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The ROLS Hunting Guide for Progression Servers V0.3

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The ROLS Hunting Guide for Progression Servers V0.3

Compiled By Mgellan Snowstalker, Huntmaster / Lorekeeper

Ruined Our Lands Society, The Sleeper Progression Server

Omni, P99



Some notes on newbie zones based on starting city:

Western Antonica

Halas - If your newbie zone is Everfrost you're luckier than most, this is one of the best newbie zones in the game. Kill bears, spiders, gnoll pups and gobbie whelps to 6 then get thee to Blackburrow for lots of great quest drops, rusty weapons and so on. Collect gnoll fangs to turn into the lady warrior in the warrior guild for lots of xp, and gather skins and webs for tailoring. You can also gather Polar Bear Skins and turn them into Cindl in Halas for experience and newbie armor – she also collects Wrath Orc Wristbands for xp, coin, and armor although you'll need to be 9 or 10 or grouped to kill Orc Troopers, higher for Mountaineers. Shamans should do the Initiate Symbol of the Tribunal quest to get a 6/32 1HB summoned hammer that will provide a decent magic weapon (AC3 1WIS 3MANA) through your teens. Warriors and Rogues might want to do the Gnoll Fur quest to get the Fang of the Wolf, a 5/26 magic piercer as well as Patched Gnoll Fur Bundle, an AC4 CR5 cloak. Rogues should also do the mammoth calf hides quest at level 10, where handing in 4 hides gets you a nice piece of Black Wolf chain with decent AC that looks pretty cool!

Qeynos – Kill rats and snakes for a bit, then run through Blackburrow to Everfrost, see Halas above.

Erudin - The Toxxulous Forest newbie fighting area in front of Erudin is well-protected from the tougher zones by a river and a bridge, so you can't get too lost. There are also merchants who sell stuff outside of the city. This keeps you from having to zone to buy necessary items.

Eastern Antonica

Freeport – Good newbie areas. Access to TL to Faydwer. Heading south to the Desert of Ro leads you to an area well-populated with 1st-5th level creatures. Easy access to food and drink, as well as the Commonlands nearby. Lots of good creatures to group against. Many quests and merchants in the area to keep it interesting. Also there are a good number of nearby zones for higher level characters to adventure in, including the croc killing grounds in North Ro and in Western Commonlands Befallen, a tough dungeon for levels 7-27. Best area to work on blacksmithing. Occasional wandering madmen in Northern Ro are aggressive and very tough, and guards won't save you from them. With the city split up into three separate zones with two newbie areas, it can be confusing at first to find your way around.

Rivervale – Misty Thicket is a great newbie ground with lots of fire-beetles and spiderlings everywhere. After that is easy cross a big wall to the harder creatures. Lots of pelts from wolves here. Also good fishing with a pond inside the town. Probably the most even graduation to higher levels from levels 1-12 around. Unfortunately the town is pretty isolated, except from Freeport and even that is only accessible via the terrifying Kithicor Forest and two lengthy Commons.

Evil Antonica

Neriak - A world unto itself, you could adventure down here for weeks on end. Creatures are tough, but you advance quickly because of it. Newbie area has many areas of different difficulty to hunt in, as well as many quests to enjoy.

Oggok - Very small city that is easy to get around in. Lots of good regions between here and by Grobb for newbies on up, and you can smash all day long. Not too many random wandering evil monsters. No bear pelts for patchwork. The best mid-level hunting around is probably frogloks, and they are almost two long zones away. Easy to get lost in this large zone. Most creatures are aggressive around here.

Grobb - There is a great deal of newbie material in Innothule Swamp and nearby Feerrott. Of note, the frogloks are rich and often swathed in magical cloth armor. I've never had richer characters than my troll. You only have two zones to travel around in when starting out. You can really get stir crazy after a while and want to move on. Although there are zones nearby, the next 5th to 6th level zone is on the other side of the Feerrott, which is a very long walk if you get killed. For that reason, many stay and kill frogloks for weeks, but that can get tiresome. No bear pelts for patchwork. Very difficult to work on any trade skills down here.

