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For an explanation of the guild-related in-game commands see [[Guild Commands]].
For an explanation of the guild-related in-game commands see [[Guild Commands]] instead.
There are numerous player guilds on Project 1999. Some are casual, and focus on having fun while leveling up, while others are dedicated to conquering endgame raid content together.
There are numerous player guilds on Project 1999. Some are casual, and focus on having fun while leveling up, while others are dedicated to conquering endgame raid content together.

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For an explanation of the guild-related in-game commands see Guild Commands instead.

There are numerous player guilds on Project 1999. Some are casual, and focus on having fun while leveling up, while others are dedicated to conquering endgame raid content together.

This page contains a list of active guilds on the server. Inactive guilds can be found on the Former Guilds page.

While most guilds strive to keep this page accurate, be aware that for some guilds more up-to-date information can be found in their guild thread on the Project 1999 forum.


Starting a Guild

To create a guild on Project 1999 simply gather a group of at least five friends together and then petition in-game (ie. the same process as on the original live Everquest servers).

Once you've created your guild you can add it to this page via the normal wiki editing process. See the instructions for editing the guild list below.


Guild IDs

A guild's ID can be used in the command /who all guild*guild ID number* (eg. /who all guild199). It would seem that the only way to determine a guild's ID is to find the ID of a guild created at a similar time, and then use that command to check all of the numbers around that other guild's ID until your guild shows up.

Casual Guilds

Guilds in this category tend to focus on things other than raiding.

Guild Name Play times Rules/Ideals Recruiting Voice Chat Contact(s) Forum Link Guild ID
Castle 24/7baby We are a fun & helpful guild that seeks to be a home for adventurers who are looking for a solid group or conversation. The drawbridge is always down and portcullis raised to the sojourner who is ready to join us on our next sortie into adventure! The garrison has room for *dagger wielders & Epic triumphants alike. Discord+ Maester ravens+ Beacon fires. (Leader)Oilexander. (Officers) Caswen, Syfythys, Taldienya, Guiddian, Mkstufins, Vulchan, Washburne, Sabap, Crayzy. Forum
Cracked Staff Artisans US Tradeskills, RP, Leveling Any tradeskills except fishing No Tadhg, Gladoree Forum
Dawn Believers 24/7 Leveling 1-52, casual raiding 46+ All levels Discord Allio/Godsun, Abiatharr
Death and Taxes 24/7 Casual leveling and raiding guild All levels Discord Feydain, Hircine, Mathwin, Prismatica
Dial a Port 24/7 Porting, safe transfers, and other services Druids, wizards, and more (but mostly druids and wizards) Discord Tupakk/Afeni, Jaxe, Ezzlazen, Taxidiotis, Xwing, Concha, Domentia, Alyestal, Dinda, Jobbe 311
Department of Fun 24/7 Player-run events Anyone who loves fun! You can even be in other guilds, we don't care! Skype/Discord Tadhg, Tupakk Forum
Lemonade Stand US EST a new small casual guild focusing on small group events Any level & experience. We have new p99er and veterans as well Discord Meew/Mangosteeen, Airaman, Originalbibien
Misfits of Marr 24/7 Casual guild, small and tight community Discord Elonwy, Litlbitt, Trolonwy, Sonorod 81
No Time To Rez 24/7 For players seeking a new challege, come join us in P99's premiere PERMADEATH Guild (Facebook Group) All levels Discord Fevr/Dalendar Forum
Old World 24/7 A guild for people who don't want to be in a guild. We have no website. We have no voice chat. All levels / All classes Typing Angerclaw (Leader) Forum
Phoenix Fire 24/7 A NEW (Apr/2018) casual raiding guild accepting all classes and levels at this time. Teaching new players the game and working together with other veterans is what we are about. JOIN US! All levels / All classes Discord Sporticas (Leader), Timmotheus Forum
Phoenix Rising 24/7 A NEW (May/2018) casual guild accepting all classes and levels. We eventually hope to raid casually. COME JOIN US! All levels / All classes Discord Ladainy (Leader), Turribul, Nommadd, Braelann, Bignut, Rokomi Forum
Rest In Peace 24/7 Reliving the fun of the classic days with a family oriented casual guild. Come join us and be part of our family. All classes (Healers preferably) Discord Rainea, Raynea, Nitelife, Davio, Vaynard, Erased, Diison, Emberwyld, Sufferin, Grottintana, Furiae, Falelderia Forum 192
Rise Again EST/AST The purpose of this (NEW - May 2019) guild is to form a presence that reaches across Norrath assisting players in need. All classes 46+ Discord Zadkiel (Leader), Jeshua, Bloodson Forum ?
Stream Team EST/CST/PST Stream Team a guild formed by streamers and friends. We are currently a casual raiding type guild. Anyone who is friendly and enjoys a challenge. Discord Lavendel, Primalheart, Radston, Phozzy, Trendymind, Incubuss, Sevastarel Forum
Website Talisman PST Reliving the old EQ Live Days All old Talisman Members Mumble Striph, Nova Forum
Timelost EST Leveling, dungeons and adventure All levels/classes Discord Daerios, Wandert, Cortaline, Coersion Forum

Environment Guild

These guilds (well, this guild) attempts to re-create a more classic Everquest environment. As such they require all members to join the guild early and follow certain restrictions on trading or receiving items from non-guild members. However, despite requiring members to be low level to join, the guild also has many high level members who raid (both individually and as part of the AEGIS alliance), and so because of this unique status they get their own category.

