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(Hunting Spots 20-24)
(Hunting Spots 15-19)
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   |groupLevel= -  
   |groupLevel= -  
   |zone=Western Plains of Karana|West Karana
   |zone=Western Plains of Karana|West Karana
   |area= Field at #10  
   |area= {{Loc|Western Karana| -3000,-4500|Field at #10 }}
   |monsters= [[A_scarecrow| Scarecrows]]  
   |monsters= [[A_scarecrow| Scarecrows]]  
   |xpModifier= 100%  
   |xpModifier= 100%  

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Now with ____ XP hunting spots. For places to get loot instead see the Treasure Hunting Guide.



Many guides tell you exactly where to go to gain experience, but this one tells you your options instead. The guide is for all classes/levels/races, but mainly focuses on soloing. All of its hunting spots contain monsters that /consider as blue within their specified level range, and are sorted by their range.

Improving the Guide

This is a wiki, so if you have anything to add or correct please click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page. A few seconds of your time can help make the guide better for everyone. See the Template:HuntingGuideSpot page if you have any questions about the template used to create hunting spot entries on this page, and see Editing The Hunting Guide for a walkthrough of adding a new entry to the page.


Use the class/monster/level filters below to control which hunting spots are shown. Only one filter can be used at a time (they can't be combined).

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  • Class: Bard | Cleric | Druid | Enchanter | Magician | Monk | Necromancer | Paladin | Ranger | Shadow Knight | Shaman | Wizard
  • Monster Type: Goblin | Guard | Undead
  • Level:

Hunting Spots 1-4

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
01-03 - Butcherblock Mountains In front of Kaladim Assorted critters 100% Save Bone Chips for Kaladim Bone Chips Quest
01-03 - Everfrost Pass outside Halas Assorted critters 100% Watch out for Vengeful skeletons; save Polar Bear Skins for Cindl's Polar Bear Collection or to sell to players
01-03 - Feerrott Near Oggok Assorted critters 100%
01-03 - Field of Bone Near Cabilis Assorted Critters 100%
01-03 - Greater Faydark Ruins near Kelethin lifts Assorted critters 100% Save Orc Hatchets from Orc Pawns for Orc Hatchets (Quest)
01-03 - Innothule Swamp Near Grobb Assorted Critters 100%
01-03 - Misty Thicket Rivervale side of big wall Assorted Critters 100% Save RunnyEye Warbeads for quest
01-03 - North Qeynos Outside front gate Assorted critters 100%
01-03 - Paineel Paineel starting area (entry yard) Assorted critters 100%
01-03 - Steamfont Hills near Ak'Anon (#12) Assorted critters, Renegade Clockworks 100% Watch out for the wandering Skeleton and Kobold Shaman
01-03 - Toxxulia Forest Outside Erudin, before river Assorted critters 100%
01-03 - West Freeport Outside front gate Assorted Critters 100%
03-05 01-04 Steamfont Mountains Crater near the Druid Ring, Kobold Camp just north of the crater Spiderlings, a small coyote, a kobold scout 100% Excellent for solo players near Felwithe to bridge the gap between Level 3 and 5
04-05 - Field of Bone Spiderling cave Spiderlings 100% Spiderling silk can be saved and sold to players
04-06 03-05 Butcherblock Mountains Greater Faydark zoneline Assorted Critters 100%
04-06 03-05 Greater Faydark "Orc hill" (north end of zone before Crushbone) Orcs 100% Orcs are clumped so soloing is more difficult here; Save Crushbone Belts for Crushbone Belts (Quest)
04-10 05-10 Qeynos Hills ? Rabid Wolves and assorted 100% Save Diseased Wolf Pelts for Rabid Wolves (Quest); watch out for Holly Windstalker
04-10 04-10 The Warrens Paineel zoneline Kobolds 200%

Hunting Spots 5-9

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
05-8 05-8 Blackburrow Top level of zone Gnolls 133% Save Gnoll Fangs for Gnoll Bounty or Moonstones; trains are common
- 05-10 East Commonlands ? Orcs, Dervish Cutthroats 100% Save Deathfist Slashed Belts for Deathfist Slashed Belts (Quest); players sitting in the tunnel (auctioning) will often give free buffs
05-10 05-10 Innothule Swamp ? Assorted 100%
- 05-10 Northern Desert of Ro ? Dervish Cuthroats 100%
05-10 05-10 Southern Desert of Ro ? ? 100% Watch out for mad men and the occasional ancient cyclops
- 05-10 West Commonlands ? Orcs, Dervish Cutthroats 100% Save Deathfist Slashed Belts for Deathfist Slashed Belts (Quest)
06-08 - Misty Thicket South-west Goblin camps (#2) Goblins (+ Assorted Critters) 100%
06-09 06-09 Steamfont Kobold camps Kobolds 100%
06-12 06-12 Steamfont Near minotaur cave Elementals, Drakes, Skeletons, Harpies 100%
07-10 07-10 Crushbone Entry area, slave area, trainer hill Orcs 213% Save Crushbone Belts for Crushbone Belts (Quest)
08-12 - Clan Runnyeye First floor Goblins 133% West-most camp has only 2 goblins, easy to break even if soloing
08-12 08-12 Blackburrow Past first door but not past other doors Gnolls 133% Save Gnoll Fangs for Gnoll Bounty or Moonstones; trains are common
08-16 - Everfrost Plains/Tundra a polar bear, snow orc trooper, a giant wooly spider 100% South wall of zone makes a good pull spot
09-18 09-18 Kurn's Tower ? Assorted 200% Skeletons are not social