Paineel - Great newbie ground with tons of easy monsters in low-levels. Tons of quests. Finally a home for the evil Erudites. Newbie zone is a ways away from trainers. Isolated on Odus, and difficult to get off island safely because you have to go through Erudin.


Ak'Anon – The Gnome starting city has Steamfont as it's newbie zone. While not as rich as some, you can stay in Steamfont comfortably to level 10 and find lots to keep you occupied. It is possible (in fact suggested) that you reach 4th or 5th level within the city itself. This also has one of the handiest tough critter zones on all of Faydwer, roughly 8th-10th level critters walking all over the place. Plus, minotaur caves and axes... However, the City is somewhat confusing and slow to get around. Newbie mines are a maze and it isn't easy to run for help if caught and in trouble. Have to leave your zone entirely to fight higher than 5th level critters. Most people head over to Gfay and Crushbone as they approach 10.

Kelethin/Felwithe – Since both of these Elven cities have Greater Faydark as their starting newbie zone they are combined here. Any city on the island of Faydwer has access to the other cities and their zones, which means if it's too crowded here, go elsewhere. It also isn't far to recover your body in any of the other zones. By roaming to the other zones, you can easily find creatures your level to battle. There are also plenty of other adventurers to join with. The newbie area is extremely crowded, due to Kelethin being nearby and these two races being very popular. Greater Faydark itself is very confusing, especially after you wander off the paths. Getting lost in orc town is a problem. Access to Antonica is via TL from Kaladim to Freeport on the docks near Kaladim. Head to crowded Crushbone at 6-10.

Kaladim – The newbie zone for the Dwarf capital is Butcherblock, which provides an excellent hunting ground, with the added advantage of having Greater Faydark and it's riches next door.


Levels 5-10 Butcherblock Mountains

Levels 5-10 Commonlands (East and West): rules all, the orcs are great xp, turn in any DF belts you find for extra experience back in town. Dervish Cutthroats here or the orc camps.

Levels 5-10 Innothule Swamp

Levels 5-10 Qeynos Hills

Levels 5-10 Lesser Faydark

Levels 5-10 Desert of Northern Ro - Dervish Cutthroats (grouping)

Levels 5-10 Desert of Southern Ro - Watch out for mad men and the occasional ancient cyclops

Levels 5-10 Steamfont - Elementals, Drakes, Skels, Harpies, near mino cave

Levels 6-14 Blackburrow – Train central, make a button that says TRAIN TO ZONE! Hunt the guards outside the zone as a youngster and progress deeper into the dungeon as you go. After you can clear the top level take the long ramp down to the third level and camp the bridge, pulling to the ledge before the bridge, which is a “safe spot” to heal, med, and camp. Warriors can loot their first bow and arrows here, armor drops are occasional, and occasional cracked staffs and other relatively valuable weapons drops makes this is a nice zone to build up your bank account from.

Level 6-14 Crushbone Home of the Crushbone clan of orcs. It is located directly to the north of the wood elf city of Kelethin, and is the major thorn in the sides of all the inhabitants of the island of Faydwer. The city is accessible from only one entrance, and is set up in the shape of a ring. To the west side of Crushbone lies a small building where elves and dwarves actually live, as well as the entrance to the slave pits. To the northeast lies the home of Emporer Crush. In the center is a large hill where the orc trainer trains his troops. A river flows around and through the area. One can find orcs, dwarven slaves and priests, and even the dark elf Ambassador Dvinn in the confines of Crushbone.

Levels 8-20 Everfrost – Again EF in the Tundra section is pretty nice to hunt in offering at the low end orcs (collect wrist bands to hand in to Cindl for xp and coin) all the way up to snow orc shammies and mammoth calfs. Camp the South Wall (south of the South tower there's a section where a hill and a ridge form a natural allow that makes it easy to pull mobs to the wall to kill safely) for great xp and decent loot.

Levels 10-15 West commonlands - Dervish Cutthroats, in group

Levels 10-15 Erud's Crossing- soloed wisps for a ton of Lightstones. Enough cash to pay for your spells, important to us first run toons.

Levels 10-15 Kithicor Woods during the day.

