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Will O Wisp

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Npc a willowisp.png


Will-O-Wisps spawn in many starting zones, because of that they are the first monsters many encounter that require a magic weapon to deal damage to. Gratefully they are a peaceful monster so you are not forced to deal with a hassle of a fight if you don't have magic weapons. They are useful for their Greater Lightstones, which can be used as a light source, or sold for about 15pp to players.


They seem to be created from nothing more than animated light.



East Commonlands

West Commonlands

Eastern Plains of Karana

Erud's Crossing

Greater Faydark

Nektulos Forest

Qeynos Hills

Jaggedpine Forest

Toxxulia Forest

Northern Plains of Karana

Western Plains of Karana

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