Hunting Spots 10-14

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
10 09-10 f Nektulos Forest Ruins near East Commonlands Zombies 100%
10-14 - Western Karana #3, #6, and #16 Bandits 100% Good for Enchanters; Save Bandit Sashes for Bandit Sashes (Quest)
12-17 10-16 Lake Rathetear Bandit Camp (map location 7) A bandit 100% Any race, good / neutral preferred. Next to the Rathe Mountain zone are Beta Neutral ogres you can sell to as well as 7 bandits on a 6:40 respawn. The long walk to this spot is worth it as a solo camp for the moderate drops + red sashes for the Qeynos turn in quest. Excellent spot to knock out 12-17 if you push it.
10-15 10-15 Estate of Unrest Entrance area (outside house) Assorted ("yard trash") 173%
10-15 10-15 Southern Desert of Ro ? Assorted animals 100% Most animals are non-social
10-15 10-15 Southern Desert of Ro Orc camp near south wall (unmarked on map) Orcs 100% Need some form of CC to break camp
10-15 - Lake Rathetear Aviak island/Arena zoneline Aviaks (small "an aviak") 100% Good for Shaman; Aviaks are faction-less, but social.
10-20 10-20 Qeynos Catacombs ? Smugglers ?
11-13 9-13 Butcherblock Mountains Chess board (#7) an undead bishop, an undead pawn, etc. 100% Watch out for an undead king (he is much higher level); all undead, so good for Clerics and Necromancers (also good for twinked Rogues)
11-15 10-15 Butcherblock Mountains Goblin camps (#5, #6, #15, #22) Goblins 100% Will need ability to split goblins if soloing, watch out for Goblin Shaman/Wizards
11-15 11-15 Northern Desert of Ro ? Scarabs 100% If you ask nicely sellers in East Commonlands may buff you
- 11-14 Befallen Entrance Assorted 213%
11-15 ? Timorous Deep ? Streamer fish 100% Can't bind in zone
12-15 ? Steamfont near Lesser Faydark zone line Minotaurs ? Good for Enchanters: 2 sets of 2 spawns, close to zone line
12-16 ? West Commonlands a willowisp and a Dervish Cutthroat (and others) ? Good for Enchanters: charm a willowisp and use it to kill Dervish Cutthroats (they won't be able to hurt it because it's immune to non-magic weapons)
12-16 - Erud's Crossing Whole island Will o' Wisps ? Good for Enchanters and Shaman; wisps drop Lightstones and Greater Lightstones which can be sold (for ≈1p/≈4.5p) or turned in for the quests Research Aid/Evil Research; if you kill anything except wisps you can easily agro the entire island
12-16 The Overthere Southeast of outpost/North of chasm Cockatrices, Succulents, a sabertooth cat, a sabertooth tigress, etc. 100% Lots of animals, which would normally be good for Druids, except that they have abnormally high resist rates
12-16 - Ocean of Tears Sisters Island (#10) Sister of Erollisi ? Good for Shaman; vendor on same island; lowers Clerics of Tunare/Faydarks Champions/King Tearis Thex/Soldiers of Tunare faction
12-18 - Lesser Faydark Nybright Sister Camp Nybright Sisters 100% Good for Druids and Enchanters; Kill Kayla Nybright first to break camp (Harmony or similar agro reducers helps)
13-15 - Western Plains of Karana Camps across zone Bandits 100% Good for Enchanters Bandit Sashes can be turned in for experience
14-16 14-16 Kerra Island Entrance a kerran awrat and a kerran mamluk 120% Good for Enchanters; Kerrans tend to come in pairs, which is great for charming; if you're not charming you will want Harmony, Soothe or a similar spell; avoid the huts to the left/right of the entrance: they contain merchants (who don't give XP), and aggroing anything near the hut will aggro them too; hurts Kerra Isle faction; Kerrans conveniently drop food/drink
14-19 14-19 East Karana Gnolls in the southwest a gnoll reaver and an undead reaver 100% Good for Shaman; great solo camp; fast respawn and plenty of mobs almost all standing alone.
14-19 - Everfrost Plains/Tundra a mammoth calf 100% Good for Druids and Shaman
14-19 - Lake of Ill Omen ? a sabertooth cat, a sabertooth tigress 87% Good for Druids and Shaman
14-19 - Northern Karana ? a highland lion, a griffawn 100% Good for Druids

Hunting Spots 15-19

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
15 15 Kurn's Tower Main floor Assorted 200% Good for Necromancers
15-18 - South Karana The plains area (ie. most of the zone) an adult elephant, an elephant, an elephant calf 100% An Elephant.JPG Good for Bards, Druids and Shaman
- 15-20 Befallen First floor Assorted 213%
15-20 15-20 Highpass Hold ? Orcs and Gnolls 107%
15-20 15-20 Permafrost Near zone-in Ice Goblins 120%
15-21 15-21 Oasis of Marr Various, including #2 Caimans and Crocodiles 100% Good for Druids and Enchanters; avoid higher level Deepwater Crodcodiles
15-21 15-21 Kithicor Forest ? Shralok Orcs 100% Zone is full of high level undead at night (in-game time); Save Orc Scalps for quest
16-17 - Erud's Crossing Whole island Kerrans ? Lowers Kerra Isle faction
16-19 15-19 Lavastorm Mountains Near zone-in from Nektulos Forest or Najena a fire elemental, a lava crawler, a lava basilisk, a Rock Dervish, etc. 100% Good for Rogues, Warriors, SK's; pull to zone-in area to avoid adds; With the exception of a fire elemental and a fire imp most mobs are not threatening to attack.
16-18 - Toxxulia Forest On the way to Paineel Pixies 100% Pixies are non-social
16-20 14-18 The Overthere Mudhole (Semi Dry Lake) Cockatrices, Succulents, Sabre-toothed Tigers, etc. 100% From boat keep water on your left until you get to the hills, then go right to the Mudhole. Watch for Sarnaks, as they are social and will agro.
16-20 14-18 Upper Guk Near the zone-in 200%
17-22 - Western Plains of Karana Field at #10 Scarecrows 100% Be prepared for a fear proc from Scarecrows
18-22 17-22 Rathe Mountains #3 a kodiak bear 100% Npc a kodiak bear.png Good for Druids, Rangers, and Shaman; Avoid the Unkempt Preservers when pulling (they will attack you if you attack the bears); if you have a spell like Harmony you can also kill Blinde the Cutpurse in nearby area #6
18-25 17-24 Lake Rathetear Aviak islands Aviak guards 100% Good for Necromancers and Shaman; aviaks are faction-less, but social; there are seven aviak guards total in the west part of the zone (near the Arena). Levitate speeds things up a ton by being able to scoot across water
19 12-19 Oasis of Marr Orc Highway Orcs 100% Good for Enchanters
19-21 17-19 Kerra Island ? Kerrans 120% Good for Enchanters
19-21 - Paineel ? Guards 100% Lowers Heretics faction
19-23 - East Karana Throughout zone a war wolf, a lion patriarch, a rogue lion, a spirit stalker, a dark stalker, a gorge hound, a griffawn 100% Good for Druids; The Druid Charm Kiting Guide by Angelhawk has a great map of where to hunt
19-24 - The Overthere Mudhole (Semi Dry Lake) Cockatrices, Succulents, Sabre-toothed Tigers, etc. 100% From boat keep water on your left until you get to the hills, then go right to the Mudhole. Watch for Sarnaks, as they are social and will agro.

