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Innoruuk Symbol Quests

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Perrir Zexus
Start Zone: Neriak Third Gate
Quest Giver: Perrir Zexus , Ithvol K`Jasn
Minimum Level: 5+
Classes: Cleric, Shaman
Related Zones: Various
Related NPCs: Draxiz N'Ryt, Dran `slug` Rembor, Dragoon Szorn, Ennixy Frennor


  • Initiate Symbol of Innoruuk
    Initiate Symbol of Innoruuk
    Item 1049.png

    Slot: NECK
    AC: 3
    WIS: +1 MANA: +3
    Effect: Weaken (Must Equip, Casting Time: 6.0)
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: CLR SHM
    Race: HUM DEF TRL
    Deity: Innoruuk

  • Disciple Symbol of Innoruuk
    Disciple Symbol of Innoruuk
    Item 1049.png

    Slot: NECK
    AC: 5
    WIS: +2 INT: +1 MANA: +7
    Effect: Siphon Strength (Must Equip, Casting Time: 6.0) at Level 5
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: CLR SHM
    Race: HUM DEF TRL
    Deity: Innoruuk

  • (
    Skinned Halfling Face Mask
    Skinned Halfling Face Mask
    Item 992.png

    Slot: FACE
    Charges: 1
    Effect: Illusion: Halfling (Must Equip, Casting Time: Instant)
    WT: 0.0 Size: SMALL
    Class: CLR SHM
    Race: HUM DEF TRL

  • Regent Symbol of Innoruuk
    Regent Symbol of Innoruuk
    Item 1049.png

    Slot: NECK
    AC: 7
    INT: +2 WIS: +3 MANA: +15
    Effect: Clinging Darkness (Must Equip, Casting Time: 6.0) at Level 15
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: CLR SHM
    Race: HUM DEF TRL
    Deity: Innoruuk

Initiate Symbol of Innoruuk

Find Perrir Zexus in the Neriak Third Gate. He is the Cleric Guildmaster. When hailed with dubious faction,

Perrir Zexus glowers at you dubiously -- looks like he would wipe the floor with you!

You say, 'Hail, Perrir Zexus'

Perrir Zexus says 'You could never be of service to our guild.'

I was indifferent faction with him as a Troll Shaman and was able to complete this quest from start to finish with no faction problems. When hailed,

To get the faction needed to do the snare neck as a human: 1. Say "I am devoted to Innoruuk" to Saxarivza Saxun in East Freeport, she hands you a note 2. Take the note to Perrir Zexus at the cleric guild in Neriak 3rd Gate. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 one more time

Perrir Zexus says 'Salutations, ________! Your devotion to our Lord Innoruuk is evident in your actions and on your soul. As a member of the Spires of Innoruuk, you are required to obtain and wear the symbol of your station among the clergy. I can award you the [hematite symbol of Innoruuk] worn by the initiates of the Spires.'

You say, "What hematite symbol of Innoruuk?"

Perrir Zexus says 'The forest beyond the gates of our grand city has been shaped by the magic of our Lord Innoruuk to be more hospitable to our kind. There are halfling druids in the service of Karana who have set up shrines there in hopes of restoring the forest to its former state. They could never succeed in their task with their feeble powers granted by their insignificant god, yet still, they are a nuisance. Bring me four of the holy symbols worn by the druids and I shall grant you the initiate symbol of Innoruuk.'

He wants four Woven Grass Amulets. There are 2 camps of Halflings in Nektulos, I used area 4 on the map because there were more spawns I could pull solo (at level 15). It took about 30 kills to get my first Woven Grass Amulet, then I got the next 3 in about 5 minutes. (Leatherfoot Corporal (Lvl 3 mobs) seem to drop them 100% of the time also).

Hand in the four Woven Grass Amulets to Perrir Zexus back in Neriak Third Gate.

Perrir Zexus says, 'You have done well young Initiate. I grant you this medallion invested with the divine hatred of Innoruuk. Wear it proudly as a representation of your importance to these sacred spires. Now if you will excuse me I must proceeed with the burning of these pathetic halfling symbols of faith.'

You receive Initiate Symbol of Innoruuk from Perrir Zexus.

Disciple Symbol of Innoruuk

Ithvol K`Jasn

Find Ithvol K`Jasn (another Cleric GM). He is upstairs from Perrir Zexus in Neriak Third Gate.

You say, 'Hail, Ithvol K`Jasn'

Ithvol K`Jasn says, 'Hail, _____! I sense the gift of hatred in your aura. What status do you hold within these Spires?'

You say, 'I am an initiate of Innoruuk'

Ithvol K`Jasn says, 'Well met, Initiate _____. If you desire to raise your station in this temple, I have a task for you. Are you willing to accept the task I am about to set before you?'

You say, 'I am willing'

Ithvol K`Jasn says 'As an initiate of the Spires, you have proven your hatred of the halflings who are desecrating our forest with their feeble shrines and camps. They persist in their hopeless task and seem to anticipate many of our tactics against them. Go out into the Nektulos and slay the one called Master Whoopal. Take his head to Draxiz N'Ryt so that he may probe the brain.'

Master Whoopal and his PH Quester Dunden spawn in Nektulos Forest at area 4 on the map (where you killed halflings for the Woven Grass Amulets earlier). I was unable to pull Quester Dunden solo, the guards would add. I recruited some help and Master Whoopal spawned on the 3rd try (6 minute respawn) and dropped Halfling Druid Master's Head.

Loot his head and hand it to Draxiz N'Ryt in Neriak Commons. He can be found upstairs in the caster's guild at loc 120, -980, 3,75

Draxiz N`Ryt glowers at you dubiously -- he appears to be quite formidable.

