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White Dragonscale Cloak Quest

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Karam Dragonforge
Start Zone: Rathe Mountains
Quest Giver: Karam Dragonforge
Minimum Level: 45+
Classes: All
Related Zones: Permafrost
Related NPCs: Lady Vox


  • White Dragonscale Cloak
    White Dragonscale Cloak
    Item 657.png

    Slot: BACK
    AC: 10
    WIS: +9 INT: +9 MANA: +75
    SV COLD: +25
    WT: 1.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


Karam wants the following items:


You say, 'Hail, Karam Dragonforge'

Karam Dragonforge says 'Welcome. I have a number of platemail items, if you are interested. I am also a master [smith] of exotic materials such as dragon scales.'

You say, 'Smith what?'

Karam Dragonforge says 'Dragon scales make terrfic armor. I can make a [white dragonscale cloak] and [red dragonscale armor]. I have not seen any other colored dragon variants around. But if you see any, be sure to let me know. I would be interested in what can be made from their scales.'

You say, 'What white dragonscale cloak?'

Karam Dragonforge says 'Hrmmm. A white dragonscale cloak eh? Hrmmm. Well, I will make you a deal. You can save me some footwork and I will craft your cloak. I want to propose to my [fiancee] but I have neither a [wedding ring] nor a [present] for her. So, return with a white dragon hide, a [wedding ring], and a [present] for my fiancee, and I will fashion your cloak for you.'

You say, 'What fiancee?'

Karam Dragonforge says 'My fiancee... AHHHH.... The love of my life. My purpose for existing. She is a real woman. Long, golden blonde hair with a similarly colored full beard. A stout broad she is, kind and warm at heart. She knows every nook of my essence. But do not let that fool you. She is as strong as many dwarven men. Between you and me, she has even beaten me once or twice armwrestling over who gets the last ale and who has to go to the market.'

You say, 'What wedding ring?'

Karam Dragonforge says 'Only the best will do. I will not propose to her with anything less than a platinum and diamond wedding ring.'

You say, 'What present?'

Karam Dragonforge says 'Well, she is quite fond of jewelry. And a black sapphire platinum necklace would complement her eyes and beard so exquisitely.'

After turn in:

Karam Dragonforge says 'My fiance will be so excited! An exquisite ring for the wedding and a gorgeous necklace as my wedding gift to her. Well, as promised, here is your white dragonscale cloak.'