Hunting Spots 20-24

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
20 20 Upper Guk "Squire Camp" 200%
20-23 Oasis a deepwater crocodile, a deepwater caiman 100% Good for Druids
20-24 - Kurn's Tower Start at top, work down to the lower tunnels Greater Scalebones, Lesser Icebones, Lesser Charbones 200% Good for Monks and Necromancers, skeletons are not social, when you finish just zone out/in and repeat; if you've never killed any Burynai then it's very easy to get to the basement, but if you've killed even one then Invisibility to Undead won't be enough
20-24 17-22 Timorous Deep Elven Outpost Docks An elven ranger, An elven scout 100%
Npc an elven scout.png
For Evil races only (will nuke Firiona Vie / Greater Faydark factions). Zone exp Modifier is actually 100%. Mobs have lvl 9 ranger spells only. Drops moderate coin + rusty/ rare bronze weapons. Beta Neutral vendor in hut sells to anyone. Excellent solo camp w/ minimal risk. Good mobs to recover Indigo Brotherhood faction from. Good for Necromancers
22-30 20-30 Misty Thicket west of the Great Wall, just east of the orc camp along the north zone wall. Slaythe 100%
Npc slaythe.png
Run to top of the southernmost Wall Tower in Misty Thicket and hail Bronin Higginsbot and say 'small favor' to spawn Slaythe. Run north along the west side of the Great Wall until you reach the north zone wall where Slaythe is waiting. Kill the frog, loot the leg, and turn it back into Bronin Higginsbot for The Bloody Shank (quest) and repeat. You can keep respawning, and med at the guards. Lowers DeepPockets (Halfling Rogues) faction. EDIT: This seems to require at least indifferent faction with DeepPockets (wolf form works). When saying 'small favor' to Bronin with apprehensive con, the response is "You are no ally of the Rivervale Deeppockets!! Leave at once!!!" Slaythe does not spawn in this case. In addition to a Frogloks of Kunark faction hit for killing Slaythe, the factions are affected by the turn-in as follows:

Your faction standing with DeepPockets got better. Your faction standing with MerchantsofRivervale got better. Your faction standing with CarsonMcCabe got worse. Your faction standing with CircleofUnseenHands got worse.

Your faction standing with CoalitionofTradeFolkIll got worse.
20-26 - Najena Crystal Room (#4) A Magician 173%
Npc a magician.png
This room has 3 magicians which you can split just by using line of sight. Edge down the left side of the hall until you can "see" the right mob and pull. Repeat on the right side. Generally no one here except Mages camping for Focus Items (which can also be sold): A Broom, A Shovel, A Stein, A Torch. Respawn is 18:30. In that time you can also kill the 2 Skeletons just in the cave before the crystal room and two possible tentacle terrors in the entrance room. At 26 I was getting 6% of level for 1 Mage and pet.
20-28 20-28 South Karana "KFC" (Aviak town near Lake Rathe zoneline) Aviaks 100% Good for Bads and Shaman; some races (not Barbarians) can use the merchant at the top level
21 21 Mistmoore Entrance 120%
21-23 17-22 Blackburrow Deep in (area around Lord Elgnub) Gnolls 133% Save Gnoll Fangs for Gnoll Bounty or Moonstones; trains are common
- 21-24 Estate of Unrest Fireplace Assorted 173%
21-24 - East Karana Bottom of ramp/road to Highpass Crag Spiders 100% Npc a crag spider.png Good for Enchanters and Necromancers, spiderss drop lots of Spider Silk for Tailoring
21-24 18-24 Lake of Ill Omen Beach north of river from Firiona Vie Goblins, Sarnaks, Sabre-tooth Tigers, etc. 87%
21-24 18-24 Lake of Ill Omen Around windmill Goblins, Sarnaks, Sabre-tooth Tigers, etc. 87%
21-27 19-26 Ocean of Tears ? Gargoyles, Mermaids Gargoyles have pretty good loot, good for Druids and Necromancers
21-30 21-30 Warsliks Woods Forest giant fort Forest giants 100% Good for Enchanters and Shaman
21-30 21-30 Warsliks Woods Forest Giant Hut (#8 on the map) Forest giants 100% Three spawns outside of each others aggro range. only 2 pathers (usually goblins) Great for Root/Rotting
22-25 22-25 Dagnor's Cauldron ? Aqua Goblin Bosuns, Aqua Goblin Tidal Lords 100% Good for Bards
22-25 22-25 The Overthere Near Warsliks Woods zoneline Cockatrices, Succulents, Sabre-toothed Tigers, etc. 100%
- 26-29 Clan Runnyeye ? Goblins 133% Lots of casters; snare is necessary
23-25 - Rathe Mountains North of Zazamoukh (#20) Drakes (an ebon drake, a basalt drake, etc.) 100% Good for Rangers, avoid Zazamoukh and watch out for Rharzar and if you see a drake leave it up as it's Rharzar's placeholder
23-25 - South Karana West of Aviak town Elephants, Bull Elephants 100% Good for Bards, Druids, and Shaman
24-30 24-30 Lake of Ill Omen North of windmill Goblins, Sarnaks, Sabre-tooth Tigers, etc. 87% Keep an eye out for the rare A Sarnak Courier which can drop a
Goblin Gazughi Ring
Goblin Gazughi Ring
Item 872.png

AC: 1
Effect: Invisibility versus Animals (Must Equip, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 5
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

(sells for a few thousand plat)
24-32 26-30 Swamp of No Hope #4 on map Iksar exiles (groups of 3 and 6, level 23, static with 6:45 respawn) 100% great for Rangers, Druids, Monks, Shaman and Necromancers, drops fine steel weapons, gems, 1-2pp average coin (mostly gold), TT zoneline is close for escapes (requires levitation), no roamers (easy AFK breaks), close to Cabilis for vendoring; requires CC/root/harmony, see [[1]] for more detail