Draxiz N`Ryt says, 'I have foreseen your arrival, _____. I see from the mind of this lesser creature you have slain that he was receiving orders from beyond the boundaries of Nektulos. I see an armored Leatherfoot moving cautiously through the commonlands attempting to avoid the eyes of travelers and guard posts. Find this Leatherfoot I see in my visions and return any pertinent information he may be carrying to me so that I may decipher it. I have skinned the face of this druid and enchanted it so that you may learn what you must through your skills of subterfuge. Go now, _____, and do not disappoint me!'

  • Your faction standing with The Dead got worse.
  • Your faction standing with The Spurned got better.

You receive a Skinned Halfling Face Mask from Draxiz N`Ryt.

Draxiz N`Ryt looks your way apprehensively -- he appears to be quite formidable.

Find Wallin Slyfoot in the West Commonlands near Kithicor Forest at location 390, 3600, -51. Use the face mask illusion effect to temporarily boost your faction.

You feel different.

You say, 'Hail, Wallin Slyfoot'

Wallin Slyfoot says 'What? What do you want? Are you here to assist me?'

You say, 'Yes, I will assist you'

Wallin Slyfoot says 'Yes..yes..of course you will. It is a matter of the utmost importance. I need this letter to be delivered to Master Whoopal in the Nektulos forest but I must also get these Brussels sprouts to my granny before they spoil. Please deliver this message for me?'

You receive Leatherfoot Raider Orders Return to Draxiz N`Ryt in Neriak Commons and hand him the orders.

Draxiz N`Ryt says, 'I see you are more cunning than you appear, _____. These orders to Whoopal bring disturbing news indeed. It seems there is a Leatherfoot spy somewhere in Neriak who has been providing the raiders with information. Find this spy and return his head and your initiate holy symbol of Innoruuk to Ithvol and if he deems you worthy he will promote you within the ranks of the Spires.'

At around -180, -560, behind the waterfall - the spy - yellow to level 19 - aggros you. You have to swim into the waterfall and UP, then you go through a false wall. Run around in the pink passage back there until you come up on the spy. Note: on P99 the Leatherfoot Spy is at the bottom of a false floor in the tunnels the waterfall leads to. Can also enter through false wall in "Toadstool" bar.

a leatherfoot spy says 'I have been discovered!!! You will never stop us from reclaiming the Nektulos for Karana, _____!!'

I had a lvl18 necro with me for the spy kill, it was pretty easy. The spy will attempt to flee at low hp.

Loot the 'Head of a Halfling Spy' and return to Ithvol in Neriak 3rd Gate and give him the Head of a Halfling Spy and Initiate Symbol of Innoruuk. If you do not give him both items at the same time, you will have to redo the quest(s). It does not appear to be multi-questable. Handing in just the head results in the message "I don't need this." following that up with handing in just the necklace results in the same message and no disciple symbol.

Ithvol K`Jasn says 'You have focused the hate within you and discovered that hate and rage are not the same. Hate can be calculating and deceptive. For your service in defending the Kingdom of King Naythox Thex from the halfling invaders, I award you the disciple symbol of Innoruuk. Wear it with pride, _____.'

Regent Symbol of Innoruuk

You will need 2 steel bonings for this portion of the quest. Find a smith or make them yourself. I went from 0 smithing skill to having the bonings in about 15 minutes.

I found all the supplies in Neriak at the Blind Fish. Get 4 stacks of Small Piece of Ore and 2 stacks of water flasks. In the forge combine 2 ore and 1 flask until you have 2 stacks of metal bits. Next make a File using a File Mold, 1 Metal Bits, and 1 water flask in the forge. Lastly, combine the file, water flask, and a Small Brick of Ore (not stackable) to make the steel boning. You get the file back whether you fail or succeed. Get this lined up and ready to go before you start the next part of the quest.

Hail Ithvol K'Jasn and tell him 'I will deliver the provisons.' He will tell you to go the Neriak Foreign Quarter and tell Dran Slug Rembor that 'Ithvol sent me.' Dran is in Slugs Bar in area 5 on the map.

Dran will ask you for two steel bonings. After you give the bonings unstacked, he will hand you a crate and says 'Heres the crate of provisions. Take this to Dragoon Szorn in the Lesser Faydark immediately!

Travel to Lesser Faydark to the camp at (loc -900, 1155) and give the crate to Dragoon Szorn. He will hand you the Receipt for Provisions Crate and ask you to find the [missing shipment]. If you ask about it he will tell you to 'Seek out Ennixy and tell her [hate be my guide]. She typically works from her homeland in the Steamfont Mountains.'

Travel to Steamfont and talk to Ennixy Frennor (a gnome at 1350, -850). You say, 'Hate be my guide' Ennixy will ask you to slay a paladin named Crusader Swiftmoon. WHen I talked to Ennixy on p1999, Crusader Swiftmoon spawned right in front of me (although he can take 5-8 minutes to arrive, be patient). He is a lvl28 Paladin, and there is no way I could take him solo. I again recruited help. He LoH's himself once, but otherwise does not attempt to heal. NOTE: anyone can spawn Swiftmoon. So you can log to a high level alt, say 'Hate be my guide' to Ennixy, and wait a few minutes for Swiftmoon, kill him, then log back to your cleric. You will get faction hits for FaydarkChampions, King Tearis Thex, and Soldiers of Tunare.

Travel back to Lesser Faydark and take the Missing Teir`Dal Crate back to Dragoon Szorn and he will give you a Voucher of Service to Naythox.

Travel back to Neriak 3rd Gate and give to Ithvol K'Jasn: the Voucher of Service to Naythox , Swiftmoon's Head, the Receipt for Provisions Crate , and your Disciple Symbol of Innoruuk . Ithvol will then give you your Regent Symbol of Innoruuk .