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This category includes all "named mobs". Named mobs are one of the three general categories of mobs ("monsters") in EverQuest: named, placeholder, and static.

Mobs are "spawned" (created) at spawn points. Static mobs always appear at their spawn point. "Named mobs" share a spawn point with non-named or "placeholder" mobs. Every time a mob spawns at a named/placeholder spawn point it has a chance of being either the named mob or a placeholder.

For example, the Arch Duke Iatol inhabits one of the rooms in the crypt in Sebilis. Whenever a mob appears in his room it has a chance of being the Arch Duke Iatol, or of being his placeholder (skeletal duke) instead. If a [skeletal duke]] appears players will keep having to kill that skeletal duke and every new one that appears until (an unknown number of times later) Arch Duke Iatol finally appears.

The term "named" mob comes from the fact that named mobs often have actual names (like "Arch Duke Iatol"). However this is not always the case: the named mob who famously drops the Fungus Covered Scale Tunic, for instance, is a nameless Myconid Spore King. Many other named mobs have even more common-sounding names.

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