Hunting Spots 25-29

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
25-30 - Rathe Mountains Near Lake Rathe Giant Skeletons 100%
Giant Skeleton.jpg
Simple undead warrior mobs, good for Druid, Necromancers, and Shaman
25-30 - Lake of Ill Omen West side of lake skeletons 87% Good for Necromancer undead-charming
25-30 23-26 Lesser Faydark Faerie Camp Faeries 100% Lowers Faerie faction (needed for Ranger Rain Caller Quest)
26-29 - Tower of Frozen Shadow First level ? 113% Good for necromancers (lots of undead)
26-32 - Everfrost Everfrost plains A Wooly Mammoth 100% Mammiespawns.jpg Good for Druids, Enchanters, and Necromancers; the Druid Charm Kiting Guide by Angelhawk contains a helpful map
27-30 27-30 Lake of Ill Omen Just east of windmill (#13) A Sabertooth Grimalkin 87% Lake of Ill Omen Grimalkin in Front of Windmill.png Good for druids, but be wary of high magic resists; 4x Grimalkins spawn on a 6 minute timer, pull to windmill to avoid adds
27-31 27-33 Cazic Thule ? Alligators 113% Alligator fight.png Good for Druids, Rangers, and Shaman; see Cazic Thule Alligator Pit for more info
- 27-33 Cazic Thule Maze 113% Lots of roamers and healers
- 27-33 Cazic Thule near Temple 113% Lots of roamers and healers
28-35 - Southern Karana north east corner A Treant x2 100% Good for Necromancers and (evil) shaman. North east corner has two Treants They look like the will come together when pulled but they wont if you stand to one side. They are druids so either fear kite or nukem fast. Great for evil toons. drops coin, gems, and fine steel staffs; lowers Guards of Qeynos, Jaggedpine Treefolk, Protectors of Pine and QRG Protected Animals faction. Sesserdrix's Necromancer Guide has an entry for this spot
28-35 - Iceclad Ocean Area around tower Snow Cougars, Shadow Guardians 100% Cougars are good for Ranger fear-kiting or Druid animal-charming, vendors and bind spot in zone at docks, can (rarely) loot Cougar Claw Earrings or High Quality Cougar Skin; beware of Garou and Midnight; the "beach" at around 2700, 1700 (and the area right above it) is a safe spot you can pull mobs to (in particular Cougars are right near by).
28-34 - Warsliks Woods Brute caves leading to Dalnir Brutes (5 static + 2 roamers) 100%
29-32 - South Karana Centaur huts Centaur Archers 100%
Centaur Village.jpg
Good for Bards and Shaman, centaurs have no faction so you can kill them then use their vendor
29-32 29-32 Mistmoore Graveyard 120% Good for Enchanters
29-33 - Ocean of Tears Sisters Island (#10) Dwarves ? Vendor on same island, lowers Dwarf faction, good for Necromancers
29-35 29-35 Kerra Island ? Kerrans, including Shazda Asad 120% Kerrans start out non-KOS (but killing them lowers faction)
29-33 - Iceclad Ocean Island with gnome pirate outpost (#2), north of outpost Snow Cougar 100% Cougars are good for Ranger fear-kiting or Druid animal-charming; vendors and bind spot in zone at docks; can loot Cougar Claw Earring; beware, its island with nowhere to run, so if you don't have gate or CC you have to be very careful about not pulling adds

Hunting Spots 30-34

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
30-34 - Rivervale ? Guards 100% Lowers Guardians of the Vale, Mayor Gubbin, Merchants of Rivervale, and Storm Reapers faction; beware, some guards are level 40
30-34 - Emerald Jungle ? emerald stalker, a frenzied gorilla, a frenzied leech, a frenzied tiger 100% Good for Druids
30-34 - The Overthere ? sabretooth tigress 100% Lots of animals with very high resist rates (bad for animal charming)
30-34 - Lake of Ill Omen between Frontier Mountains zone-line and lake a sabertooth grimalkin 87% Charmed grimalkins can be used to aggro kite Sarnak Fort pretty efficiently
31-35 - Western Karana North/Central part of the zone around -1300, -8900 Choon and Froon 100%
Npc choon.png
Can be pulled individually
31-35 - Western Karana ? Ulrich McMannus 100%
NPC Ulrich McMannus.jpg
Lowers Merchants of Halas, Shamen of Justice, Steel Warriors, and Wolves of the North faction
31 31 Estate of Unrest ? Hags 173%
31-33 - Splitpaw Entrance First five gnolls 128% Good for Enchanters and Shaman; you'll need to be able to split as these gnolls are paired up; save Tesch Val Scrolls for extra XP
31-34 - Misty Thicket The Wall Halfling Guards 100% Good for Necromancers and evil Shaman, lowers Guardians of the Vale, Mayor Gubbin, Merchants of Rivervale, and Storm Reapers faction.
31-36 - South Karana Spires around Splitpaw zoneline Gnolls 100% Gnoll Spires in South Karana.jpg Good for Bards, Enchanters and Shaman; save Tesch Val Scrolls for extra XP
31-39 - Crystal Caverns Start at the top, work down Ry'Gorr orcs 113% Dwarf city in zone: can bank/vendor using sneak, a faction spell/song; velium ore for trade skills drops here
32-35 29-34 Cazic Thule ? Alligators 113% Alligator Hall.png Good for Druids, Rangers, and Shaman; see Cazic Thule Alligator Alley for more info
32-35 - South Karana Centaur huts Centaur Coursers and Centaur Chargers 100% Centaur Village.jpg Good for Bards and Shaman; centaurs have no faction so you can kill them then use their vendor
32-35 32-35 Solusek's Eye First goblin room Goblins 173% Can vendor at the goblin merchant with sneak/faction spell/song or in Lavastorm
32-39 30-37 Field of Bone the Sythrax Temple (location B) in the north-eastern-most area Servant of Sythrax 100%
33-38 33-38 Mistmoore Castle Entrance 120% Good for Enchanters (Gypsy Musician Rogue)
33-40 31-40 Frontier Mountains Giant Fort Mountain Giant Tumps and Mountain Giant Hillocks 100% Good for Bards and Shaman
33-37 30-37 Great Divide Tizmak cave Tizmaks 100%
Npc a tizmak champion.png
Can bind/sell at nearby Thurgadin, lowers Tizmak Clan faction (but you start high enough to learn the layout before becoming KoS); velium weapons and leather armor drop (which vendor pretty well); kill shaman first : they are nasty but go down fast
34 - Western Karana Ogre camp Ogres 100% Good money, beware of Chief Goonda
34-37 - Splitpaw Entrance up to double doors Gnolls 128% Good for Enchanters and Shaman; you'll need to be able to split as these gnolls are paired up; save Tesch Val Scrolls for extra XP
34-39 24-30 Estate of Unrest Basement Assorted 173%
34-41 32-39 Mines of Nurga Exit tunnel Goblins 100%? 5 single spawns and 1 dual spawn; further details and more details
34-41 32-39 Estate of Unrest Festering Hag room Assorted 173% Good for Enchanters
34-55 34-55 Dreadlands Along the walls of Karnor's Castle Assorted 100% Good for Bards, Enchanters and Shaman

