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! ''' Quest Giver: '''
! ''' Quest Giver: '''
| Maesyn Trueshot
| [[Maesyn Trueshot]]
! ''' Minimum Level: '''
! ''' Minimum Level: '''

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Maesyn Trueshot
Start Zone: Greater Faydark
Quest Giver: Maesyn Trueshot
Minimum Level: 8
Classes: Ranger
Related Zones: North Kaladim, Steamfont Mountains, West Freeport
Related NPCs: Jyle Windshot, Trantor Everhot, rogue clockwork


  • Trueshot Longbow
    Trueshot Longbow
    Item 1024.png

    Slot: RANGE
    Skill: Archery Atk Delay: 45
    DMG: 20
    WT: 3.0 Range: 100 Size: LARGE
    Class: RNG



Maesyn Trueshot may be found in the ranger guild in Kelethin at -451.03, 520.32, 116.28.

You say, 'Hail Maesyn Trueshot'

Maesyn Trueshot says 'Welcome to Kelethin, ______! I am Maesyn Trueshot, commander of Faydark's Champions. We are the finest marksmen in all of Norrath. With our trusty [Trueshot longbows] we can miss no target regardless of the distance or the conditions.'

You say, 'What Trueshot longbows?'

Maesyn Trueshot says 'The Trueshot Longbow was created by my famed father, Eldin Trueshot. It is quite accurate and takes a ranger's skill to wield. We use our new recruits to [gather materials] needed by my father. We shall soon begin to release the formula to good elves so all may fletch such a bow.'

You say, 'I will gather materials.'

Maesyn Trueshot says 'Take this pack. Go to Kaladim, find Trantor Everhot and ask for dwarven wire. Then go to Freeport to meet Jyle Windshot. Search the inns for him and ask him for treant wood. Then, collect some spiderling silk from spiderlings and finally, in Steamfont, we have the permission of the gnomes to use any micro servos we find while destroying rogue spiders. Combine them all and return the pack to me.'

You receive a Material Pack, a 4-slot MEDIUM container.

Dwarven Wire

Trantor Everhot may be found wandering around North Kaladim.

You say, 'Hail, Trantor Everhot'

Trantor Everhot says 'Yes, yes!! I am a very busy man. I've got blueprints to work on, [dwarven wire] to perfect and formulae to calculate. In between those tasks, I have to find time to head down to Irontoe's and down a few Tumpy Tonics.'

You say, 'What dwarven wire?'

Trantor Everhot says 'Oh!! Interested in my dwarven wire, are you? Many are. I have no problem letting you use a spool, but I have to warn you that I have not perfected the strength of it yet. I will make you a trade. A couple of [Tumpy Tonics] for a spool.'

You say, 'What Tumpy Tonics?'

Trantor Everhot says 'Aaah!! I love Tumpy Tonics. They were created by Tumpy Irontoe. He was once a member of the famed Irontoe Brigade. Since they disbanded and left for parts unknown he decided to stay in Kaladim and open Irontoe's, the finest well in Faydwer.'

You can get Tumpy Tonics from Tumpy Irontoe or brew them yourself (1 Kiola Nut + 1 Water Flask in a brew barrel, trivial 135). You'll need four of them for the quest, so make sure you get enough. Give two to Trantor Everhot unstacked.

Trantor Everhot says 'Hey!! Only one?!!'
Trantor Everhot says 'Great!! I did not have the time to get down to Irontoe's today. Here. Like I said. A spool of dwarven wire. Now go away. I ain't sharing these tonics.'

You gain experience!!

You receive Dwarven Wire. Give him another two Tumpy Tonics unstacked for the second piece of Dwarven Wire.

Treant Wood

Jyle Windshot may be found in West Freeport (a different version of him may be found in East Freeport, but that's for a different quest). Make sure he cons amiably or above.

You say, 'Hail, Jyle Windshot'

Jyle Windshot says 'Hello. Might I ask what you are looking for?'

You say, 'I am looking for treant wood.'

Jyle Windshot says 'You are a new courier from the Faydarks. I am sorry I did not stay closer to the docks. I hear that part of Freeport is dangerous and is filled with many rogues. I shall require a new Small Lantern in trade for the Treant Wood.'

You can buy a Small Lantern at many vendors, including Innkeep Palola in North Freeport and Innkeep Harold in East Commonlands. Give Jyle the lantern.

Jyle Windshot says 'Thanks, friend. I have run a long way to get here in time. Mostly at night. I lost my lantern in a card game in Highkeep.'

You gain experience!!

You will probably receive Wooden Shards, which identifies as "Treant Wood Shards." Occasionally you instead receive A Wooden Heart, which identifies as "A Treant Heart." This is used in the subsequent Rain Caller quest.

Other Ingredients:

Spiderling silk drops from spiders around the world. Rogue clockworks in Steamfont drop Micro Servos. You'll need at least two Micro Servos, so make sure to collect spares.

The Finale

In the Material Pack, combine 1 Dwarven Wire, 1 Wooden Shards, 1 Spiderling Silk, and 1 Micro Servo to craft a Pack of Materials. Give this to Maesyn Trueshot.

Maesyn Trueshot says 'I shall see that my father gets the materials. I hope this can be of use to you. It will serve as your starting point toward fletching a Trueshot longbow. It is unfortunate that we are unable to enchant the bow to its [next incarnation], but it is still a fine weapon. You do know the [correct components] needed for fletching such a bow, do you not?'

You gain experience!! You receive 6 gold from Maesyn Trueshot.

You say, 'What correct components?'

Maesyn Trueshot says 'Now that I have crafted the Treant Bow Staff, you shall need one Planing Tool, one Treant Bow Staff, one Micro Servo and one spool of Dwarven Wire. These items will be used with your Fletching Kit as all other bows. Be forewarned, only a Master Fletcher can create such a bow and even a master fails from time to time. Good Luck.'

You receive a Treant Bow Staff. Combine this in a fletching kit with a Micro Servo, a piece of Dwarven Wire, and a Planing Tool to craft a Trueshot Longbow (trivial 235).