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Mainly to show the visible look of the different armor sets (and robes) on different races, male and female. From [1] and [2] and [3] and mainly Allakhazam Fashion Tables. Please contribute by adding missing sets, either from ingame on p99 or from the Allakhazam Fashion archive.


Classic Armor Sets

Kunark Armor Sets

Velious Armor Sets by Race

Cultural Tradeskill Armor Sets

Classic Robes

Kunark Robes


Velious Robes

How to determine item Appearance

There has been some confusion about what graphic an item dropped on the frozen continent might have. Below is a guide on how to best confirm what Appearance an item will have be it Scale, Plate, Chain, etc.

  1. Look up the Item in question on Lucy using the 'Item Search' field on the left panel.
  1. Check the Appearance section on the right hand side
  2. Consult the table below with said caveats:
Velious Plate 1 = Scale
Velious Plate 2 = Plate
Velious Chain 1 = Ringmail
Velious Chain 2 = Chainmail
Velious Leather 1 = Cloth
Velious Leather 2 = Leather
Velious Monk = The unique monk chest graphic to show off their muscles.

If the description in the Appearance section does not mention Velious then the item has the classic look.