Levels 10-15 Upper Guk

Levels 10-15 North Karana - all beetles

Levels 10-15 Innothule Swamp

Levels 10-15 West Karanas - bandits

Levels 10-15 Lavastorm - soloing by the Najena zone; I found this to be excellent exp

Levels 10-15 Lesser Faydark

Levels 10-15 Desert of Northern Ro - soloing as much as possible and getting a derv group occasionally and in the former Oasis crocs of all kinds, solo or grouped. Madmen, mummies, and lots of other monsters. Be careful of the occasional spectre though. As you get stronger you can head to the orc high way, these orcs will be good experience up until high teens.

Levels 10-15 Ocean of Tears- Sister Isle

Levels 10-20 Qeynos Sewers- Smugglers

Levels 10-15 Desert of Northern Ro - dervish groups

Levels 10-15 Runnyeye - solo, grouping lower levels.

Levels 10-15 Desert of Southern Ro- Orcs

Levels 10-15 Steamfont- Elementals, Drakes, Skels, Harpies, near mino cave

Levels 10-15 Unrest- grouped

Levels 10-15 Warrens - can start to move into the tunnels


Levels 15-25 Permafrost – the entrance to Lady Vox's lair will be your gateway to the end game for original everquest, but initally you can start kills goblins near the entrance and work your way to the King room which is the last zone before Ice Giants make progressing further a task for high level players. When you run towards the zone from Everfrost be wary of Ice Giants which can kill you in a few smacks. Stay right in the middle of the two guard areas in the gates, then hang left past the giant in the hall and you won't get aggro. Bring a group, casters make this a tough zone to solo and CR can be challenging. Warning: when I first played in this zone sometimes if you are VERY low on health zoning will send you deep inside the zone, probably to instant death. I don't know if this is still the case, but beware!

Levels 15-20 Oasis – You will learn to have a love/hate relationship with this zone. This zone is usually overcrowded and full of whiny. So why go there? The exp. is great, that is why it is so crowded. Kill crocs, or even better, join a good orc highway group near the lake in the middle of the zone. I have also done very well camping the orc camp on the ocean shoreline on the far south-east corner side of the zone. If you are going to solo and need to med, the safest place is up on one of the rock pillars standing off the shore along east side of the zone (commonly referred to as P1 and P2). If soloing, stay near shoreline to avoid adds of desert madment, skellies, zombies. I strongly recommend avoiding the dock, people OFTEN train there. Loot in this zone is pretty dismal (esp. on the crocs).

Levels 15-20 High Hold Pass - The Orcs near the Kithicor zone line are the best. Forget about the gnolls, the gnoll spawns are way too spread out and you will have tremendous down time compared to the Orcs. The orcs all spawn on a hill right by Kithicor zone line. There is usually a group there, often with a waiting list. If the waiting list is short, it is worth getting on it. The orcs spawn fast and furious and I am convinced this spot provides one of the absolute best leveling spots for lv. 16-20 in the game. You get great exp. AND decent coins. If you are evil, you will get the all important faction hits from killing the orcs, the faction hits eventually allow you to bank in High Hold Keep. Learn to use the /assist function here because there are multiple spawns. A great place to learn basic grouping skills.

Levels 10-27 Befallen is located to the west of the Commonlands. Befallen was once the site of a wonderful temple, a reclusive home for the monks who maintained it. Many blame the dark elves for what it has become, but whatever the cause, Befallen is now a home to the undead its inhabitants used to hunt and destroy as well as other nefarious creatures. To go in deeper than the first floor, one has to jump through a well (deadly) or try to get a key from a named mob. Befallen is the local newbie dungeon for Freeport.

Levels 8-25 Gorge of King Xorbb is a passage between the west and east side of Antonica. It joins East Karana with Runnyeye, and was part of a popular route to bypass Highhold Pass. Good hunting for low level goblin lookouts or higher folks can pull muddites and minotaurs. Evil eyes are usually taken out by groups near their spawn spots.