Hunting Spots 35-39

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
35-36 35-36 Lower Guk Zoneline up to the watery passage to bedroom ? 107%
35-38 - Upper Guk ? Ancient Crocodile 200%
Npc an ancient croc.png
Good for Necromancers, can drop Gatorscale Leggings
35-39 - Emerald Jungle ? a frenzied ape, a giant frenzied leech, a raging tiger, a trakaraptor, a raging gorilla, a trakanasaur 100% Good for Druid animal charming
35-39 - Northern Karana ? a griffon 100% Good for Druid animal charming
35-39 - The Overthere ? sabretooth tiger 100% Lots of animals, which would normally be good for Druids, except that they have abnormally high resist rates.
35-39 - The Overthere Along the western wall Sarnak Berserker 100% Sarnak Berserkers are great farming for war braids at this level. Decent quest turn in and faction for hammer. Solo roaming spawn near fortress wall / western wall corner on 6 min timer always spawns a berserker or a knight.
35-40 - Iceclad Ocean Largest island, pull to shore Dire Wolves 100% God for druid/ranger animal charming/fear kiting; Enchanters can charm everything that roams
35-40 - Firiona Vie Outside settlement Pirates 100% Safest pull spot is the cliff face running east of FV. All pirates con blue to a lvl 35 player. The first green cons appear at lvl 36.
35-41 - Rathe Mountains Gypsy Camp Cynthia 100% She's on Beta Neutral faction; try to kill her before she buffs herself
35-42 - Highpass Hold ? Guards 107% Guards range in level from 27-35
36-39 - Neriak Foreign Quarter Front gate/trade area Two level 35 guards at gate, pathers in trade area 133% Hurts ? Neriak factions; watch out for Divn L'Crit in trade area
36-45 30-45 Crystal Caverns Geonid tunnel Geonids 113%
Npc a geonid.png
Dwarf city in zone: can bank/vendor using sneak, a faction spell/song, or by repeating part of the The Spirit of Garzicor quest; lowers Geonid faction
37-41 37-41 The Overthere West-side of zone Assorted 100% Good spot for quadding (Druids/Wizards). Rhinos and tigers run fast and they along with chickens have higher resists - stick to succulents for the fewest resists.
37-42 35-42 Kaesora ? ? 147% Good for Clerics and Necromancers because there are so many undead. Mobs with Xalgoz in their name lower Venril Sathir (Overthere outpost) faction.
38-42 - Rathe Mountains #19 Hill Giants 100% Hill Giants drop a lot (20? plat average) of coin
38-45+ - 36+ Western Karana 9 Guard Donlan 100% Guard McCluskey lvl 36 Guard Donlan lvl 30 two static spawns but at night the wander (makes for a good time to split). They drob swords worth plat and a Guard Bracelet. Turn the bracelets into Capt Linarius in Northern Plains of Karana for XP and sellable loot. The quest makes this kill good way past the level range of the lower guard. Increases good guard faction lowers evil Qeynos faction.
38-51 38-51 Timorous Deep Spiroc Island Spirocs 100% Can't bind in zone. Proven are rogues and will destroy you with backstab. Be careful when quadding/kiting and always face them if they're getting close at the end of your casts.
39-43 39-43 Temple of Droga Hallway between 2 and 3 Goblins 100% One-way drop after zone-in so melees need to fight (or sneak) to escape the zone. Tons of shamans and harm touching shadow knight mobs.
39-43 - Great Divide Bear cave a tundra kodiak 100%
Npc a tundra kodiak.png
All animals, good for Druid animal charming or Ranger fear kiting
39-43 - Iceclad Ocean Bridge to Eastern Wastes a frost giant elite, a frost giant scout 100%
Npc a frost giant elite.png
Good for Rangers (most don't hit that hard, although the highest-level elites can be rough); gives Coldain and Claws of Veeshan and lowers Kromrif and Kromzek; there are two elites guards (far apart enough to single pull) at bridge, then you can pull more scouts from the nearby area
39-44 - Eastern Wastes Near Iceclad bridge A wooly mammoth, a snow cougar, A wooly rhino 100%
Npc a wooly mammoth.png
Npc a wooly rhino.png Npc a snow cougar.png
Good for Druids/Rangers for animal charming/fear kiting; pull animals from field west of bridge to the area a bit north of the bridge to avoid adds; avoid a snow dervish while pulling (easy to miss); be careful with rhinos, as they tend to be higher level and tougher; also be careful with wolf form: it helps if you agro (fast-moving) gryphons, but it makes nearby Coldain agro

