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Zone Spawn Timers

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This page is a list of the zone wide respawn timers. Note that many exceptions occur in each zone. All times are listed in MM:SS unless otherwise noted.



Zone Time
The Arena N/A (no NPCs)
Beholder's Maze (Gorge of King Xorbb) 6:00
East Commonlands 6:40
Eastern Karana 6:40
Erud's Crossing 6:40
Everfrost Peaks 6:40
Highpass Hold 5:00
Innothule Swamp 6:40
Kithicor Forest 6:40
Lake Rathetear 6:40
Lavastorm Mountains 6:40
Misty Thicket 6:40
Nektulos Forest 6:40
Northern Desert of Ro 6:40
Northern Karana 6:40
Oasis of Marr 16:30
Ocean of Tears 6:00
Qeynos Hills 6:40
Rathe Mountains 6:40
Southern Desert of Ro 6:40
Southern Karana 6:40
The Feerrott 6:40
West Commonlands 6:40
Western Karana 22:00


Zone Time
Grobb 24:00
Halas MM:SS
Neriak 24:00
Freeport 24:00
Qeynos MM:SS
Oggok 24:00
Rivervale 22:00
Surefall Glade MM:SS


Zone Time
Befallen 18:40
Blackburrow 22:00
Cazic Thule 22:00
Clan Runnyeye 22:00
Highpass Keep 10:00 (Goblins) 18:00 (Main Floor Guards) 24:00 (Entrance Guards) 6:00 (Nobles) 18:00 (Bards)
Lower Guk 28:00
Nagafen's Lair (Sol B) 22:00
Najena 18:30
Permafrost 22:00
Qeynos Aqueducts MM:SS
Solusek's Eye (Sol A) 18:00
Splitpaw Lair 22:00
The Temple of Solusek Ro MM:SS
Upper Guk 16:30
Odus & Faydwer

Odus Cities

Zone Time
Erudin 6:40 (Sharks)
Erudin Palace MM:SS
Paineel MM:SS

Odus Outdoors / Dungeons

Zone Time
Erud's Crossing 6:40
Kerra Island MM:SS
Toxxulia Forest 6:40
The Hole 21:30
Stonebrunt Mountains MM:SS
The Warrens 6:40

Faydwer Cities

Zone Time
Ak'Anon MM:SS
Felwithe 24:00
Kaladim MM:SS
Kelethin (Greater Faydark) MM:SS

Faydwer Outdoors / Dungeons

Zone Time
Butcherblock Mountains 10:00 / 22:00
Dagnor's Cauldron MM:SS
Greater Faydark MM:SS
Lesser Faydark 6:30
Ocean of Tears MM:SS
Steamfont Mountains MM:SS
Crushbone 9:00
Kedge Keep 22:00
Mistmoore Castle 22:00 *
The Estate of Unrest 22:00
  • Mistmoore castle has both AM/PM respawns for vampires which reset the timer


Zone Time
Burning Wood 6:40
Dreadlands MM:SS
Emerald Jungle MM:SS
Field of Bone 6:40
Firiona Vie 6:40
Frontier Mountains 6:40
Lake of Ill Omen 6:40
The Overthere 6:40
Skyfire Mountains MM:SS
Swamp of No Hope 6:40
Timorous Deep MM:SS
Trakanon's Teeth 6:40
Warsliks Woods 6:40


Zone Time
Cabilis 6:40


Zone Time
Chardok 20:00
City of Mist 22:00
Dalnir 12:00
Howling Stones (Charasis) 20:30
Kaesora 17:30
Karnor's Castle 27:00
Kurn's Tower 18:30
Mines of Nurga 22:00
Old Sebilis 27:00
Temple of Droga 20:30
Veeshan's Peak MM:SS


Zone Time
Cobalt Scar 20:00
Eastern Wastes 6:40
The Great Divide 10:40
Iceclad Ocean 6:40
Wakening Land 7:00 (Faerie Dragons), 14:30 (Tar Goos)
Western Wastes MM:SS


Zone Time
Icewell Keep MM:SS
Kael Drakkal 28:00
Skyshrine 30:00
Thurgadin 7:00


Zone Time
Crystal Caverns 14:45
Dragon Necropolis 27:00
Siren's Grotto 28:00
Sleeper's Tomb MM:SS
Temple of Veeshan 72:00
Tower of Frozen Shadow 20:00
Velketor's Labyrinth 32:00
Zone Time
Plane of Fear 8:00:00
Plane of Hate 8:00:00
Plane of Sky 8:00:00
Plane of Growth HH:MM:SS
Plane of Mischief 01:12:00