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Auld Lang Syne 24/7 Level 15 maximum to join Discord Rainik (Guild Leader), Ainton, Gnaryl, Koet, Ulgromm, Valeris Forum

Raid Guilds

Guilds in this category are focused on raiding, and raid all but the highest tier (eg. Sleeper's Tomb, Avatar of War, etc.) content.

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Anonymous 24/7 DKP Clerics 46+... Everything else 50+ Discord Bunto, Calyan, Conjo, Korba, Kiithsa, Firewizzyx, Anonymouse Website Forum 276
Asgard EST/PST Heading towards 24/7 DKP Bid/Penalty No Council Noble Players Only (Must be worthy to wield Mjölnir) Discord Artaenc/Lightyear/Artawolf/Artaxerxius/Artech, Puurty/Emarald/Puurfectcat Website Forum 275
Azure Guard 24/7 DKP 46+ Discord Meah, Xaiterlyn, Kunio, Mignonette, Littul, Website Forum 364
Blackheart Pirates two evenings per week (one weekend, one weekday); times vary modified DKP system All classes are welcome, min level 20 but exceptions can be made Discord; only listening is mandatory Aceart/Tpar Website Forum ?
Blood Guard 24/7 Raiding with scheduled EST - PST Air & HOT DKP Level 50+ Clerics, level 52+ Rogues, level 60 Shaman, all other classes level 55+
Apply Now
Discord Lavittz, Grimmskld, Willfight, Shariki, Rhymenocerous, Nolar, Cassimir, Furyan, Berserked, Irwinm, Souled, Recruiters: Rubi, Bthori, Nealin, Icrit, Genjubo Website Forum 129
Europa GMT+1 DKP Level 35+ Discord Hunterlilly, Llodders, Pubo Website Forum 29
Homeland Security Discord Xakasle Freebayse Dryse Nybras Necrophilly Obeyod Forum 284
Kittens Who Say Meow Grouping/socializing all hours, Raid events daily, Sunday Flurry/HoT, Friday CST evening Sky. Modified DKP Any classes welcome, level 15+ Discord Xystus, Xyram, Apathe, Kasani, Purpyl, Spacepope, Shyye, Gnomad, Zumbutu, Plinki, Lynen, Flowerr, Arrah, Bageljuice Website Forum 12
Omni daytime US...building toward 24/7 presence Loot Council all classes, L45 and up - more interested in the person than level/class Discord Cloki Website Forum 35
Paradigm Shift EST - PST DKP All Classes Level 55+ Pyrrhica, Arcler, Jigabyte, Nindienne, Rhovanion, Runyan, Maevis, Baylan, Isthmus, Nampus Website
The Second Sons CST PM/weekends NBG /Random All Classes All Levels Discord Khaall, Sedraxis, Caladonia, Octopvir, Puluin

Top Content Raid Guilds

Guilds in this category are extremely devoted to raiding, and raid at the highest levels (including content like Sleeper's Tomb, Avatar of War, etc.).

Name Typical Raid Times Loot Recruiting For Voice Chat Contact(s) Website Forum Link Guild ID number (/who all guild##)
Aftermath 24/7 DKP All Classes Level 58+. Recruitment Detoxx, Aikons, Alde, Merodach, Cheeana Website Forum 4
Riot 24/7 DKP All Classes Level 58+. Baylan, Diamondfist, Arthion,Chillwin, Fingerz, Eratani [None yet Website]


Lord Bob

The Lord Bob alliance is a raiding alliance open to all players (guilded or not) on Project 1999. Lord Bob raids often include members of the Hydra alliance, and target a variety of different raid mobs. Lord Bob has its own DKP system for distributing loot. Read this post or for further information.


Aegis was formed on July 9th 2018 by the following member guilds; Auld Lang Syne, Bastion, Death & Taxes, Misfits of Marr, Homeland Security, and Anonymous. We continue to look for interested guilds to join us as we expand our raiding possibilities. We currently have the Saturday PM sky slot and multiple raid nights during the week.

Editing The Guild List

Guild entries on this page use wiki templates to make editing easier. There are two templates: one for casual guilds (CasualGuildRow) and one for raid guilds (RaidGuildRow). Here is an example of filled-in a casual guild entry:


|name=Auld Lang Syne


|description=Strict no-twink policy, no purchase outside the guild, tradeskilling, leveling, hardcore classic

|recruiting=All levels/classes


|officers=Rainik (GL), Scaleway (SO), Shartstack (SO), Nanin/Nikbik (JO), Koet (JO), Aintnothang (JO), Valeris (JO), Delcros/Delfyre (JO), Shaadoe (JO), Jotok (JO), Ulgromm (JO), Vanifac (JO), Rusya (JO), Gomiciz (JO), Gundaver (JO), Acoustiko (JO), Eglantine (JO)





To update your guild's information simply click edit for the appropriate section and then alter the part after the "=". You can use both normal text and wiki text (eg. you can add links or bold text if you want).

To create a new guild first copy one of the two blank templates below, then edit the appropriate guild section above, paste the template in at the appropriate spot (guilds are sorted alphabetically by name), and finally fill in as many details as possible. Click save and your guild's info should now be part of the wiki.

One last note: the "Forum Link" column is intended to be the URL of your recruiting post in the Guild section of the official Project 1999 forum (not a link to your guild's forum, if any).

Blank Casual Guild Template












Blank Raid Guild Template


| name=

| wikilink=

| activeTime=

| lootStyle=

| recruiting=

| voicechat=

| officers=

| websiteUrl=

| forumThreadUrl=

| guildId=