Levels 10-20 East Commonlands is the local teens zone for Freeport and Neriak, equivalent to North Ro. In the tunnel is one of two "bazaar" areas (the other being Greater Faydark) in the game until Luclin opens the Bazaar proper. This area is home to both merchants and adventurers that come from the cities of Rivervale, Freeport, and Neriak, as well as more exotic locations. The area also has its share of monsters, including lions, bears, pumas, willoswisps, giant scarabs, spiders, snakes, orcs, an undead ruins with skeletons and ghouls, and occasionally a ferocious griffen in the skies. The merchants and adventurers that are found in this area are protected by guards from nearby Freeport.

Levels 15-20 Blackburrow- Solo Elites

Levels 15-20 Dagnor's Cauldron - Solo.

Levels 15-20 Erud's Crossing, soloed wisps for a ton of Lightstones. Enough cash to pay for your spells, important to us first run toons.

Levels 15-20 Everfrost - grouped in the Tundra

Levels 15-20 Highpass - orcs and gnolls, in group

Levels 15-20 Upper Guk

Levels 15-20 East Karana- spiders and dogs

Levels 15-20 North Karana- the giant beetles are very good xp and move slower than your natural speed so can be quad-kited without sow or snare, all beetles and griffawns-solo.

Levels 15-20 WK-mostly bandits

Levels 15-20 Lake Rathetear-Aviak guards

Levels 15-20 Lavastorm

Levels 15-20 Najena

Levels 15-20 OOT - Skellies then Gargs on Garg Isle, Gargs are a bit tough to manage solo until at least 20th. Collected a couple hundred plat in Garg eyes here. Sirens in OOT. Once you get the two spawn broken it is super easy exp. Average about 4 hours per level.

Levels 15-20 Warrens - throne room and near stonebrunt zone

Levels 14-35 Estate of Unrest is a haunted mansion and grounds, suitable for teen to midlevel characters. Garanel Rucksif was once the home of a dwarven noble, in ages past who went insane and his ghost still roams the premisis. Following the unholy destruction that created Dagnor's Cauldron and the following takeover of that region by evil creatures, his estate was overrun by the undead, and is now one of the great havens of the unliving in all of Norrath. (Some time after the DoN expansion, Unrest became available as an instanced quest zone of variable level).

Levels 15-20 East Karana - A nice place to group or solo for levels 15-24. Set up camp near the vendor village or the barb fishing village. I prefer the fishing village myself since I would tend to fish while meditating. There are a tons of things lv. 11-18 in this zone. Gnolls, Dark Stalkers, etc... If you are grouping, you may prefer a camp more central to spawns in the zone. While the zone is not often crowded, training to the wooden bridge to NK is common, so do not go AFK when sitting there. After lv. 20, you may wish to try the Crag Spiders. They provide some of the best exp. for that level in the game (bonus due to harsh poison I think) and they drop a TON of spider silks, bring a sewing kit. A Chitin Shield or other poision resist gear is helpful with these guys. This zone also has a fun to kill baby clops named Broon, he is in his low 20's. He is fun to solo, and good melee practice for solo classes in their late 20's. If no one has killed him recently, you will find him standing in the water in the river, not far from the druid rings. Go kill him, and IMMEDIATELY RUN to where the ramp up to High Hold Pass ends. 2 reasons for running immediately, first, when you kill Broon, his big brother Proon spawns and if you are in your high 20's he will make toast of you, second, you want to run to bottom of the ramp so you can rest up and get ready for the next Broon pop. Broon spawns back in the canyon that is to the side of the ramp. Broon is on a short timer, 6 minute spawns. My druid, Dabbin, spent most of lv. 29 soloing Broon and would melee the last 25% of each fight to work on defense. Somewhere I still have screen shots of the little hobbit swinging his club at that clops .

Levels 15-20 Lake Rathe: the Aviak spawns are tasty! The two spawns in the towers by the Arena are the best camp. Aviak guards on 6 minute timers. At lower levels, you will need a partner to take the 2 spawns. However, there is a nice single spawn at the southern side of the zone. There is what looks like a diving board on the island with the stone tower with the nasty skelly in it. On this diving board, a single Aviak Guard spawns every 6 minutes if you keep killing them. No roamers, no worries. Very, very nice solo spawn for some quiet, relaxed leveling. At the lower level range, just worry about killing the Aviak.


