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Removed Items

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A compendium of items which were briefly obtainable in ones adventures, but which were never seen again. This list also includes nerfed items, that were considered overpowered. More often than not they were deemed overly powerful or game changing by the forces that be, and so were removed. In some cases the change was retroactive, but typically not, making these items some of the most sought after in the game.

Note: see this thread: [[1]]



No Drop



The Future


Items from Sleeper's Tomb removed after the Sleeper is woken:

Note: all Primal Weapons still drop, although less often, from The Progenitor and The Final Arbiter. Also, see Essence Lens Quest.

Also, here is a list of retroactively nerfed items, from this thread: [[2]]

Robe of Living Fungus - Hole Deepwater Helm - Epics Wurmslayer - Epics Burning Rapier - Kunark Barbed Scale Whip - Epics Mosscovered Twig - Epics Terror Forged Mask - Kunark Efreeti Standard - Epics Ragebringer - 2 weeks after Epics (October00) Bixie Sword Blade - Epic Revamps Incarnadine Breastplate - Epic Revamps Singing Steel Boots - Epic Revamps Singing Steel Greaves - Epic Revamps Gunthak Harpoon - Hole Imbued Granite Spauldors - November01 Antonican Javelins - July 2001 Donal's Chestplate of Mourning e.1.0 - Velious Donal's Chestplate of Mourning e.2.0 - Feb2001 Wurmslayer e.2.0 - Feb2001 Quivers haste - May2001