Hunting Spots 40-44

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
40-46 - Kedge Keep Entrance ? 133% Good for Druid animal charming, also good for Shaman; Enduring Breath required; to break the fish group pull all of them, root/snare one at the zone line, zone/zone back, kill the rooted fish, repeat
40-43 38-41 Solusek's Eye Path to keep Clockworks and gnomes 173% Soloable by melee classes; magician mobs cast damage shield buffs, don't get too close to the keep as clerics inside will heal through the walls, can vendor in Lavastorm, lowers Ak'Anon factions.
40-45 - Eastern Wastes West of #9 on map, ≈ -9000, 4000, where the walruses roam Walrus (and optionally Uthorks) 100%
Walrus Field.png
Good for Druids/Enchanters for animal charming and Rangers for fear kiting; there's plenty of space around the walrus field for you to pull to, so you can easily fight mobs safely; adding a DPS class helps
40-45 - Eastern Wastes ? cougars/dervishes, then tundra kodiaks/wolves, then mammoths/rhinos/giants, then griffins/manticores 100% Avoid elder snow griffins; hard to solo without CC because of adds; a duo (extra eyes to watch for adds) helps; Coldain will assist on giants; rhinos and griffins are the fastest mobs here
40-45 40-45 Eastern Wastes Orc fort Ry'Gorr Orcs 100% stay away from the walls of the inner buildings to avoid aggroing mobs inside.
40-45 - Butcherblock Mountains ? Happ Findlefinn 100% Gnome mage who is all alone
40-45 40-45 Lower Guk #13 and hallways to #17 Ghoul Ritualist and Zols/Dars 107%
40-45 - Rathe Mountains ? Troll Guards 100% High resists help avoid dot damage; beware the shadow knight's harm touch
40-46 - Dreadlands Northwest Yeti caves Yeti (8 static, 2 roamers) 100% Good for Enchanters and Shaman, very fast respawn time
- 40-48 Permafrost ? Ice Giants 120%
Npc an ice giant.png
40-48 40-48 Oggok ? Ogre Guards (Bouncers) 133% Good for Rogues. There are both static and roaming bouncers all over the city, and they drop lots of Fine Steel (good plat if you can sell to nearby vendors). At 48 most will be green.
41-43 - City of Mist Entrance Assorted 113% Golem levels: Fog > Mist > Vapor > Haze
41-45 41-45 Firiona Vie Outside settlement Drolvargs 100% Safest pull spot is the cliff face running east of FV
42-50 - Emerald Jungle ? a huge gorilla 100% Good for Druids, who can charm the gorillas
42-43 - Feerrott Along the river 2x Bouncers 100%
42-45 - The Wakening Land just northeast of the Skyshrine entrance, along the wall A tigeraptor , a tigesaurous 100% Tigeraptors in Wakening Land.png Good for rangers, need Harmony or similar to split, five spawns total, watch out for Rapticor spawns, mobs start turning green at 45
42-46 - Oasis of Marr Middle of lake Spectres 100%
Npc a spectre.png
42-46 - Oasis of Marr Lake Deepwater Goblins 100%
42-46 - Oasis of Marr Whole zone Sand Giants 100%
Npc a sand giant.png
- 44-45 Temple of Droga Chief room Goblins 100% One-way drop after zone-in so melees need to fight (or sneak) to escape the zone. Tons of shamans and harm touching shadow knight mobs.
42-48 42-48 Ocean of Tears Spectre Island (#7) Spectres ?
Npc a spectre.png
You'll need to be able to split two spectres.
42-50 - Emerald Jungle Any zone wall Apes, raptors, tigers, and leaches 100% Good for enchanters
42-51 - Everfrost Ice giant castle near Permafrost Ice giants 100%
Npc an ice giant.png
Ice giants drop a lot of coin, and are on a 7 minute timer
43-52 - Lake of Ill Omen Bottom of lake Bloodgill Goblins 87% Npc a bloodgill goblin.png Good for Rogues; some form of Enduring Breath is required; goblins have relatively low HP but come in groups of 2
44-48 42-46 City of Mist Stables Assorted 113% Npc a haze golem.png Golem levels: Fog > Mist > Vapor > Haze
44-49 40-45 Eastern Wastes #4, Frost Giant Fort Frost Giants 100%
Npc a frost giant.png
Good for Druids (especially with Luminescent Staff) and Wizards for quadding; see this guide for further details
44-52 - Grobb Entrance Basher Sutok, Basher Razbaz, etc. ? Npc basher sutok.png Each Basher drops 12-13 plat in items; lowers DaBashers faction; avoid Basher Nanrum (he is harder than his level indicates) 24min spawn cycle

Hunting Spots 45-49

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
45-49 - Dreadlands Ancient Combine Outpost (Lost Valley #3) Skeletons 100% Good for melee soloing as skeletons can be single pulled and don't flee. Their level range is pretty wide: some are weak, some are very strong.
45-50 43-49 City of Mist Temple Assorted 113% Ghost mobs proc lifetaps
45-50 - Butcherblock Mountains Docks Two Dwarves on docks and two in huts (only civilians, avoid guards) 100% Npc glorin binfurr.png Dwarves can be quad-kited; good for Druids and Wizards; lowers Kaladim Citizens. The two male dwarves standing next to the hanging fish are on standard Kaladim factions, not Citizens.
45-50 - Feerrott Near Plane of Fear zone line in the southwest A Spectre 100% Spawns every 6 mins
45-50 - Feerrott -2370, 2604 (near the portal) Cyndreela 100% Easy to kill if you nuke her before she buffs
45-50 - East Freeport ? Freeport Guards 100% Lowers Coalition of Tradefolk Underground and Freeport Militia faction
45-50 45-50 Kedge Keep ? ? 133% Good for Druids and Shaman; Enduring Breath is required; Crowd control (for breaking schools of fish) is recommended, but without it you can: A) agro the group, B) root one fish, C) zone out then back in, D) kill the rooted fish, E) repeat
45-50 45-50 Lower Guk Dead side ? 107% Frogs drop fine steel weapons plus rare loot (eg. Flowing Black Silk Sash)
45-50 45-50 Lower Guk Live side, Noble Room (location 9) ? 107% Noble drops
White Gold Necklace
White Gold Necklace
Item 752.png