Levels 20-35 High Hold Keep - Get into a Guard Room (GR) group at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. There is often a waiting list, like High Hold Pass orc group. Again, if the list is short, it is well worth the wait to get into the group. Fantastic exp. and ok loot here. A group of 6 can handle all the spawns in the large open room and the spawns from the side room (lookout room). You can ding a level every 5 hours of play here with a good group. Often folks designate a Master Looter (ML'er) to loot all corpses, sell, and split cash with group. Try to get someone honest with a high CHA. Oh, if you over pull, or get trained by the WR group (see below), you can train extras to the wizzie in the library room, go up the stairs to the bank level, then go up next stairs to the main level. First door on your left at top of stairs is a room where nice Wizzie dude waits. He nukes trains very, very well. At 25 Go deeper in the basement into the Warrior Room (WR) and Seer Room. Again, very nice exp. These gobs hit hard! You need a decent group to hold the WR and/or SR. If you join a group there and there are only a few people, or they all at lower end of the level range, beware!!! You will be running trains by the GR group up the stairs!.

Levels 20-25 Dagnor's Cauldron - solo.

Levels 20-25 East Karana- Spiders (solo), chasm crawlers and gorge hounds are easy kills. Might even get a PBB off an Evil Eye

Levels 20-25 Lesser fay- Saben trucross little gnome in hut.


Levels 25-30 Gorge of King Xorbb - Evil Eye lords – solo

Levels 25-30 Everfrost - Redwind's temple

Levels 25-30 Lesser fay- Saben trucross,little gnome in hut

Levels 25-30 Upper Guk

Levels 25-30 Highkeep- grouped,(had a fun of fun here, and learned how to be an effective wizzie in lower lvl groups)

Levels 25-30 North Karana- Bard at spires

Levels 25-30 South Karana- aviaks and gnolls solo, treants grouped

Levels 25-30 Lake Rathe

Levels 25-30 Mistmoore -solo yard trash, grouped

Levels 25-30 Najena

Levels 25-30 OOT

Levels 25-35 Temple of Cazic Thule – Lots of lizards to kill, lots of different areas to camp, lots of trains but what can you do. The lizardmen drop some nice stuff such as Lizardscale and Ravenscale armor. No soloing in here, groups are mandatory, but exp is great and loot is nice.

Levels 20-30 Everfrost - Hunt mammoths (affectionately known as mommas) in Everfrost. Tracking allows you to find the mammoths quicker than other classes but once you learn their pathing it's easy to find one. Bind in Halas and head out to the frozen tundra, either in the north eastern or south eastern part of the zone. More mammoths tend to spawn in NE, but almost no competition in the SE. The tusks, the main reason to be there, sell for between 7.5-10 pp eash, depending on CHA. Bring a Giant sized container to put them in. You kill giant wooly spiders and snow orcs to get more mammoths to pop. Good time to collect silk You can group here, and folks often do, at the Mammoth platform. When not killing a mammoth kill EVERY spider you see (Giant and Large Wooly) as they are reputed to be placeholders for the mommas. If you want to group in Everfrost, take down the Icy Orcs. The are on a platform not far from the front entrance of Permafrost. Icy Orcs are in their mid-20's, except Redwind, who is closer to 30. There are 5 of them, static spawns. Use harmony and single pull them. Be CAUTIOUS of Redwind, he is a Shadowknight and has a 300 pt harmtouch. The group healer should be ready to heal the puller immediately. Redwind drops a rune for the Ivy Etched armor bracer quest.

Levels 18-35 South Karanas - Nice zone! So much to hunt. If you are at the lowest end of the level range, head to "KFC", the aviak village in the south part of the zone. Honestly, I never spent too much time there. The birds spawns are too few to make it worth it, UNLESS, you have a druid in the group who can harmony, some decent tanks, and a healer. Then you should head right up to the top of KFC itself, the big round birdroom at the top. Have the druid cast harmony and single pull some birds to you outside the room on the platform. Once the spawn has been broken, let a tank pull the usual way . The birds spawn fast, 6 minutes, and there are a few spawns in the room, so a good group can have some non-stop killing action right there at the top. And there is a bird vendor on the platform that runs around this topmost room, that you can sell your looted items too (hehe). If you are level 16-20 and cannot get good KFC group, try to gather a group and bring them to Lake Rathe to hunt the gnoll/undead camp right by South Karana/Lake Rathe Zone line.

