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An agent of hate

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N O T C L A S S I C !

Contents may contain items, mobs, or formulas that do NOT exist in the Project 1999 Timelines.

an agent of hate
an agent of hate
Race: Chosen Warrior
Class: Rogue
Level: 62
Zone: Plane of Hate
Location: Various

AC: 422
HP: 21000 (15)
Damage per hit: 144 - 286
Attacks per round: 2 (80%)
Special: None


This mob does not and never will exist in P99. This is from the final Hate revamp with the entirely new zone map.


Agents of hate are among the chief instigators of conflict on behalf of their deity, the Prince of Hate, Innoruuk. In all respects they are the finest of Teir'Dal rogues, fanatically loyal to their deity. At times, these agents are called upon to assassinate political figures in order to set in motion feuds and even full-scale wars. The most efficient among the agents are promoted in a distinct hierarchy; ruling all the agents is the "Spymaster," who reports directly to the God of Hate himself.

The agents are kept close to the Prince of Hate's side, residing on the Plane of Hate near the Cathedral of the Maestro. The agents of Hate are, oddly enough, arch-rivals of the ministers of Hate. The rivalry between these two groups provides untold hours of entertainment for Innoruuk, especially when the two groups' hatred is strong enough to cause vicious competition, open conflict, and even bloody murder between them.

The agents of Hate have numerous devotees and aspiring agents among the dark elves on Norrath, who do not answer in any way to the Church of Hate and who invariably keep their masters' missions utterly secret.

Agents of Hate use their abilities to gather information and disseminate false information, assassinate religious enemies (which in this case means virtually anyone not of their order), and foment hatred between factions, guilds, cities, rivals, and even between allied kingdoms and beloved siblings.

Before attempting an assassination, the agent of Hate studies its target, learning as much as possible about his habits, friendships, hobbies, political views, and faith, as befits the agent's diabolic intelligence. The agent goes to great lengths to stage the scene of its victim's death to stir up as much strife as possible. Agents often leave false clues pointing to erstwhile allies of the victim as being the culprits of the murder. They sometimes undertake missions in all small groups to better ensure the death of an important figure; if the mission is particularly important, they may even put aside their usual animosity for a time and work with other (non-agent) servants of Innoruuk to accomplish some great service for the cause of evil.

Known Loot

  • None


Opposing Factions

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Related Quests

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