Slot: NECK
CHA: +5
WT: 0.3 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

, "safe" hall nearby
- 45-50 Nagafen's Lair ? ? 107%
45-50 - Rivervale Near Misty Thicket zone line Halfling guards 133% To avoid nukers and GM-level NPCs stay away from Kithicor Forest zoneline; lowers Guardians of the Vale, Mayor Gubbin, Merchants of Rivervale, and Storm Reapers faction
45-50 - The Wakening Land area (south)east of Skyshrine entrance Panthers/haze panthers, tigeraptors 100% Good for rangers, can quad, need see invisibility to see the haze panthers and invisibility to avoid mercenaries/holgresh (often casters)
45-50 - The Wakening Land unicorn valley Unicorns 100% Don't pull Lady Gelestial (higher level named), killing black unicorns raises white unicorn/Gelestial faction and killing white raises black/Lithiniath faction, black are higher level shadow knights who cast fear; avoid the corrupted unicorn in this area
45-52 - Felwithe ? High Elf Guards 133% Good for Necromancers. GREAT money (swords sell for 20p), but lowers Felwithe factions. Some guards are Paladins and can Lay on Hands, and if you're a pet class having a pet out will make them cast more: no pet = no stuns/lay on hands. You can bank through the wall even after lowering faction, and to sell you can drop transfer swords to a level 1 enchanter alt.
45-52 - Wakening Lands in the geonid tunnel directly west of dragon ring (#7), approximately -2800, -1100 A Faerie Dragon lvl 38 to 40 100%
Npc a faerie dragon.png
One room has a 3 spawn spot to the right as you enter the cave. One mob can be single pulled the other two need to be broken. There is a fourth down the hall way from the tunnel entrance. Great for shaman JBB killing. Drops Velious armor gems but lowers Tunarean Court faction
45-52 - Wakening Lands in the geonid tunnel directly west of dragon ring (#8) A Geonid 100%
Npc a geonid.png
Good for Shadow Knights and Shaman
45-50 41-50 The Hole Entrance Elementals 133% Lvl 39-40 and do not single pull. Named are level 50. See Wedar's Guide to The Hole for further information about The Hole
46-51 - The Wakening Land are near Kael giants 100% lowers giant faction, raises dwarf/dragon faction; nameds drop various quest pieces
46-52 - Cobalt Scar ? Wyverns and cobalt drakes 100% Good for druids, bards, and some wizards, but often crowded; wyverns can be quad-kited, drakes root/rot-ed; drakes cast AE dispel for 600dmg every 24 seconds; avoid the two nameds that pop if you can (Yvolcarn and Azureake)
46-51 44-50 City of Mist Arena Assorted 113% Goos have above-average MR
47-53 45-51 City of Mist Moat Assorted, eg. a Haze Golem 113% Good for Enchanters and Shaman
48-52 - Great Divide Shardwurm caves an elder shardwurm, an ancient shardwurm, etc. 100%
48-54 - Kaladim Inside entrance Dwarf guards (10-12 per cycle) ? Guards drop 11p each; bind at Druid rings in Butcherblock Mountains and gate back to sell; lowers Dwarf faction. Very low exp modifier.
49-51 - Ocean of Tears Seafury Island Seafury Cyclops ? Npc a seafury cyclops.png Cyclops drop roughly 100p/hour in gems
49-51 - Trakanon's Teeth ? Spectral Keepers 100% As a necro started hunting these at 44; they are wizards and will nuke the heck out of you.
49-55 - High Keep ? Isabella Cellus, bards and nobles 200% Good for Bards and Enchanters; lowers Coalition of Tradefolk, Coalition of Tradefolk Underground, Knights of Truth, and Merchants of Qeynos
49-56 49-56 Permafrost ? Spiders 120% Many LOS problems from invisible pixels in the giant caves, and the giants are belly casters.

Hunting Spots 50-54

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
50-52 - Burning Woods Undead Fort ? 100% Good for Clerics and Necromancers
50-54 50-54 The Hole Entrance/Drop Down( pulling castle and rat jail) Elementals 133% Start at the entrance. Strong groups can drop down to the castle entrance but know that everyone will need a way out (Gate/OT hammer etc) as the crawl out of castle can beyond the abilities of a low 50's group without the correct composition. Entrance is good for Shadow Knight soloing.
50-59 50-59 Neriak Foreign Quarter Arena Ogres and Trolls 133% Neriak Arena where to fight.png See Neriak Arena (Hunting Spot) for more info
- 50-59 Kael Drakkel Arena and other armor drop areas Frost Giants 113% Group should average level of 55+; chance of Velious Dwarf armor drops
51-59 - Wakening Lands ? A Suit of Sentient Armor 100%
Npc a suit of sentient armor.png
Good for Bards, Druids, and Shaman, drops Velious armor gems and Sentient Armor; there are two Player-Defined Camps: "4s" and "6s", which refer to the groupings of 4/6 suits
51-54 - Nagafen's Lair Near Sol A Zoneline Sonic bats 107%
51-56 51-56 Timorous Deep Raptor Island Raptors 100% Can't bind in zone; Raptors are quad-kiteable, run VERY fast, HUGE aggro and assist range.
51-56 49-54 City of Mist 2nd Floor Assorted 113% Good for Enchanters and Shaman (Haze Golems)
51-56 - Burning Woods Giant Fort A Forest Giant Verdant, A Forest Giant Ancient, etc. 100% Giants can drop Giant Foreman's Tunic, Giant Lord's Tunic, Forest Loop, and weapons that vendor for 10-45 plat
51-56 - Howling Stones Entrance ? 113% Charasis Entry Platform.jpg
51-57 - Greater Faydark Kelethin Kelethin Guards 100% Lowers wood elf faction; guards drop fine steel weapons; quad-able (tips here); good for magicians to solo; outside rogue's guild is a good spot to pull singles
52-55 - Wakening Lands ? A Tar Goo 100% Good for Bards, Shadow Kinghts and Shaman, decent (but not great) loot
52-53 - Kedge Keep ? a spinereef seahorse, a squallsurge seahorse 133% Good for animal charming (Druids); Start in the far back, right-most room. Charm the seahorse there, then wait for the pather to enter the room and use the two to kill each other, then repeat on other rooms, using Calm Animal to split three-seahorse room; always try and stay in a corner and gate out or Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap out at the first sign of trouble
52-59 - Plane of Mischief ? Rats in rat maze 100%? Good for animal charming (Druids and Enchanters) and for Shadow Knights: the rats in the maze aren't charmable, but you can charm a skunk above and bring it down. Chance of both squires and knights; you will get lost at some point; closest entrance is between McStinkles and McSprayel, by the door they 'guard'. McStinkles does not summon, McSprayel does. Should not go before level 52 due to agro issues getting cothed to the PoM cubby. Learn the pathing mobs in your fight area before you start pulling.
52-59 - Karnor's Castle Entrance/Moat Various, eg. Skeletal guardian 113% Good for warriors, as nearby LFG casters may buff/heal
53-59 55-59 Howling Stones Basement ? 113% Charasis Basement.png See Charasis Basemement for more info
53-59 - Sebilis Entrance ? 113% Requires key; unlike other dungeon entrances, there's no immediate exit so you might want to bind outside
53-55 - Everfrost Passage to plains Barbarian guards 100% Good for Bards; 3 static spawns; lowers Merchants of Halas, Shamen of Justice, Steel Warriors, and Wolves of the North
53-? - Neriak Third Gate Temple of Innoruuk (#1) Dark Elf Cleric Guards 133%
Npc jabon t`kix.png
These guards are good for Monks (who just need enough push to keep them from Complete Healing); respawn time is 6m40s; they drop fine steel.
54-56 51-55 Frontier Mountains End of tunnel inside giant fort Eldak Howlingbear and Mentrax Mountainbone 100% Good for bards, these mobs are indifferent to all, have a 6 min respawn, drop no loot, and can be feared
- 54-58 Karnor's Castle Left Courtyard ("LCY"), in front of #9 ? 113%
54-59 52-59 Chardok Betrayer Camp ? 113% Has several nice drops, including pipe for Monk epic; pathing mobs are betrayer placeholders