Levels 22-35 Splitpaw Spires - The gnolls spires outside Splitpaw in South Karana is one of the nicest leveling spots in the game. Group here at lvls 22-30, solo levels 30-35. Alas, many folks know this great spot and the gnoll spires are often overcamped. Try hunting here at off-peak hours. The exp. and coin are very very nice. Solo here if you like from lvls 30-35 or so and enjoy the nice loot and xp. You can sell at the vendor in the centaur village or the bird vendor at the top of KFC. Nearest bind for a Melee type is either the Gypsy camp in North Karana or the Arena in Lake Rathe. At 25 get into a group that camps inside Paw in the Bedroom or near the double doors (both near the beginning part of dungeon). Great hunting near this beginning part of the dungeon for lvl 28-35 folks, with a decent group. Watch out for trains and disorganized groups here though.

Levels 27-34 Butcherblock - The crazed gobs in BB are great exp. Mages and other classes with pets or the ability to kite will have a very easy time with these guys even yellow cons. They are about lvl 29-30ish and hit for a max of 63 (wussies). They drop about 4pp, ringmail and sometimes an FS dagger. This is a nice relaxing camp with single pulls on each and NO wandering creatures (what a dream)! Spawn time is a bit slow with 14 minutes so each plenty of time to regain mana. If one of the gobs does prove to much (which doesnt happen much) there is a guard post a little ways away. There are merchants to sell to when you become encumbered which will happen a lot if your a caster. This place will be campoed on occasion as I am not the first to discover it sadly ;-( But more often than not it will be open. Expect to gain about a lvl every 1 and half to 2 hours depending on your lvl (33 and 34 took me about 3).

Levels 20-45 Mistmoore Castle is the castle of the vampire Mayong Mistmoore. Pull the DEs around the lake and the gargoyles around the tower near the zoneline, and slowly work your way into the zone as your level up, with a stop in the Graveyard for great xp. A zone you'll be returning to often!


Levels 30-40 West Commonlands - (Valon and Colin)

Levels 30-35 Butcherblock Mountains - goblins at ruins.

Levels 30-35 Lower Guk

Levels 30-35 Upper Guk -Ancient Croc

Levels 30-35 North Karana -solo griffins

Levels 30-35 Sk- gnolls, treants

Levels 30-35 WK- Ulrich McManus

Levels 30-35 Mistmoore- Grouped

Levels 30-35 OOT- Solo at Dwarves, three spawns, tremendous exp

Levels 30-35 Rathe mountains-


Level 35-40 Butcherblock- Dorfs

Level 35-40 Firiona Vie - Mobs in forested areas

Level 35-40 Feerrott- single spectre by the fear cave

Level 35-40 Kedge Keep - grouped.

Level 35-40 Lower Guk

Levels 35-40 Rathe Mountains - Giants grouped, med/kite cyclops. Cynthia at the Gypsy camp is a solo camp that is custom made for shaman 35-40+. Send your dog...immediately chain cast Winter's Roar til she is dead. She is a wizard and will nuke the crap out of you and sometimes cast Bonds of Force. Wait for her to respawn...12 minutes...and hit her again...try to get her before she buffs and DSs herself. If you keep yourself and your dogs Buffs up, its cake. She drops runes, words, gems and sometimes a plat or two. The sweet part? no wandering mobs...the other Gypsies don't agro, and they are can even buy food and water there! I made several levels there...the exp is good til about 40-42. Died one time...probably from doing something real stupid... in all the hours I spent killing her.


Level 40-45 Butcherblock -dorfs

Level 40-45 Feerrot- single hill spec in Ferrott, cause its 5 mins which is enough for me to med, decent loot. Solo/Grouped at Spectres

Level 40-45 Freeport Guards- (solo)

Level 40-45 Lower Guk- group, Rit spawn and Zol/Dars in the hall around Frenz/Magi area

Level 40-45 Kedge Keep - grouped.

