper Nishnish
Trooper Shestar
Vessel Drekk
Vessel Drozlin
Vessel Grott
Vessel Grymm
Vessel Kabda
Vessel Kirtokk
Vessel Migron
Vessel Mortyr
Vessel Spirit Companion
War Baron Eator
War Historian Kobl
Weaponsmith Grugl
Zazlan Furscale

Items - Found 11 items that drop in East Cabilis:

Item NameDrops FromSlotStats
Barracuda Tooth
Barracuda Tooth
Item 800.png

WT: 0.3 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Drape of the Seacasters
Drape of the Seacasters
Item 929.png

AC: 10
WT: 0.7 Size: MEDIUM
Class: NEC
Race: IKS

None? (None)
Giant Blood Sac
Giant Blood Sac
Item 820.png

WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Iksar Head
Iksar Head
Item 1208.png

WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Leech Husk
Leech Husk
Item 814.png

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Logrin Skull
Logrin Skull
Item 1070.png

WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Loose Scale
Loose Scale
Item 1088.png

WT: 1.0 Size: TINY
Class: ANY
Race: ANY

None? (None)
Morgl Skull
Morgl Skull
Item 1070.png

WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Small Mosquito Wing
Small Mosquito Wing
Item 910.png

WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Waz Skull
Waz Skull
Item 1070.png

WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Xolion Rod
Xolion Rod
Item 811.png

Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 30
DMG: 9
INT: +3 AGI: +3 MANA: +20
WT: 3.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ENC

None? (None)

Quests - Found 6 quests that start in West Cabilis:

Quest NameRewardQuest GiverMinimum LevelClassesRelated ZonesRelated NPCs
Bone Granite Powder Quest  ?
Fern Flower Collection  ?
Legion Lager Quest  ?
Necro Spells  ?
Necromancer Skullcap Quests  ?
Necromancer Spells (Cabilis)  ?

NPCs - Found 27 NPCs that spawn in West Cabilis:

NPC NameRaceClassLevelLocationKnown LootDescription
A mortician
An iksar hermit
Crusader Axmo
Crusader Ezrogz
Crusader Mocdi
Izarod Fristan
Keeper Bile
Keeper Pain
Keeper Pestilence
Keeper Plight
Keeper Rott
Keeper Suffering
Klok Greyscale
Klok Scaleroot
Lithriss Frizen
Master Kyvix
Master Rixiz
Master Xydoz
Trooper Ogmire
Trooper Ozlot
Visar Glolith