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A faction in EverQuest is any group of mobs/NPCs that are aligned. There are literally hundreds of faction groups, but "Good" and "Evil" is the most conventional separation. Each player has their own faction standing with every faction.

A player's standing is stored as a number, but players cannot see that number: they can only see one of several different faction messages which correspond to certain faction numbers. The numerical values for changing between different con levels has always been debated (e.g. scowling is -1000 or below). According to a 2011 Uthgaard GM post, the P99 values are:

P99 faction numline D.png
Standing Amount
Ally 1051 to 2000
Warmly 701 to 1050
Kindly 451 to 700
Amiable 51 to 450
Indifferent -49 to 50
Apprehensive -449 to -50
Dubious -699 to -450
Threatening -1049 to -700
Scowls -2000 to -1050

Changing Faction

Almost every non-animal monster/NPC (save for Beta Neutral) give both negative and positive faction adjustments when killed. For instance, attacking (and killing) Orc Pawn will yield these adjustments:

Killing isn't the only method for faction adjustment. Most quests give faction adjustment. For instance, completing Orc Picks yields:

Other mechanics

  • Undead will almost always attack, no matter what the level difference is.
  • Most NPCs who are low enough level will often not attack if they are Threateningly or Scowls.
  • Threateningly will attack, but usually only if you remain in their aggro area for a period of time.
  • Scowls will immediately attack.

Iksar Faction Guide

As an Enchanter, I've always worried about faction. I'm sure Iksar are in the same boat, so I decided to look up every quest I could find that gave only positive faction hits, and no negative ones. The now defunct Iksar Faction Guide goes into great detail for Iksars, but it involves a lot of back-and-forth with raising one faction, lowering another, and then going back to raise the faction you lowered.

Some of these quests require a minimum faction to be able to complete. Some you will not be able to do without killing various groups of mobs (namely, Gnolls, Deathfist Orcs, Kobolds and Aqua Goblins) or without an illusion, a wolf form, a faction-raising spell, a sneak, an invis, or a feign death (verify this last one?). Before going to do any of these quests, make sure to con the applicable quest NPC and all other NPCs within aggro range using your chosen faction-raising method to make sure you are safe.

A note of advice from the defunct Iksar Faction Guide: When doing quests, I have found out that one can turn in up to 16 items at a time. This was only verified with quest that only have one item to turn in, though. You can hand in 4 stacks of 4 of that item, and you will get 16 faction hits. I have tried with more, but it does not work. I also suggest switching to windowed mode while trading. That way, you will not have to reopen your inventory after each turn in.

Faction Data

See also: Historical faction tables for a reference of faction values on other servers.

Although there are numerous player derived faction tables floating around the Internet, the actual faction table information is buried in the game executable itself. Other than the introduction of the new Ally faction during the release of Velious, the faction ranges never changed during Classic EQ. The game executable never defines an upper or lower bound for the top and bottom most factions; that is handled server side.

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