Level 40-45 Kithicor Woods at night.

Level 40-45 Lesser Faydark- happ the magician

Level 40-45 Permafrost - grouped by icegiants.

Level 40-45 Overthere- Solo

Level 40-45 Rathe Mountains - Horribly boring but you can can solo the two troll guards for wonderful xp. Keep resists up at all time or their dots might kill you. Watch the SK's Harm touch.

Level 40-45 Rathe Mountains - Solo HGs

Level 40-45 SolB

Level 40-45 Steamfront- solo gnome guards, watchman Halv

Levels 40+ SOL A - Not for exp., but CASH! 40+ melee types can solo well in Sol A and get tons of FS drops. There is even a vendor in zone you can sell to. Slow but sure way of earning a lot of pp. Because of npc caster upgrades, you might want to wait until 45+ to farm here safely for FS. Watch out for the lava!

Levels 49-50 OCEAN OF TEARS (OOT). Seafuries! Get the TL from Freeport then swim to the third island and kill the Seafury Cyclops! You can come earlier than 49 in a group, but these fellows have about 3500-4000 hitpoints, so use caution. Find a quiet spot on the shoreline and pull away! Use caution pulling, sometimes the clops cluster together and crisscross REALLY want to avoid adds due to huge amount of hitpoints. These fellows do not hit too hard given their giant size, max hit is for 72. Exp. is great for levels 49-50. The Seafuries drop plat (1-6 pp) and the rare gems (Opal Braclet, Fire Opal, Fire Emerald, Mithril Bracelet) that sell for 55-95 pp each depending on CHA. If no one is camping him, there is a giant that spawns near the tents on the island, Gornit. Like all HG's he drops TONS of coins. Avoid pulling the named clops, Quag. He is a pain to kill.

If you get bored killing clops, and no one else is camping, you can go to the next camp over and camp the Ancient Cyclops (pirate is placeholder I think). and do the JBoots quest. The ONLY bad thing about Seafuries is that if you get adds or otherwise take on more than you can handle, there is absolutely NO PLACE to run. You cannot run out of range and have them forget you. All you can do (assuming you're a caster or grouped with one) is root them, run, camp, and relog or just gate out of there.


Levels 45-50 LOWER GUK DEAD SIDE - Great ZEM and great loot. Lots of fine steel, and the mobs don't have a lot of hitpoints and don't hit too hard, with the exception of the froggie wizards, who nuke pretty hard. Great items to be had here. Mask of Deception for Rogues, Weight reduction bag, FBSS, Executioner Hood, Exe Axe, etc.

Levels ?-? KEDGE KEEP is located off of Dagnor's Cauldron where its entrance is underwater. It is wholly an underwater dungeon, the character entering must be able to ensure that he or she can continue to breathe, either by use of a spell, or by an item which allows the player to breathe. Kedge Keep existed in the game for several months before being itemized (ie, no loot on successful battles), so it developed an early stigma of being both a difficult and rewardless zone.

Levels 45-50 BB- dorf merchants (quad kiting)

Levels 45-50 Everfrost - solo ice giants by castle.

Levels 45-50 Ferrott - Cydreela near the portal, Two well timed ICs while she's buffing will take her out if your luck

Levels 45-50 Feerrot- lone spectre

Levels 45-50 East Freeport - Solo/Duo Guards

Levels 45-50 Lguk- (solo or grouped ) (Rit spawn and Zol/Dars in the hall around Frenz/Magi area)

Levels 45-50 Hole grouped - zonein.

Levels 45-50 Lesser Faydark - happ the magician. Now that you have conflagration, Happ Dremblenod is the best xp you could possibly hope to find, she's in Lfay right by steamfont zone.

Levels 45-50 Ocean of Tears- cyclopses of all kinds, get jboots if you don't already have them. Quad spectres.

Levels 45-50 Oggok- ogre guards

Levels 45-50 Rathe Mountains- Kite cyclops, good pp but exp slowing down at this point.