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* [[Froglok Tadpole Flesh]]es: drops off  [[a froglok tad | froglok tads]]  ([[Froglock Tadpole Fleshies | Froglok tadpole fleshies]], [[Zulort]])[[Category:Zone Guides]]
* [[Froglok Tadpole Flesh]]es: drops off  [[a froglok tad | froglok tads]]  ([[Froglock Tadpole Fleshies | Froglok tadpole fleshies]], [[Zulort]])[[Category:Zone Guides]]
* [[Mystic Doll]]s: drops off various [[a lizardman mystic | lizardman mystics  ([[Lizard Dolls]], [[Grevak]])[[Category:Zone Guides]]
* [[Mystic Doll]]s: drops off various [[a lizardman mystic | lizardman mystics]] ([[Lizard Dolls]], [[Grevak]])[[Category:Zone Guides]]

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Welcome adventurer to Oggok, home of the Ogres. This guide will help you find useful quests and NPCs in Oggok, and provide suggestions for surviving The Feerrott.



Starting Location

All new characters spawn in here Map Icon.png

Guilds (Starting Quests)

Shadow Knight (Map #13)

Shaman (Map #1)

Shaman need to bring their note to Zulort in the Shaman Guild Map Icon.png. To your left are several cave entrances: go in the farthest, past Bouncer Raan, until you reach Fuga, Jargo, and Hrak. This is the Shaman guild.

If you keep going straight (up the ramp), you'll reach the rest of the Shaman NPCs, including Zulort.

Warrior (Map #18)

Important NPCs

Bank (Map #19)

Bag Vendors

Food and Drink Vendors


The Feerrott

Map feerrott.jpg

Where/What to Hunt

At first level you'll want to mainly stick closer to the North wall of the zone. Your initial enemies will be bats, decaying skeletons, froglok tads, and lizard man broodlings.

From level 2 on you can start to hunt a jungle spiderlings and scarabs. Spiderlings drop spiderling silk, so it's advisable to put some points into tailoring and get a tailoring kit so you can combine this into stackable silk threads. Newbie money can be obtained by focusing on a froglok tads which drop money and netted armor, lizard men that drop large cloth and weapons, and decaying skeletons which also drop cloth and weapons.

Numerous lizard man camps dot the jungle. Newbies 2-5 or so can group to take these on, or they can be soloed around 6-7 but some of the lizards will be green by that point.

Swamp alligators can be picked off out of the river water around levels 6-8, but they are social and guards will not help to kill them. Arrows shot at swimming alligators also often fail to draw aggro.

Across the river mobs get higher level, more 5+. The lizard men in camps west of the river are also higher level, around level 8-10. In the northwest corner of the zone are undead camps that make for good exp and decent money around 6+.

Other Zones

Innothule Swamp: The home of the Trolls right next door. Hunting in the Swamp can at times be preferable to Feerrott, especially once one is high enough to hunt the level 3+ frogs. See the Grobb Starting Guide for tips for this area. The Swamp is home to Guk which is an excellent dungeon with double normal experience for fighting about level 5+. Particularly notable are the swampwater crocodiles in that zone which make for excellent solo experience at roughly levels 10-15.

Rathe Mountains: The mountains to the west of Feerrott are an underappreciated place for low level hunting. While the zone is somewhat of a maze, if one hangs an immediate right on entering from Feerrott they will find a plentiful newbie area with abundant decaying skeletons, fire beetles, skeletons, and brown bears. For later levels there are many bears at a hill (Location 3 on the map) near the Lake Rathe zone line. Many different kinds of bear can be found there, supplying newbie ogres with the bear pelts they need for their large tailored armors, and supplying an almost continuous source of experience from levels 4-20.

Large green scarabs level 7-9 can be found at two pillars in Rathe Mountains. These make for good experience at those awkward levels when newbie zones start to run out of quality experience.

South Ro: North of Innothule we find the southernmost of the desert zones. Here can be found some low level content, including many fire beetles and coyotes. Slightly higher level jackals and tree snakes can be tackled later on. Many orc camps can be found in the southern part of the zone that can be killed in small groups (levels ~6-8) or solo if one is high enough level. Around level 10+ one can start to hunt pumas, tarantulas, and sand scarabs. Generally avoid the sandy part of the zone until your teens.


Jungle spiders are social and will gang up if they see their compatriots under attack.

Some slightly higher level lizards (levels 4-5) will wander through the jungle and attack unsuspecting ogres.

While not present in Classic, during the P99 timeline two very dangerous mobs will be added to The Feerrott. The first of these mobs is Drizda Tunesinger, a level 25 bard that is KoS to evils and hangs out just south of the Innothule Swamp zone line. The second is Dark Assassin who wanders the road area between the river and the Rathe Mountains zone line. The assassin is sufficiently dangerous that anyone making the trip to Rathe should be very cautious, and perhaps avoid the road altogether.

Ogre guards wander the road between the river and the Rathe Mountains zone line, as well as both sides of the river south of the bridge. These guards can steal your kills, and if you are not an evil character they can kill you.

Quest Shopping List

The following items dropped by monsters in The Feerrott can be used to complete quests in Oggok: