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Tradeskills are one of the many activities available to adventurers of Norrath. Tradeskills can create special items for personal use or for profit by selling the results to other players. While some crafts are available only to specific races, such as the tinkering of the Gnomes, players can in general reach a skill level of 200 in many different tradeskills. Reaching higher and higher level of mastery of any particular tradeskill becomes more and more difficult, and only the dedicated few will be able to call themselves Grandmaster of a craft. Various tomes can be found throughout Norrath, and deciphering them will give clues left by previous generations of masters. For the less patient, herein one will find all the known recipes and details for each of the available tradeskills.

The Blacksmith at Work

List of Tradeskills

Alchemy (Shaman Only)
Poison Making (Rogue Only)
Research (Magician, Necromancer, Enchanter, Wizard Only)
Tinkering (Gnome Only)

Success in tradeskills is governed by the following formulas:

  • Chance of success = MIN(SKILL - (.75*trivial) + 51.5, 95) -- this is for things w/ trivial higher than 68.

For things w/ lower than trivial of 68:

  • Chance of success = MIN(Skill - Trivial + 66, 95)

And actually that's not completely true either - you always have a 5 percent chance of success in either formula REGARDLESS of skill level.

Percent chance of tradeskill success table: TradeskillTable

Tradeskill Containers

Brew BarrelForgeKilnLoomOvenPottery WheelSewing KitToolboxes
"Always Works" containers

For additional guides check out