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Zone Spawn Timers

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This page is a list of the zone wide respawn timers. Note that many exceptions occur in each zone.

All of the data is empty for now, will need to assistance to fill this in. All times are listed in MM:SS unless otherwise noted.



Zone Time
The Arena N/A (no NPCs)
Beholder's Maze (Gorge of King Xorbb) 6:00
East Commonlands 6:40
Eastern Karana 6:40
Erud's Crossing MM:SS
Everfrost Peaks MM:SS
Highpass Hold 5:00
Innothule Swamp 6:40
Kithicor Forest 6:40
Lake Rathetear 6:40
Lavastorm Mountains 6:40
Misty Thicket 6:40
Nektulos Forest 6:40
Northern Desert of Ro 6:40
Northern Karana 6:40
Oasis of Marr 16:30
Ocean of Tears 6:00
Qeynos Hills 6:40
Rathe Mountains 6:40
Southern Desert of Ro 6:40
Southern Karana 6:40
The Feerrott 6:40
West Commonlands 6:40
Western Karana 22:00


Zone Time
Grobb 24:00
Halas MM:SS
Neriak MM:SS
Freeport 24:00
Qeynos MM:SS
Oggok 24:00
Rivervale 22:00
Surefall Glade MM:SS


Zone Time
Befallen 18:40
Blackburrow 22:00
Cazic Thule 22:00
Clan Runnyeye 22:00
Highpass Keep 10:00 (Goblins) 18:00 (Main Floor Guards) 24:00 (Entrance Guards) 6:00 (Nobles) 18:00 (Bards)
Lower Guk 28:00
Nagafen's Lair (Sol B) 22:00
Najena 18:30
Permafrost 22:00
Qeynos Aqueducts MM:SS
Solusek's Eye (Sol A) 18:00
Splitpaw Lair 22:00
The Temple of Solusek Ro MM:SS
Upper Guk 16:30
Odus & Faydwer

Odus Cities

Zone Time
Erudin MM:SS
Paineel MM:SS

Odus Outdoors / Dungeons

Zone Time
Erud's Crossing MM:SS
Kerra Island MM:SS
Toxxulia Forest 6:40
The Hole 21:30
Stonebrunt Mountains MM:SS
The Warrens 6:40

Faydwer Cities

Zone Time
Ak'Anon MM:SS
Felwithe 24:00
Kaladim MM:SS
Kelethin (Greater Faydark) MM:SS

Faydwer Outdoors / Dungeons

Zone Time
Butcherblock Mountains 10:00
Dagnor's Cauldron MM:SS
Greater Faydark MM:SS
Lesser Faydark 6:30
Ocean of Tears MM:SS
Steamfont Mountains MM:SS
Crushbone 9:00
Kedge Keep 22:00
Mistmoore Castle 22:00 *
The Estate of Unrest 22:00
  • Mistmoore castle has both AM/PM respawns for vampires which reset the timer


Zone Time
Burning Wood 6:40
Dreadlands MM:SS
Emerald Jungle MM:SS
Field of Bone 6:40
Firiona Vie 6:40
Frontier Mountains 6:40
Lake of Ill Omen 6:40
The Overthere 6:40
Skyfire Mountains MM:SS
Swamp of No Hope 6:40
Timorous Deep MM:SS
Trakanon's Teeth MM:SS
Warsliks Woods 6:40


Zone Time
Cabilis 6:40


Zone Time
Chardok 20:00
City of Mist 22:00
Dalnir 12:00
Howling Stones (Charasis) 20:30
Kaesora 17:30
Karnor's Castle 27:00
Kurn's Tower 18:30
Mines of Nurga 22:00
Old Sebilis 27:00
Temple of Droga 20:30
Veeshan's Peak MM:SS


Zone Time
Cobalt Scar 20:00
Eastern Wastes 6:40
The Great Divide 10:30
Iceclad Ocean 6:40
Wakening Land 14:30
Western Wastes MM:SS


Zone Time
Icewell Keep MM:SS
Kael Drakkal 28:00
Skyshrine 30:00
Thurgadin 7:00


Zone Time
Crystal Caverns 14:45
Dragon Necropolis 27:00
Siren's Grotto 28:00
Sleeper's Tomb MM:SS
Temple of Veeshan 72:00
Tower of Frozen Shadow 20:00
Velketor's Labyrinth 32:00
Zone Time
Plane of Fear 8:00:00
Plane of Hate 8:00:00
Plane of Sky 8:00:00
Plane of Growth HH:MM:SS
Plane of Mischief 01:12:00