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A shady goblin/Player Agreement

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This is a sub-article on A shady goblin NPC and the daily contested turn-in.

Player Agreement on P99 Blue

ShadyGoblin GM enforce.PNG
Refer to P99 forum thread
  • Upon spawn of "a shady goblin", players will /random 1000
    • highest dice number roll wins
  • Time limit to roll is 10 seconds from the first player roll
  • Players must maintain a no-trade distance from Goblin spawn, to avoid disputes
  • Players must honor their roll and turn in themselves (AKA win the roll and let other person turn in is against this agreement)
  • Turning in if NOT roll winner will be petitioned, as per the current player agreement (to be handled by GMs)
  • Attacking, casting on, or aggroing Goblin spawn will be petitioned, as per the current player agreement (to be handled by GMs)
  • In the case of tie winning rolls (1st case 03/09/19), the involved players will pick a number and make a new roll, untill a winner is decided.

Player Agreement on P99 Green

Per Stigion, Players on Green should use the same rules for Blue. This was announced on 2022-05-07 in Green UN Discord, #gm-clarifications channel.