Hunting Spots 55-59

Solo Level Range Group Level Range Zone Area Monsters Exp Mod* Image Notes (on Class/Faction/Drops/Quests/etc.)
55-59 - Kedge Keep ? 133% Enduring Breath required; 2 Piranha and Golden haired mermaid respawn every 22 min
55-59 - Chardok Entrance/Betrayer/Waterfall ? 113% The entrance to Chardok is not its exit, so be careful as there's a slight run if you need to zone
55-59 55-59 The Hole Drop Down( pulling castle and rat jail)/Docks(all of the town)/Undead Tower Elementals 133% In the upper 50's the castle will start to green out, but it is still good xp. Stronger groups can move down to old Erudin. The docks is the most popular camp to pull the town, but the town entrance is also a good place to set up. Extremely strong groups can move down to the undead tower but please note that crowd control is difficult requiring an enchanter to often rely on dictate. Ghosts will flee at low health.
55-59 - Skyfire Near temple at south end, along west wall ? 107% Stay well up on the wall to avoid aggro from mobs pathing by. Be wary of aoe dispel spamming chromodracs. Elder mobs (and some others) will summon.
55-59 - Kael Drakkel ? dire wolves 113% Good for druids but extremely dangerous (harder than bear pits. wolves will instagib you if you make the slightest mistake); wolves are animal-charm-able with Call of Karana, can only charm wolves that hit for max 242
55-59 - Western Wastes ? Animals 100% Good for animal charm-kiting (ie. good for druids and enchanters); animals share spawns with dragons, so good CoV faction is helpful; avoid Esorpa of the Ring who is on Ring of Scale faction, and beware the Ice Burrowers. Worms are extremely magic resistant and require epic click with glamour to successfully ensnare (even then it may take many casts).
- 55-59 Plane of Mischief Rate Maze Ratmen ? Druids/encs can charm McStinkles (others too, but Stink is the only animal that doesn't summon) and bring him down. Monk can solo at 58/59 depending on gear. Get to know the pathing rats or you're gonna have a bad time with adds.
- 55-59 Plane of Mischief Hedge Maze ? ? Harmony is necessary; if you find the sphinx at the center DO NOT tell it "No" or it will kill you; hedge wizards are the hardest. <~ Bad tip. Even with a liberal application of Harmony you will get a million adds.
- 55-59 Plane of Mischief ? audience at puppet show, Chuckles the Great ? (Good?) (Extremely rare) chance of squires or knights; mobs single agro and summon, so bring a pet or a slower.
- 56-59 Plane of Mischief Upside-down area Donk ? (Good?)
Npc donk.png
Donk is great if you just want to kill one simple mob (that no one else is likely to ever want) and then go be productive for about an hour (PoM respawn is 72 minutes). He is is a warrior, he's all alone (with only one other mob anywhere near, EightySix), and he rarely runs (if he does he usually stays in room) so he is a very straightforward fight (although he has a lot of HP so it can be a long one). He has an (extremely rare) chance of squires/knights/crowns. He summons, so bring a slower or a pet.
56-59 - Kedge Keep #9 ? 133% Good for Druid animal charming (fish, sharks, seahorses are charmable), Enduring Breath required, worn effect strongly encouraged. Remember your junk buffs as dang near everything dispels. Keep a dispel memorized because dang near everything has druid/ranger damage shields.
56-59 - Karnor's Castle Moat (#3) ? 113%
56-59 - Karnor's Castle Warlord Room (#8) ? 113%
56-59 - Great Divide ? Coldain Expedition Guards 100% Lowers Coldain faction, good for pet classes, but can be tough if under-geared
56-59 - Kael Drakkal Arena (#3) Frost Giants 113% Lowers Frost Giant faction, slowers on the lower-end (level-wise) may have difficulty landing slows; XP is decent and there's a chance to get armor drops
56-59 55-59 Permafrost Polar bear pits Giant Polar Bears 120% Polar bear pit.jpg
56-59 55-59 Nagafen's Lair Efreeti Room (#4) Imp Protectors, Lava Guardians, etc. 107% Nagafen's Lair Stepping Stones.jpg Further Details
57-59 57-59 Lower Guk between Magi and Ghoul Lord ? 107% Good for Paladins (and, presumably, Shadow Knights?)
57-59 Velketor's Labyrinth Entrance ? 113% Good for Shadow Knights
57-59 - Siren's Grotto Arena (#3) Manatee and Walrus servants 113% Good for animal charm-kiting (ie. good for druids and enchanters); egress/succor to the other side from CS and work your way in; only do the enthralled stuff, swordfish, and possibly coldspine seahorses; good chance of drops
- 58-59 Siren's Grotto ? ? 113% Bring either a cleric or a torpor shaman for heals, enchanter/bard (enc preferred) for CC, monk for pulls, and tank. If you are missing one of those, don't do it.
58-59 56-59 Howling Stones North ? 113% Lowers Venril Sathir (Faction), requires Key to Charasis and Tallow-marked Candle (dropped by bottomless mobs)
58-59 57-59 Howling Stones West ? 113% Lowers Venril Sathir (Faction), requires Key to Charasis
59 58-59 Howling Stones South ? 113% Lowers Venril Sathir (Faction), requires Key to Charasis

* All experience bonuses are per the Recommended Levels and ZEM List, except that they've been converted in to percentages (with 75 ZEM = 100% of normal XP bonus). These ZEMs are known to be out of date and inaccurate, but no better information exists.


Hunting spots listed here have been shamelessly taken from other guides, forum posts, and even other sites. The goal was to create the best possible hunting guide, in part by consolidating existing guides, for everyone's benefit. If you are curious about the individual contributors to this guide you can use the "history" tab at the top of the page.